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Witch's Hat
321-Adalind witch's hat
Owned by: Dead Catherine Schade (formerly)
Adalind Schade
Sean Renard (formerly)
Eve (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt
Diana Schade-Renard
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt
Others: Elizabeth Lascelles
Juliette Silverton
Purpose: Inhale potion vapor, strain liquids
Location: Hadrian's Wall command center (formerly)
Exotic Spice & Tea Shop (formerly)
Sean Renard's Home (formerly)
Catherine Schade's storage unit (formerly)

The witch's hat is an object used by Hexenbiests to inhale the vapor of certain zaubertränke. The hat is placed on top of a cauldron in which a zaubertrank is being brewed, and the zaubertrank's vapor will come out of the top of the hat for the Hexenbiest making the zaubertrank to inhale. When used to strain liquid mixtures, the liquid is poured into the open end of the hat, which acts as a funnel as the strained liquid comes out through the pointed end.


Elizabeth told Renard that she thought the hat Adalind had inherited from her mother was one of the original trente-sept (37) from the Malleus Maleficarum, also known as the Hammer of the Witches, which was a brutal time for Hexenbiests and Zauberbiests. ("Highway of Tears")


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