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101-Nick holds Wolfsbane
Owned by: Monroe
Nick Burkhardt
Others: Dead Hank Griffin
Purpose: Prevent a Blutbad from detecting one's scent
Location: N/A

Wolfsbane (from Eng. "wolf" + "bane", a calque of the Ancient Greek term λυκοκτόνον [lukoktónon, from λύκος lúkos, "wolf" + κτείνω kteínō, "I kill"]) is a plant that is rubbed on a person's skin or clothing in order to prevent a Blutbad from detecting their scent. Blutbaden know about Wolfsbane as a way for others to disguise themselves, but if it is not applied correctly or thoroughly enough, their sense of smell is strong enough to still detect one's scent. ("Leave It to Beavers")



  • Wolfsbane is actually based upon the flowering plant in the genus Aconitum, which is also known as wolf's bane, among several other names. These flowering plants got the moniker wolf's bane because the extracted toxin Aconitine was historically used to kill wolves.
  • The plant is mentioned in the first Harry Potter book (and film) along with its sobriquets as a potion ingredient, and it recurs throughout the series, usually in connection with werewolves.

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