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Zerstörer's Staff
613-Zerstörer's Staff.png
Owned by: Dead.svg Zerstörer (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt
Adalind Schade
Diana Schade-Renard
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt
Others: Rosalee Calvert
The triplets
Purpose: Grants immense power to whomever possesses it
Location: Mirror Dimension (formerly)

Zerstörer's Staff is a very powerful object that Zerstörer carried around with him until his death, where it came into the possession of Nick. ("The End") The staff seemingly made Zerstörer virtually indestructible, although while in his possession, it was not complete because it was broken up into several pieces centuries ago. Zerstörer was able to gather all the pieces except for one. If Zerstörer had managed to get the final piece of the staff, it would have likely resulted in endless pain and suffering for the entire world. ("The End")

History and Possible Origin[]

According to Monroe, there was a prophecy that concerned "a staff with the power of the gods [that] can't be destroyed." The prophecy stated that this staff was broken into 100 pieces. Those pieces were then scattered throughout the world so that its immense power would not be at risk to falling into the hands of evil. At some point, the Seven Knights Templar of the Fourth Crusade came to possess one of these pieces, and they buried it, possibly in order to also help prevent the staff from regaining its full powers.

It is believed that the staff has been passed down throughout generations, being possessed by important historical figures and seemingly playing a significant role in major events, such as David killing Goliath. Israel, formerly known as Jacob, has been depicted as once having the staff, as well as the aforementioned David and Judah, who has been depicted giving it to his daughter-in-law, Tamar. According to Eve, David left his staff to his descendants, and Davidic kings continued to used the staff as a scepter until the destruction of the First Temple, when the staff "miraculously disappeared" and its whereabouts became unknown.

Eve, Monroe, Rosalee, and Trubel also speculated that the staff could be Moses' staff, the Ruyi Jingu Bang that was wielded by the immortal monkey king Sun Wukong, or the Kaladanda, the "staff of death" that was used by the God Yama in Hindu mythology.


The staff is able to generate huge shock waves when whomever possesses it strikes the ground with it. These shock waves emerge and move away from the staff's owner like a circular ripple coming from a stone thrown into a body of water; whoever is hit by the shock wave is thrown backwards several feet. Additionally, the staff has telekinetic-like properties, as it can be used in a more targeted manner to fight any opponent and hit them with a significant amount of force without that targeted individual actually being physically touched. This ability appears to only be useful in close combat, however, and has limited range. The staff can further be used to generate significant electric energy, enough to fatally electrocute someone, not so dissimilar from how a Matança Zumbido kills its victims. The staff's most notable power is its ability to bring people back to life after they have died. However, the full extent and consequences of this power is not known, nor whether the staff retained this ability once Zerstörer was killed, resulting in a "hard reset" of time.[1] ("Where the Wild Things Were") ("Zerstörer Shrugged") ("The End")

Possible evidence that the staff, or at least part of it, once belonged to the prophet Moses, it is also able to turn into a snake, which can deliver fatal bites to those the owner of the staff wishes to kill, before reverting back into a staff. The staff also had the ability to change its form without turning into a snake, as evidenced by how it was used to strangle Trubel. ("The End")

The staff also has the ability to help lead its owner to any pieces of the staff if they are broken off, as indicated by a diamond-like stone that is embedded in one of the ends of the staff. The stone glows white to signal the staff is actively tracking the location of a broken piece. ("Zerstörer Shrugged")


The staff is made of wood and is approximately 7 feet in length, with one end sharp enough to fatally stab someone. The other end has a slight crook in it, with a semi-transparent, colorless, and diamond-like stone embedded within the staff. The staff notably has several cracks in it, reflective of how it was once broken up into many pieces and then brought back together, with one piece, Nick's stick, formerly being the only remaining piece to be missing. The wood that comprises the staff does not seem to be of ordinary strength, however, as it is strong enough to not just block a metal blade, but break the blade as well, as it did to Trubel's machete. ("The End")

Excerpt from Grimm Diary[]

(Written by Kelly Schade-Burkhardt)
613-Kelly writes diary entry.png

      ...had what power it was. If the staff is indeed the divine weapon, half-understood and passed down through the ages as a legend, then it had all the strengths from the stories and more. It is an object that can reshape the world and dictate how it functions; it can make a man a god. The Staff can control life and death. There is no power like it in this world or any other and to defeat it by conventional means would be impossible. Nothing can contest its strength and no one could bring harm to its owner.

      Yet, Nick Burkhardt tried. With the fate of the world and the souls of his friends at stake, he threw himself at the unstoppable force out of desperation, not realizing that by completing the Staff he would gain control over it, and inadvertently returning him to the beginning of Zerstörer's invasion of our world. When he found himself back in his world, his friends alive again, looking down at him, he didn't know what to tell them... this time Zerstörer did not come through the mirror anywhere in the world, because in the final epic battle with the terrible Beast from the Other Place, Nick Burkhardt discovered the only way to defeat such evil was with the Strength of His Blood: his Aunt Marie, his mother, Kelly, and Trubel, his 3rd cousin on his mother's side, the power of our ancestors.
      And though the people of our world would never know how close they had come to Hell on Earth, we knew. Because he never turned away from who he was, a Grimm, and for that reason the world was changed. Some will say it's just a myth, a legend, or fairy tale, but I know it's true because my father told me so.

      Kelly Burkhardt



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