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301-Zombie Nick
Gender: Male & Female
Status: Living

A zombie is someone under the influence of Cracher-Mortel toxin, which induces Dämmerzustand (deh-mer-TSOO-shtuhn; Ger. "trance-like state").

The Four Stages of DämmerzustandEdit

  1. Paralysis - The victim is awake but is unable to move or react to the intense pain he or she feels.
  2. Cataplexy - A lethargic, drugged-like state in which the victim can move but lacks coordination.
  3. Death-like phase - The victim appears to be dead.
  4. Increasingly violent behavior - This often leads to murder and mayhem.


Victims can't be treated until they reach the fourth stage; treating victims in the first three stages is not only ineffective, it will very likely kill them. To treat them, the central nervous system must be stimulated. There are many ways to administer the treatment, including orally, with ointments, or subcutaneously using a Piqure-Gigantesque to administer three simultaneous shots. Subcutaneous treatment is the most effective method of treating a victim.

Zombie GrimmEdit

A Grimm that is under the effects of Cracher-Mortel toxin is affected differently than normal people. The rage stage comes much earlier, and the Cracher-Mortel is unable to control them. They also still possess their Grimm powers, making them very dangerous. Nevertheless, despite being disoriented and confused, they are still calmer and don't just charge at people to attack them like other humans and Wesen under the control of a Cracher-Mortel.

Side EffectsEdit

After a Grimm is treated, they will suffer from Post-Traumatic Zombification Disorder. It is characterized by infrequent, short, spontaneous episodes of suspended animation, accompanied by minimal heart rate and respiration. To another individual, the person will appear dead, except that he or she is not weakened or prevented from moving. These episodes tend to occur when the affected person holds their breath for a few seconds.

Additionally, the patient's fitness seems to show improvement, as running for an extended period of time does not cause salt or water depletion, and an increase in activity level does not affect the heart rate. ("A Dish Best Served Cold")

Known People Turned into a ZombieEdit


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