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A wolf is an aggressive animal that will attack if it spots you in Grimm: Dark Legacy. It can be hunted for food but will fight back. If weak, however, it will flee instead of continuing to fight. The wolves in Survive the Night are called Young Wolf.


Wolves are the largest members of the dog family, except they are not quite as friendly. Wolves and humans have a long adversarial history. Though they almost never attack humans, wolves are considered one of the animal world's most fearsome natural villains.

When the do attack humans, they jump and aim at the throat. With a bit of concentration, it's easy of evade their bite. A good light shield is also sufficient enough for the boldest.


  • Health: 100
  • Damage type: slash damage
  • Resistances: 20% cold

Young WolfEdit

A young wolf is a wolf with a lower health amount. These appear in Survive the Night.

  • Health: 50
  • Damage type: slash damage
  • Resistances: 20% cold


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