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Opening Quote: "Catch me when you can..." - From Hell letter

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu arrive at the trailer, and find that it has been torched by Juliette.

Monroe: Oh, my God.
Hank: Unbelievable.
[They all go inside the trailer and look around. Flashback of Nick exploring the trailer for the first time in "Pilot"]
Monroe: This is not Juliette. This is—
Hank: This is vengeance.
Wu: I just can't believe it. Even if she is a Hexenbiest.
[Flashback of Hank's first time in the trailer in "The Bottle Imp"]
Monroe: [To Wu] You got an extra flashlight?
Wu: Yeah.
Monroe: Thank you.
[Flashback of Wu's first time in the trailer in "Wesenrein". Nick then looks in the weapons cabinet. Flashback of Nick looking in the cabinet in "Pilot"]
Hank: Some of these don't look too bad.
Monroe: Oh, no, no, no. Not the Ogre gun. Please, not the Ogre gun. [He grabs the Siegbarste Gewehr case and opens it. Flashback of Monroe putting the gun together in "Game Ogre"]
Hank: The one you used to save my life.
Monroe: It looks okay.
Hank: Some of these weapons were built to survive a lot more than this.
Wu: Hey. [Looking on the ground] This book's okay.
[Flashback of Nick talking with his mom about Juliette in "The Kiss"]
Monroe: Look, why don't we take what's left to the spice shop?

Scene: Juliette arrives home.

[Juliette sends an email to Kelly saying that Nick is in danger, and that he may be killed if she doesn't come]

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu leave the trailer.

Hank: I don't care what happened to her or what she's become, she's crossed the line.
Wu: We gonna go after her?
Nick: What do you think?

Scene: Kelly responds to Juliette saying she is on her way.

[Juliette deletes Kelly's message]

Scene: Heidi McDunnah and Mary Ann Casey are on a street corner waiting for their next clients.

Heidi: [To a person driving a car by] Hey, baby.
Mary Ann: [To the same person] Hi.
Heidi: [To a person honking their horn on the way by] Hey.
Mary Ann: I love your new hair. Ooh! But it's too damn cold to be out here.
Heidi: It's better than gutting chickens in Creswell.
Mary Ann: [She woges into a Fuchsbau] Much warmer like this.
Heidi: Stop it. There's a car coming.
Mary Ann: [She retracts] You go. I'll get the next one.
Heidi: Okay. [To the driver] You want a date?
Driver: Get in.
[Heidi gets in and they drive away. Jack the Ripper then walks up to Mary Ann]
Mary Ann: You want a date, sweetie?
Jack: You're very pretty.
Mary Ann: Not from around here, are you, baby?
Jack: I recently arrived.
Mary Ann: Ooh. Well, welcome to Portland. What you looking for?
Jack: Something a Kehrseite couldn't handle, what you really are.
Mary Ann: Mm. You mean something like this? [She woges]
Jack: Now you're beautiful.
Mary Ann: [She retracts] This should be fun. You got some place special?
Jack: I've got a lovely spot.
[They walk for a little while]
Mary Ann: Where are we going?
Jack: I think we should do it right here.
Mary Ann: On the ground? No, no way. [She tries to walk away]
[Jack grabs Mary Ann and slits her throat with a scalpel]

Scene: Rosalee and Adalind work on the suppressant for Juliette in the spice shop.

Adalind: You don't trust me.
Rosalee: Why should I?
Adalind: Because I'm just trying to protect myself and my baby from being killed by Juliette. You've seen what she is now.
Rosalee: I have.
Adalind: You think I planned all of this?
Rosalee: I don't. Now how is the suppressant supposed to work?
Adalind: I don't know how it works. I just know that it should.
Rosalee: I wish it was a little more sure than should.
Adalind: It's not like I do this kind of stuff every day. You know, I was a perfectly happy lawyer just minding my own business before Nick's aunt came to town.
Rosalee: I really doubt his aunt is responsible for everything you've done.
Adalind: That's not what I'm saying. What's the point? You all hate me anyway, even though I did side with the Resistance and come back here with Nick's mom and Diana. I trusted you. Remember when I was staying at your house? I thought you were trying to help me.
Rosalee: I don't feel good about what we did. But it was necessary to protect your child. What's left?
Adalind: Just my mother.
Rosalee: Okay. When do we get her?
Adalind: We'll dig her up tomorrow.
[Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu arrive at the spice shop with items from the trailer]
Rosalee: What's all that?
Monroe: Stuff from the trailer.
Hank: The stuff that wasn't destroyed.
Wu: Yeah, we're lucky there's anything left.
Rosalee: What happened to the trailer?
Nick: Juliette.
Wu: She torched it.
Rosalee: Oh, my God.
Monroe: We're moving everything that survived into the basement.
Adalind: She did that to the trailer, what's she gonna do to me?
Hank: You mean, besides kill you?
Rosalee: Does anybody know where Juliette is?
Nick: No. [To Adalind] And we need to get you someplace safe. You can't stay here tonight. And I can't take her to my house, that's the first place Juliette'll look.
Hank: Well, my place would be the second.
Monroe: There's no way she's staying at our place. Sorry, I mean, same problem.
Wu: Uh, after eating one of Adalind's cookies and devouring half my carpet, I'm not all that keen, but whatever you guys need.
Rosalee: Where's the last place Juliette would look?

Scene: Nick and Hank take Adalind to Bud's house.

Bud: I got the blinds down, curtains drawn, backdoor double-locked.
Nick: Bud, this is Adalind Schade.
Bud: [He shakes Adalind's hand] Adalind, very nice to meet you. Any friend of Nick's is a friend of mine.
Nick: Now, listen. This is very important. Nobody can know that she is here.
Bud: Gotcha.
Hank: Not even your wife.
Bud: Of course not.
Hank: When does she get back?
Bud: A week from Thursday. She-she and the kids are visiting her sister Louise in Ann Arbor, so we're good. And you're very pregnant. W-which is okay, 'cause, you know, I've been there, done that. Not that I've been pregnant but well, that was a stupid thing to say. So what do you need me to do here?
Nick: Just keep her inside. Don't answer the phone or the door.
Bud: Copy that. Is, uh, her husband or, you know, significant other in trouble, too? 'Cause I have enough room. The fridge is stocked. D-d-does he like pie?
Adalind: [She looks at Nick] Do you like pie?
Bud: Oh, Nick? Oh, he loves pies. We're always bringing pies over to him and Ju- h-hold on a second. I think you misunderstood me.
Nick: She knows what you meant.
Bud: She- but h-h-how what do you mean? How did that?
Nick: Juliette's gone, Bud.
Bud: Whoa. I can't believe that.
Nick: It's complicated.
Bud: Oh. I could see that.
Nick: Right now, you just need to make sure that she's safe.
Bud: Yeah. Sure. Right. Whatever you need.
Nick: And if Juliette tries to contact you, don't tell her anything.
Hank: She wants Adalind dead.
Bud: D- well, yeah, I'll-I'll okay. Okay. I mean, uh, you know. These things happen, I guess.
Nick: Thanks, Bud. [He and Hank leave]

Scene: Juliette informs Kenneth that she contacted Kelly.

Kenneth: How'd it go?
Juliette: Kelly Burkhardt believes her son's in danger.
Kenneth: She's feeling heroic?
Juliette: She's on her way.
Kenneth: Did you ask about the child?
Juliette: No, if I had, she would have gotten suspicious. Don't underestimate her.
Kenneth: I don't. I don't underestimate you, either.
Juliette: It's better that way. [She turns around to leave]
Kenneth: I'd prefer you not go.
Juliette: It's been a long day.
Kenneth: Then you should get some rest. Things are happening very quickly now. We can't afford to be out of touch.
Juliette: You expect me to stay here?
Kenneth: I do. Your room's right there.
Juliette: So you don't think Adalind is coming back.
Kenneth: I don't see why she would. Now that Nick knows he's going to be a Grimm daddy, I'm sure he's taking very good care of her. [He notices an ash mark on Juliette's hand] Been burning some bridges?
Juliette: A little payback.
Kenneth: Oh. We're going to have a lot of that.

Scene: Nick arrives home with his gun drawn.

[Nick looks around and notices an ash mark on the computer mouse]

Scene: Renard wakes up, face down in the middle of a swimming pool.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene of Mary Ann's murder.

Wu: Get any rest?
Nick: Not much.
Hank: Me either.
Wu: Guess we're all in good company.
Hank: What do we got?
Wu: Mary Ann Casey, 24 years old. Picked up a few times for prostitution. Someone cut her up pretty good.
Hank: Who found the body?
Wu: Roommate of the deceased and fellow entertainer, Heidi McDunnah. Got her in the back of my car. [He leads Nick and Hank to his car] Heidi, these are Detectives Griffin and Burkhardt.
Hank: You're the one who found her?
Heidi: Mary Ann? Yeah.
Nick: Were you two working last night?
Heidi: Yes.
Hank: When was the last time you saw her?
Heidi: Just after midnight.
Nick: Was she with someone?
Heidi: I don't know. I was busy. I left her on Couch and Third. And we usually check in on each other every hour, and she didn't come home. I went looking for her. I didn't find her till this morning. We were supposed to look out for each other, and I let her down. [She briefly woges into a Klaustreich before retracting]
Nick: Look, I'm just gonna cut to the chase. I'm a Grimm, and I know you're a Klaustreich.
Heidi: I don't know what you're talking about—
Nick: Yeah, you do. Now, we need to know. Was Mary Ann a Wesen, too?
Heidi: She's a Fuchsbau.
Hank: She have a boyfriend?
Heidi: No.
Hank: She have a problem with anybody?
Heidi: We don't have a pimp, if that's what you're asking.
Nick: Johns giving you any trouble?
Heidi: Nothing out of the ordinary. But you never know when someone's gonna go off. I just can't believe this happened.
[Hank signals for Wu to come over]
Heidi: I can't believe that she's dead.
Hank: [To Wu] You can let her go.
Wu: Brenner.
Brenner: Yes, sir.
Wu: This officer'll make sure you get home.
[Heidi goes with Brenner]
Nick: Let's take a look at the body, see what we got. She's Wesen. So is the vic.
Wu: Wesen prostitutes? My mind's going a lot of places with this.
Hank: Well, if they're Wesen, maybe the killer is too.
Wu: A lot of blood.
Hank: Oh, man. Throat cut.
Nick: With a very sharp instrument.
Hank: Maybe the killer isn't Wesen.
Wu: Well, that'd be a nice change of pace.
Nick: [Looking at Mary Ann's stomach] This is more than just a cut.

Scene: Catherine Schade's body is exhumed.

Renard: You need a minute?
Adalind: Yeah. [She walks over to her mom's casket]
Rosalee: You knew her?
Renard: I did.
Adalind: Hi, mom. It's me. I know we never had a chance to say goodbye after you kicked me out. So goodbye. And there are probably a few things you should know. I had a baby with Sean. Can't imagine what you'd think of that. I named her Diana. But that didn't work out so well because she was stolen by the Grimm and his friends, including Sean, and the Grimm's mother who, by the way, killed you... which, I guess, you do know. Anyway, uh, now I'm gonna have another baby. You'll never guess who the father of that one is. It's Nick, the Grimm. So the only reason you're not rolling over in your grave is because you're here. You weren't the greatest mother. And I'm sure I wasn't the greatest daughter. But I loved you. And now I need you. You are gonna help me stop Juliette from killing me and my baby. And then I'm gonna get Diana back, and I'm gonna raise both of my children the right way. So thanks, mom, for being dead when I needed you the most. [She turns around] Let's get her out of here.

Scene: Nick and Hank look up information on Mary Ann at the precinct.

Hank: According to Mary Ann's sheet, she's been picked up for prostitution and possession. Last arrest was three months ago. First offense a year and a half before that. Previous address in Creswell.
Nick: What about known associates? Any dealers in there?
Hank: Two that I know of: Marcus Ivon, Clinton Wasco.
Wu: [He walks up] Just got the report from the M.E. Says the victim's uterus was skillfully removed with a very sharp blade.
Nick: Are we talking scalpel?
Hank: A drug dealer with a medical degree? Probably not.
Nick: The wounds indicate that the killer is left handed.
Hank: Really? This is starting to sound a little familiar. Prostitutes, left handed killer, organs being surgically removed.
Nick: You're thinking Jack the Ripper?
Hank: Well, if I remember correctly, same M.O. Only difference is that was London, and this is Portland.
Nick: [He does an internet search] Here we go: "London, September, 1888. Elizabeth Stride's body was found in a dark yard off Berner Street at 1:00 a.m. Her throat had been cut with a sharp instrument. Another victim named Annie Chapman also had her throat cut and uterus removed by an unknown assailant."

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu go to Renard with their Jack the Ripper theory.

Renard: You think this is a Jack the Ripper wannabe?
Nick: Maybe.
Renard: You tied this to any other victims?
Hank: Not in Portland. So far, just the one. We're doing a five state search to see if the killer's on the move.
Nick: Well, there could be one difference here. Our victim is Wesen.
Wu: Unless Jack's were too.
Renard: Intriguing idea. No way to find that out unless you can talk to Jack. Stay on this. The press'll be all over it if they make a connection. How much has gone out?
Hank: Nothing yet.
Renard: Good. Let's keep it that way.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu leave Renard's office]
Nick: And what if those murders back in the 1800s were Wesen related?
Wu: Jack didn't pick his victims because they were prostitutes. He picked them because they were Wesen.
Hank: Sounds like Jack the Ripper could've been a Grimm, except for leaving their heads on.
Nick: I wish we had the trailer.
Hank: Well, not everything was destroyed. We might get lucky.
Nick: Then let's go.

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, and Adalind work on cutting open Catherine's body.

Adalind: I can't do it. I know I need to, but I can't.
Rosalee: Monroe?
Monroe: Me? I'm vegan.
Rosalee: I'll do it.
Adalind: Thank you.
Rosalee: Uh-huh. [She starts cutting, grossing everyone out] How much of her do we need?
Adalind: Tongue, liver, gallbladder, and four ribs.
Rosalee: All right. Here's the liver. Oh, and the gallbladder.
Monroe: [To Adalind] Maybe you should sit down. You don't need to—
Adalind: No, I'm fine.
Rosalee: Now for the tongue. [Monroe hold Catherine's mouth open so she can cut]
Monroe: So... how long does mom have to cook?
Adalind: Um, I'm not really sure, but I think we'll know when it's done.
Monroe: Cool.
[Rosalee gets the tongue out and hands it to Monroe, who puts it into the cauldron]
Rosalee: Now for the ribs. [She hands Monroe a hammer and chisel]
Monroe: Here goes.
[There's a knock at the door]
Monroe: Don't worry. I'll check and see who it is before I let them in. [He goes to answer the door]
Rosalee: You okay?
Adalind: [She sighs] It's just not that easy being pregnant, cutting up your mom, and waiting for someone to kill you.
Monroe: Honey, it's Nick and Hank. We'll be in the basement. [He leads Nick and Hank downstairs] Look, it's not the trailer, but there's plenty of room, at least. So what are we looking for?
Hank: Serial killers.
Monroe: Ah, that's a nice change of pace. Anyone in particular?
Nick: Jack the Ripper.
Hank: Or somebody like him.

Scene: Heidi waits for her next client as Jack walks up to her from behind.

Jack: Hello, love.
Heidi: [She jumps and turns around] What do you want?
Jack: I'm looking for something special, what a Kehrseite wouldn't understand, something wild.
[Heidi woges]
Jack: Just what I had in mind.
Heidi: [She retracts] Wild costs extra.
Jack: You're more than worth it, love. Now, my friends call me Jack.
Heidi: I could be your friend.
Jack: Well, I'd like that, Heidi.
Heidi: Do I know you?
Jack: I've been watching you. And you've been talking to the police, [He grabs Heidi by her throat] haven't you, love? [He stabs Heidi with his scalpel]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Monroe look through the surviving Grimm diaries for info on Jack the Ripper.

Monroe: Wait a minute. I think I might actually have something here. This is from the Luxembourg Peasant's Revolt of 1798. Check this out. "During the chaos of the bloody conflict, I continue to patrol the streets at night, where Blutbaden from the surrounding countryside had come to feed on refugees." Now, let me just clarify here: My family never did the refugee thing. Just for the record. "Having killed two Blutbaden in a fortnight, I was somewhat surprised to discover several bodies of young girls whom I knew to be Wesen with their throats slit and their stomachs cut open. Normally, I would not get involved in Wesen-on-Wesen kills, but the sheer brutality made me curious. Was this the work of another Grimm?"
Hank: Well, was it?
Monroe: I don't know. The rest of the page is burned off. Let me see if there's more. Uh, "Later, came upon a soldier killing one of the town's prostitutes and removing various organs. For what purpose, I still do not know, for when I cornered the soldier, he did not woge. Yet, there was something in his eyes, as if the Devil himself had taken hold of him. At that moment, I knew what I had to do, Wesen or not. And even as I plunged my sword into him, he smiled as if death meant nothing to him."
Hank: "Taken hold of him"? Does this mean the soldier is the killer?
Nick: Or something was making him do the killings.
Monroe: You mean the old "Devil made me do it" defense? Come on. That is, like, a classic Wesen excuse.

Scene: Rosalee and Adalind finish grinding up Catherine's ribs.

Adalind: That's the last rib.
Rosalee: Okay.
Adalind: Perfect.
[Nick, Hank, and Monroe come upstairs]
Rosalee: Did you find anything?
Hank: Yeah. And it's a little unnerving.
Monroe: Nick thinks the killer who did the killing wasn't actually the killer who did the killing because the killing was done by a killer who'd been dead a long time.
Rosalee: Seriously?
Nick: According to the books, Jack the Ripper might have been around a hell of a lot longer than anybody thought.
[A bluish green puff of smoke rises out of the cauldron]
Rosalee: Ooh. That really does not smell very good. I think is has got to be almost ready, don't you? [Looking at Adalind] Oh, Nick. She's gonna faint.
Nick: Whoa! Adalind! [He grabs her arms]
Adalind: I—
Nick: You need to lie down. [He helps Adalind walk over to the bed]
Adalind: No, I need to finish reducing the potion.
Nick: No. You need to stay right here.
Rosalee: Adalind, I've got this.
Adalind: Thanks. Okay. Okay. [She lies down]
Rosalee: I think it's boiled down by now.
Monroe: Yeah.
[A skull forms in the bubbles of the suppressant]
Monroe: [Whispering] Whoa. I think it's done.
Adalind: Did you see the skull?
Rosalee: Yes.
Adalind: Then all we have to do is strain it.
Nick: [He looks at the skull as it disappears. His phone rings and he answers] Wu, I'm putting you on speaker.
Wu: Nick, we got another body, same M.O.
Nick: Where?
Wu: Under the Broadway Bridge across from Union Station. We're sealing off the area. It's the roommate. The one we talked to.
Nick: We're on our way. [He hangs up] You good here?
Rosalee: Loosely speaking.
[Nick and Hank leave]
Monroe: [Whispering] What?
Rosalee: [Whispering] Nick has got to be going crazy right now. Maybe we should contact Trubel.
Monroe: [Whispering] That's probably not a bad idea.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu look at Heidi's body.

Wu: M.E.'s on her way, but just like her friend, one slice to the throat, abdomen cut open. So it's either the same Jack copycat or a copycat of the copycat.
Hank: What about the possession thing?
Wu: What possession thing?
Renard: [He walks up] I've been getting hourly calls from the Mayor's Office wanting to know what the hell we're doing about this. Is it the same?
Hank: Yeah.
Renard: Do we have any leads?
Nick: Nothing we can share with the press.
Renard: Share it with me.
Nick: Well, it's possible we're dealing with something very old.
Renard: What kind of something?
Hank: Well, first reference is 100 years before Jack the Ripper.
Nick: Several similarly mutilated women. The killer was supposedly a soldier. He was killed, but 100 years later, the murders started again and were blamed on Jack the Ripper.
Hank: And everyone that's killed the same way was blamed on a copycat. But what if it's not a copycat?
Renard: Well, I'm not taking that to the press. Look, whoever's doing this is flesh and blood. Find him. [He walks away]
Wu: Uh, how are we supposed to book a killer who's over 300 years old?
Nick: We have to find him first. I think it's just getting started.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee strain the suppressant using the Witch's Hat.

Monroe: I think that's all of it.
Rosalee: It looks like water.
Adalind: Won't taste like it.
[Nick and Hank arrive]
Nick: How'd it go?
Adalind: It's done.
Hank: That's it?
Adalind: Yep, it's pure now.
Rosalee: Now all we have to do is get Juliette to take it.
Monroe: Oh, that'll be a snap, 'cause, you know, the last time she took something we gave her, boy, that worked out like gangbusters.
Nick: And if she thinks Adalind had anything to do with it, she'll never take it.
Adalind: Unless she knows it works.
Nick: How are we gonna know that? It only works on Hexenbiests.
Adalind: That's why I'm gonna take it first. If it works me, it'll work on her.
Rosalee: You can't.
Adalind: Yeah, I don't have a choice. If she stays a Hexenbiest, I'm dead. [She starts drinking]
Monroe: Ooh!
Adalind: [After she finishes drinking, she gasps and shudders] God.
Nick: How do you feel?
Adalind: Like I just drank my mother.
Monroe: How long before we know if stuff is, you know, doing anything?
Adalind: Mm. Not too long. I think I want to sit down. [She walks over to the bed] Mm.
Nick: Why, what's going on?
Adalind: You better hold me down.
Nick: What?
Adalind: [She lies down on the bed] All of you, just hold me down.
Nick: Okay. [He and the rest of the gang get down by the bed]
Adalind: Oh, God. Here it comes. [She woges] Don't let go! [Her head starts going back and forth like she's going through an exorcism. She then screams as her Hexenbiest spirit briefly comes out of her before going back in]
Rosalee: [She notices the jar with the suppressant about to fall off the counter] Monroe, the jar!
Monroe: Oh, my God! [He catches the jar just before it hits the ground]
[The skylight shatters, causing glass to fall to the ground. Adalind then retracts, but she is unconscious]
Hank: I have a pulse.
Nick: Good.
Rosalee: She's warm.
Adalind: [She wakes up] What happened?
Nick: Well, things got a little intense.
Adalind: Mm. Yeah, they did. Did I hear somebody scream?
Monroe: Yeah. That would be you.
Adalind: Oh. That's why it sounded so close. [She tries to sit up, but everyone speaks at once trying to get her to stay down] No, I need to sit up. Well, I guess we should see if it worked.
Nick: I think you should just lie down.
Adalind: No, Nick. I need to know if this made a difference. You all better stand back.
Monroe: Yes, right.
Adalind: [She tries to woge, but just gets ripples across her face. She tries again, but gets the same result. She then tries to telekinetically move a bottle across a table, and she gets it to slide a little ways, but it stops. She tries again to move it, but is unsuccessful] Well, I-I guess I'm good. Now all you need is Juliette.

Scene: Juliette sits down with Kenneth and goes over the setup of her and Nick's house on a laptop, and tells him about who lives in the surrounding houses.

Juliette: Nick's house. It's a two story house: two bedrooms upstairs, a front door and then a door through the kitchen and then the garage is on that side.
Kenneth: Here?
Juliette: Mr. Stevenson. He works for the phone company. He lives alone. His wife died. His daughter lives in Phoenix.
[Kenneth points at another house]
Juliette: The Clemens. They're both in their 70s, retired. They've lived there forever. They mostly stay at home.
Kenneth: And this one?
Juliette: Peter and Dana Greene. They moved in about two years ago. They have two young boys, around 5 and 7.
Kenneth: And here?
Juliette: Renters. I don't know who they are.
Kenneth: How many?
Juliette: Three.
Kenneth: Well, you know what they say. Three's a charm.

Scene: Nick talks with Adalind as she lies in bed at Bud's house.

Adalind: I've done a lot of bad things, but I-I-I didn't know that was gonna happen to Juliette.
Nick: Get some sleep. [He starts to leave]
Adalind: Nick. When this works for her, what happens to our baby?
Nick: No one's gonna take him from me this time. [He turns off the light and leaves]
Bud: What happens now?
Nick: You keep her here.
Bud: Right, right. I-I can do that. But eventually the wife and kids are gonna be coming back and I—
Nick: As soon as it's done, I'll find someplace for her.
Bud: Right. Okay.
Hank: I think I should stick around tonight, just in case.
[Nick leaves]
Bud: Just in case what?
Hank: We don't know. That's why I'm staying.
Bud: Oh, right, right. Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Just in case.
Hank: Get some sleep.

Scene: Nick tries to call Juliette.

[The Verrat load multiple guns as Juliette's phone vibrates]
Juliette: It's Nick.
Kenneth: Pining for you, is he?
Juliette: I doubt it. [She starts to answer]
Kenneth: No, no, no, no. Let him twist a little more. Suffering's good for the soul.
Nick: [He gets Juliette's voicemail and leaves a message] Juliette, we need to talk. It's important. There's something that can help. Call me. [He hangs up and throws the phone]

Scene: Renard speaks at a press conference about the recent murders.

Renard: Now, at this moment, there are no suspects. However, we are putting the full force of the department behind this investigation. Mr. Mayor. [He steps aside so the Mayor can speak]
Mayor: I want to add that I have complete confidence in our police that they will quickly find this killer and that they will bring him to justice. And rest assured, I am putting all our resources behind this investigation.
[Renard notices his chest is bleeding]
Woman: Is this a Jack the Ripper copycat?
Man: He's using the same methods. I mean, have you found any connection to other victims?
Woman 2: What are you doing to keep women off the street?
Woman: Jack was left-handed. Is this guy left-handed?
Renard: [He quickly steps up to the mics] I want to assure the citizens of Portland that the police are doing everything we can. [He quickly leaves]
Man: Have there been any notes? Jack the Rip—
Renard: [He hurries to the precinct locker room. He unbuttons his shirt and looks at his bloody chest in a mirror. He gets a pain in his chest and then calls Henrietta] I need to see you right away. No, no. It can't wait. But then, when? [He hangs up as officers come into the room, and he quickly leaves, covering his chest]

Scene: Renard arrives at Henrietta's house.

Henrietta: Sean. What's wrong?
Renard: Something's happening to me.
Henrietta: [Looking at his bloody shirt] You were shot again?
Renard: No. This is from when I was shot before. It's the same wounds. They were healed. Then they just started bleeding. It's happened over and over.
Henrietta: Has anyone else seen this?
Renard: I went to see a doctor. I had an MRI. I had a CAT scan. They say there's nothing wrong with me, but there is something wrong with me!
Henrietta: Okay. I need you to sit down. Have there been any dreams?
Renard: Yeah. I keep reliving the moment I was shot. And then I wake up and I-I have this dream that something is reaching for me. [Flashback of the giant hands reaching for Renard in "Hibernaculum"] And I've had blackouts.
Henrietta: And where are you when that happens?
Renard: I don't know. I keep waking up in these strange places. [Flashback of Renard waking up in the pool] In a pool, at a fountain, in my-my bathtub.
Henrietta: Always around water?
Renard: Yeah. I just-I just don't know how I got there!
Henrietta: Okay. I need you to calm down.
Renard: Look, c-can you help me or not?
Henrietta: I don't know. It's gonna take some time.
Renard: No, I don't have time! I don't even know why I came here! This is a complete waste! [He walks out the door]
Henrietta: Sean! I need you come back!

Scene: Hank updates other officers on the case.

Hank: This is where we are. Bodies have been found here and here, so we're gonna need extra police presence in all places known for sex trafficking. All right? Thank you. Let's get on it. [He sees Nick arrive] All right, man, where you been? Things are heating up around here.
Nick: [The phone on his desk rings] I've tried Juliette I don't know how many times.
Hank: So you haven't spoken to her yet?
Nick: No. She's done with me. I'm not gonna leave another message.
Hank: You gonna get that?
Nick: [He answers the phone] Burkhardt.
Juliette: Nick.
Nick: Juliette.
Juliette: Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I've been really busy.
Nick: Juliette, we found a way to help you.
Juliette: Help me? Really?
Nick: Yeah. We have a suppressant.
Juliette: A suppressant?
Nick: We tested it, and it will work.
Juliette: I thought you said there wasn't a cure. Rosalee and Henrietta both said—
Nick: I know, but this can help. Juliette, this will work. Just come to the spice shop. Monroe, Rosalee, and-and I have found something.
Juliette: When?
Nick: Now?
Juliette: Okay.

Scene: Jack walks into Henrietta's house as she looks for a way to help Renard.

[Henrietta woges just before jack kills her by slitting her throat]
Jack: [He sings] Some say the Devil's dead. The Devil's dead. The Devil's dead. Some say the Devil is dead. And buried in White Chapel. Some say he rose again. Some say he rose again.

Scene: Juliette arrives at the spice shop.

Monroe: She's here. [He lets Juliette into the shop] Juliette.
Juliette: Hey, Monroe. Rosalee. Hank. Nick. Anybody else?
Rosalee: Juliette, we all know this is-it's a little bit awkward, but, really, it's for the right reason.
Juliette: Fixing me?
Nick: Yes.
Juliette: Such good friends. But how did this happen, this special medicine? How did you suddenly figure it out?
Hank: The books.
Juliette: From the trailer? I guess I went a little overboard when I found out that whore was pregnant with... a little Grimm.
Nick: Juliette, this will work.
Juliette: So that means you've tried it on, what, a Fuchsbau? No. A Blutbad? I doubt it. Wouldn't that mean you'd have to try it on a Hexenbiest to make sure it works?
Nick: Juliette, take it. And we can—
Juliette: Oh, it's "we" again?
Monroe: Look, Juliette, we're just trying to help you get back what you lost.
Nick: [Rosalee hands him the suppressant and he tries handing it to Juliette] Take it. Please.
Juliette: [She takes it from Nick] Well, all right. Let's just get this over with. [She looks at the jar and makes the spice shop shake]
Nick: Juliette, stop.
Juliette: [She stops the shaking] Do I look like I need anybody's help? [She throws the jar in the air and makes it float]
Rosalee: No, Juliette! It's all we've got! [She tries to grab the jar, but Juliette telekinetically throws her into a shelf]
[Juliette lets the jar smash into the ground as Monroe woges, and Juliette smacks him, knocking him to the ground. Hank points his gun at Juliette, but she causes it to go flying out of his hands]
Juliette: When are you all gonna learn that I like who I am?
Nick: [He points his gun at Juliette] Well, we don't.
Juliette: [She woges] Well, that's just too damn bad. You made me. Now get used to it. [She slowly starts to force Nick to point his gun at Monroe and Rosalee]
Rosalee: Nick.
Monroe: Oh, my God.
Nick: She's doing it.
[Monroe has Rosalee go stand by Hank]
Rosalee: What are you doing? No!
Nick: I've got no control!
Rosalee: No! Nick! Let go of the gun!
Nick: I can't stop it! [His gun shoots]


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