Opening Quote: "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." – The Tempest

Scene: Nick arrives home and tries to quietly close the bedroom doors.

[Adalind turns on the bedside lamp]
Nick: Sorry didn't mean to wake you.
Adalind: [She exhales] I wasn't sleeping very well anyway.
Nick: [To Kelly] Hey, you.
Adalind: Did Renard talk to you?
Nick: Yeah. Someone he knows thinks Diana might be in danger.
Adalind: Who?
Nick: He won't tell me, but it's someone who has the ability to understand these symbols. Do you know who that might be? [He sits on the bed by Adalind]
Adalind: No, but Renard has a lot of friends in wry places. Have you decided if you're gonna tell him about the tunnel?
Nick: Not yet.
Adalind: Nick, there's something I need to tell you about the night that Renard killed Bonaparte.
Nick: [He scoffs] That was a fun night. What?
Adalind: After it happened, Renard didn't know what he'd done until he saw the bloody sword in his hand.
Nick: Yeah, he looked confused. Are you trying to make an excuse for him?
Adalind: No. I'm trying to tell you that... Diana made him do it, because she knew that Bonaparte had choked me.
Nick: She can do that?
Adalind: Mm-hmm. She also caused the death of Rachel Wood. I watched her.
Nick: How?
Adalind: She sort of... brought me there telepathically. [Flashback of Adalind watching as Diana kills Rachel in "Set Up"] I'm telling you this because... I think we need to tell Renard about the tunnel. If Diana is connected to this in some way and he knows someone who can help us...
Nick: I don't trust him.
Adalind: I don't either, but this is his daughter. He wouldn't do anything to hurt her, and I think we need all the help we can get.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee arrive home.

Monroe: [He exhales] Want some tea? I'm feeling like some tea.
Rosalee: Sure, honey. Just be a little quiet when you make it. We don't want to wake Eve.
Monroe: Okay. [He exhales as he walks towards the kitchen, but stops when he notices the uncovered mirror]
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: The mirror.
Rosalee: [She gasps] That's not good.
Monroe: [He sees Eve's blood on the mirror frame] That's not so good either.
Rosalee: [She sees the book on the table] Oh, crap. This is one of those Hexenbiest books Eve got from Adalind.
Monroe: She brought it into the house?
Rosalee: [She looks at the ground] Oh, that's not all she did. [She picks up the dagger]
Monroe: Is that a dagger?
Rosalee: Yeah.
Monroe: Where did that come from?
Rosalee: It's not ours.
Monroe: I'm calling Nick.
[The scene switches to Nick and Adalind as Nick's phone rings]
Nick: [He answers] Hey, Monroe. Everything okay?
Monroe: Eve isn't with you, is she?
Nick: No.
Adalind: What's wrong?
Nick: They can't find Eve. [He puts the call on speaker]
Rosalee: She's not here, and we think she's done something terribly dangerous.
Nick: What?
Monroe: One of Adalind's mother's books is open on the table. The mirror's uncovered. There's blood on the frame.
Rosalee: Could she have found a way to go through the mirror?
Adalind: I told her not to try anything by herself. What book is it?
Rosalee: Big black one. "Charms and Spells."
[The book suddenly locks closed and the dagger flies out of Rosalee's hand into its place in the lock's latch]
Monroe: So I guess that's where that came from.
[Rosalee tries to open the book]
Monroe: Oh, and it's locked.
Rosalee: With the dagger.
Monroe: Wait, let me guess. It takes a charm or a spell to open it.
Adalind: No, just a Hexenbiest.
Rosalee: Well, you're the only one we've got.
Adalind: We're on our way over.
[Nick hangs up]
Adalind: Nick, I'm so sorry.
Nick: Oh, I warned her too.
Adalind: The cloth, the symbols, the other place, it's all connected. I think you should bring the stick.
Nick: [He exhales] Yeah.

Scene: Eve wakes up in the Mirror Dimension.

Eve: [She sees Monroe and Rosalee talking through the mirror in a pillar] Monroe! Rosalee! [She bangs on the mirror] Monroe!
Rosalee: [Unaware of what Eve is doing on the other side of the mirror] Why would she do this on her own?
Monroe: You know what? Maybe she didn't have a choice.
Rosalee: Do you think the skull guy came through the mirror and grabbed her again?
Monroe: Yeah, maybe, or maybe another death grip. I don't know.
[The mirror ripples as Monroe and Rosalee briefly look around the room]
Rosalee: Well, I don't see any dead bodies around here. I think she wanted to go through there.
[There is a knock at the door]
Monroe: I got it.
Eve: [She continues banging on the pillar mirror] Monroe! Rosalee!
[Nick, Adalind, Diana, and Kelly come inside Monroe and Rosalee's house]
Monroe: It's in the dining room.
Eve: She continues pounding] Rosalee! Nick! Nick! Adalind!
[The mirror disappears from the pillar, revealing a bunch of symbols. Eve hears animal noises and a person scream, so she goes to investigate. Eve sees a man running as a Coyotl and two Schakals chase him. The man manages to use his ax to stab the Coyotl, but the man is overpowered and killed by the other two Wesen. One of the Schakals takes the ax out of the Coyotl's chest. The two Schakals then drag the man's body away as two other Wesen run up and start eating the Coyotl. Eve then runs away]
Adalind: [She brings the book over to another table] Which pages was it opened to?
Monroe: I don't know. Somewhere at the beginning.
Rosalee: We should have marked it. We're such idiots.
Monroe: I didn't even think of that.
Diana: [Looking at the mirror] Eve's in there. And that's her blood.
Adalind: The last thing Eve asked me about was blood magic.
Monroe: Is that how she got in?
Adalind: She said she read somewhere that Hexenbiest blood could be used as a sort of toll to cross over.
Monroe: That's like Charon's obol- the coin you put in a dead person's mouth to get them across the River Styx.
Nick: So we need to figure out which spell Eve used.
Rosalee: So how do we open this book?
Adalind: [She walks over to Diana] Honey, Mom has to do something to open the book.
Diana: Uh-huh.
Adalind: And I don't want you to be afraid, but my face has to change a little.
Diana: Does it hurt?
Adalind: Not really, and I-I just want you to understand that it's still me, okay?
Diana: Okay.
Adalind: [She and Diana walk back over to the book. She woges, removes the dagger, and opens the book. She flips through the pages and retracts, continuing to flip through the pages] Okay. Okay... Blood magic... Ah! Blood magic. Yeah, Hexenbiest blood is the currency.
Nick: So you can open the mirror?
Adalind: Yes... but only the Hexenbiest whose blood it is can pass through. [She starts to put the dagger up to her hand]
Nick: [He quickly grabs the dagger from Adalind] No, no! You're not going in there.
Adalind: I'm the only one who can.
Rosalee: Adalind, he's right. You have two kids.
Adalind: You realize that we're abandoning Eve, then?
Monroe: Well, Eve did this without telling anyone, so—
Rosalee: Though, she was doing it to protect us.
Monroe: We don't know what the hell she was doing.
Nick: Whatever the reason, Adalind is not going in there. We have to find another way.
Monroe: Like what, Nick? Some other magic mirror-unlocking gizmo?
Nick: Why not? [He drops the dagger on the table and grabs the chest with the stick] It's worth a shot. [He takes the stick out]
Diana: What's that?
Adalind: It's something that Nick and Monroe found in the Black Forest.
Diana: [She woges her eyes] It's special.
Monroe: Yeah, it kind of is.
[Diana retracts her eyes and Nick walks over to the mirror, about to put the stick up against it]
Adalind: Wait, Nick. I don't think this is such a good idea. We don't even know what kind of power this thing has or where it came from or what effect it's gonna have on you or us.
Nick: It's the only option we've got, and we don't even know if it's gonna work.
Monroe: If it does, I'm going with you.
Nick: No.
Monroe: Hey, man, we found that thing together.
Rosalee: Monroe, we can't risk losing both of you.
Adalind: And what happens if you do get through? I mean, then what?
Nick: [He hugs Adalind] Now, hopefully, this helps me like it did before. [He touches the stick to the mirror. A ripple appears and a portal opens. He starts putting his hand into the portal]
Monroe: Wait a minute. Let's think about this. What if you can't find her?
Rosalee: Or what if you find her but you can't get back?
[Nick looks at Adalind and steps through the portal, but the stick does not go through with him, instead falling to the floor]
Adalind: Oh, God!
[The portal disappears]
Adalind: The stick didn't go through.
Diana: It can't. It doesn't belong there.
Rosalee: [She hands Monroe the stick's cloth] Here.
Monroe: [He picks up the stick with the cloth] I sure hope he doesn't need this. Wherever he is.

Scene: Nick wakes up in the Mirror Dimension.

Nick: [He stands up and sees the others on the other side looking at the mirror] Hey! Adalind! [He realizes he doesn't have the stick] Adalind? [The look into the other side disappears and he sees the symbols on the pillar. He then looks around the area, He hears snarling in the distance and goes to investigate. He then comes across three Wesen fighting. A sees a Bauerschwein get his throat torn out, and one of the Wesen runs off, but the other stays behind, and starts approaching him] Don't even think about it.
Blutbad: [In German] I bet you taste better than the Bauerschwein... walking meat.
Nick: German... I should've known. [He is attacked, so he gets the Blutbad to the ground before punching him in the face multiple times, before he stands back up, getting ready to attack again] I don't have time for this. [He shoots the Blutbad]
Eve: [She hears the gunshots and finds Nick] Nick! I heard shots. Are you all right?
Nick: Yeah, it was me. Are you okay?
Eve: Yeah. How did you get in here?
Nick: The stick. But it didn't come with me.
Eve: What is this place?
Nick: I don't know. Looks a lot like the Black Forest, actually, where we found the stick.
Eve: Except the Wesen are different here.
Nick: Yeah, they don't woge back after they die. Why did you do this?
Eve: I wasn't gonna wait for the skull guy to come after us.
Nick: You shouldn't have come here alone!
Eve: You shouldn't have come after me.
Nick: Eve... you don't owe anything to anybody, and I don't know what you're trying to prove, but you're—
Eve: I'm not trying to prove anything. I am trying to kill this thing before it kills us, and we can't stay here; there's Wesen everywhere.
Nick: Yeah, I've noticed. They speak German, by the way.
Eve: The ones I saw didn't speak at all. There's a path this way. [She starts jogging away and Nick follows]
[After Nick and Eve leave, another Blutbad goes over to the one Nick killed and starts howling. Two more Blutbaden come out of the forest and all three howl]
Eve: [She and Nick pause as they hear the howling] Blutbaden.
Nick: Yeah.
Eve: They might've found the one you killed.
Nick: I don't think they know what a gun is. He didn't pay any attention to it, till I shot him.
[More howling in the distance]
Nick: Let's get the hell out of here. I don't have that many bullets. [He and Eve continue moving through the forest]
[One of the Blutbaden sniffs the air and starts running, with the others close behind]

Scene: Adalind tucks Diana in on Monroe and Rosalee's couch.

Adalind: Try and see if you can get some sleep now, honey.
Diana: But I want to help Nick.
Adalind: Don't worry. [She kisses Diana] We'll take care of it. [She walks over to Monroe and Rosalee]
Monroe: What if Nick can't get back without the stick? I mean, the stick is how he got in.
Adalind: I know you guys don't think I should do this, but if it's Hexenbiest blood that got Eve in there, then I can get in there and maybe get them back out.
Monroe and Rosalee: No.
Rosalee: Adalind, you can't. We have to give Nick and Eve a chance to contact us or get out.
Monroe: And in the meantime, we just keep looking.
Rosalee: Except, we're running out of places to look.
Adalind: Sean... has a friend. This friend knows things about the symbols that can help us.
Monroe: So Renard knows about the symbols?
Adalind: Apparently, Diana drew them when she was with him.
Rosalee: What else does he know?
Adalind: He knows about the tunnel. He just doesn't know where it is. And he wants to see it, but Nick won't show Renard the tunnel unless he could talk to this friend, and of course he wouldn't let him talk to this friend until he could see the tunnel.
Monroe: This "friend"? I'm sorry, you guys, Renard could be totally lying. After all the backstabbing that's gone on, literally and figuratively, you really wanna bring him in on this?
Adalind: If he has a friend who might be able to help us, then we need to find out who that friend is, and if that means showing him the tunnel...
Rosalee: We show Renard the tunnel.

Scene: Nick and Eve walk through the forest.

Nick: How many Wesen have you seen so far?
Eve: Hundjäger, Klaustreich, Coyotl, two Schakals. And I saw a man.
Nick: A regular man?
Eve: Wouldn't call him regular. He was dressed in skins and carrying an ax, but he didn't woge, not even when he was attacked, I'm pretty sure he wasn't Wesen.
Nick: What happened to him?
Eve: Just dragged him off like food. But he did wound one of them, the Coyotl. They left him behind. Then the Schakals showed up and just... started tearing him apart.
Nick: Well, if there's one man, there's gotta be more. Maybe they can help us.
[A Mauzhertz peeks from behind a tree and runs away]
Eve: If they aren't scared of us.
Nick: Do you have any idea where we're going?
Eve: No.
Nick: You have any idea how to get back to where we were?
Eve: Sort of.
Nick: Look, where I came through, there were symbols from the cloth carved into a pillar.
Eve: I saw that too.
Nick: Well, at least we know we're in the right place.
Eve: That skull thing tried to pull me in here with him. Why would he want me here?
Nick: You're a Hexenbiest. This world seems to be run by Wesen.
Eve: What if he already knows we're here?
Nick: It doesn't make me feel any better.
Eve: [She looks at her hand] Nick!
Nick: What?
Eve: Something's happening.
Nick: Looks like you're starting to woge.
Eve: I'm not trying to.
Nick: Well, I think it's happening whether you want it to or not.
Eve: Maybe it's because I'm here.
Nick: We need to get you out of here.
Eve: Not before we kill that son of a bitch.
[Nick hears distant growling]
Eve: What are you hearing?
Nick: Blutbaden. They're coming. [He and Eve start running]

Scene: Hank, Wu, Monroe, Rosalee, and Adalind discuss what to do next at the loft.

Hank: I should have gone with him.
Monroe: Well, the invitation wasn't really extended to us. Nick was adamant about going solo.
Hank: Well, I'm adamant about getting him the hell out of there, whatever it takes.
Rosalee: Well, it might take Renard.
Hank: We really think he's gonna help us with this?
Wu: He doesn't have a great record for helping anyone but himself.
Monroe: Yeah, how much are we telling him, exactly?
Adalind: Whatever he wants to know, because we are out of options.
Hank: And who's going down in the tunnel with him?
Adalind: Well, Diana has to go down with me, but I don't wanna be down there alone with Renard.
Hank: You won't be.
Monroe: I'm going too.
Renard: [He arrives in the elevator] Well, this is a surprise. Didn't know everybody was going to be here.
Monroe: Everybody's not here.
Hank: That's why you're here.
Renard: Let's get one thing straight. I'm only here because of my daughter.
Rosalee: So are we. And we're here for Nick, and we're here for Eve.
Diana: [She comes out of her room] Daddy! [She goes over to Renard and he picks her up] I'm glad you're here.
Renard: Me too.
Diana: Am I going to Daddy's?
Adalind: No, sweetie, Daddy's just gonna help us find Nick and Eve.
Diana: That would be good, Daddy. They're in a bad place.
Renard: Where are they?
Diana: The other place.
Renard: What other place?
Diana: Through the mirror.
Adalind: It took Hexenbiest blood to cross over.
Monroe: You got a lot of catching up to do.
Renard: Yeah, I guess I do. [He puts Diana down]
Adalind: We'll start with the tunnel.
Diana: I thought that was supposed to be a secret.
Adalind: Not anymore. [She, Diana, and Renard walk over to the tunnel entrance and she opens the door]
Renard: The tunnel was right here all along?
Monroe: For over a hundred years, far as we can tell. Probably part of the Shanghai tunnels. Also came in handy during Prohibition, I'd imagine. [He hands Renard a flashlight] You might want to watch your step.
Renard: [He shines the flashlight down the tunnel. To Monroe] After you.
[Monroe makes his way into the tunnel]

Scene: Nick and Eve run through the forest as the Blutbaden gain on them.

[Nick and Eve come across a group of German speaking people in a small settlement. As Nick and Eve get closer, the people close off their walls. Once he and Eve get to the walls, Nick turns around and fatally shoots two of the Blutbaden, while the third one runs away]
Eve: [Looking at the people] Nick, they're human. They're scared to death of us.
Nick: And wouldn't you be, if you were them? I wonder if they know what a Grimm is. I bet you they know what a Hexenbiest is.
Eve: Yeah, I think I'll keep that to myself, if I can.
Nick: [He holds his hands up] We don't want to hurt you. [He puts his gun away and puts his hands back up] See? I know you don't understand me. [In broken German] I speak some German.
[The people murmur]
Nick: Ja?
Leader: [He comes out with a spear and inspects the Blutbaden on the ground. In German] Our enemies are dead! He saved us!
[Multiple people come out and drag the dead Blutbaden inside]
Leader: Come. Come.
Nick: All right. [He and Eve go inside. Whispering] Okay? Keep going.

Scene: Renard is shown the tunnel.

Renard: [Looking at the symbols on the walls and ceiling] This was all here?
Adalind: No, Eve carved it.
Renard: Why?
Adalind: We don't know and neither does she.
Renard: [To Diana] And you drew these because you saw them here?
Diana: No, I saw them on the cloth.
Renard: What cloth?
Monroe: It's a long story. Nick and I found something in the Black Forest.
Renard: Wait... This have anything to do with the keys?
Monroe: It has everything to do with the keys.
Renard: You got all seven?
Monroe: No, we got five, but... it was enough.
Renard: No. I don't believe it.
Hank: Believe it.
Renard: You found what the Crusaders buried in the 12th century?
Monroe: We did.
Renard: What'd you find?
[The symbols suddenly glow purple]
Monroe: Whoa...
Hank: Me too.
Diana: Daddy, you like that?
Adalind: Our daughter is connected to this, Sean. We need to figure out how.

Scene: The surviving Blutbad runs through the forest while Nick and Eve sit around a fire with the villagers.

Leader: [Pointing at Nick's gun. In German] What is this, that kills without touching?
Nick: This... [He pulls his gun out]
[The crowd murmurs]
Nick: It's okay. Not gonna hurt you. This is a gun. I use it to... kill bad things, like killing... Blutbaden. [He points the the Blutbad being roasted over a fire]
Leader: Blutbaden, ja. Blutbaden.
Eve: And, um, Hundjäger, and... Schakal.
Girl: Ja, Hundjäger, Schakal, ja.
Man: Kackenkopf?
Eve: Yeah, Kackenkopf.
Girl: [Pulls Eve's hand up. In German] What Wesen is this?
Eve: [She pulls her hand away quickly] It's... [In German] Not Wesen.
Nick: You didn't happen to bring a pencil and paper with you?
Eve: No.
Nick: Great. I, uh... [He clears his throat and grabs a piece of stone and a stick from by the fire] We... [He points to his eyes] are looking... for... a beast.
Leader: Biest, ja!
Nick: Ja. [He starts drawing a picture of the skull guy] We're looking for this. [He holds up his drawing]
[Everyone gasps]
'Nick: [In German] We're looking for...
Woman: Zerstörer!
Leader: Zerstörer!
Crowd: Zerstörer...
Nick: Zerstörer?
Leader: Ja.
Eve: I think they know who we're after.
Nick: [He points his gun at the sketch] Where is it?
Eve: [In German] Where is the Zerstörer?
Leader: [He points away. In German] Black Forest.
Nick: And I think we've come full circle.
[A woman walks up with cooked Blutbad meat]
Nick: Oh...
Leader: [In German] Eat. Eat. Blutbaden... good! Eat!
Eve: How do you say, "I'm a vegetarian" in German?
Leader: Ja!
Nick: [He picks up a piece of the meat] Ah, danke. [He takes a bite]

Scene: Renard is shown the cloth.

Diana: That's the cloth, Daddy. It has the symbols on it. Eve can see some of them, but only I can see them all.
Renard: The same symbols you showed me in the tunnel?
Adalind: Yes.
Renard: I don't see anything. This is what the Grimm Crusaders buried? This is what the Royal family has been looking for for centuries?
Monroe: That... [He pulls out the stick] And this.
Renard: A stick? They buried a stick?
Monroe: Gets that reaction a lot.
Hank: But there's more to it than that.
Rosalee: Not just any stick.
Wu: For one thing, it can heal.
Monroe: Remember when you came over here and Nick was shot?
Renard: Yeah, they told me he was dead.
Hank: But he wasn't.
Renard: No, he wasn't. Are you saying that the-the stick saved Nick?
Monroe: It saved me too. [Flashback of Monroe's wound starting to heal in "Into the Schwarzwald"]
Rosalee: And Eve. [Flashback of Eve's wound starting to heal in "The Beginning of the End"]
Renard: How?
Monroe: Nobody knows. The last people who might've known were slaughtered when the Crusaders sacked Constantinople in the 13th century-1204, to be exact. And it's how Nick was able to follow Eve into the... Other place.
Adalind: Sean, if you or your friend know anything about any of this...
Renard: I don't know if she does or doesn't, but we're gonna find out. I'm gonna need a computer.

Scene: The villagers chant in German to kill the Zerstörer as Nick and Eve are led to the exit.

Leader: [In German] Kill the Zerstörer!
Nick: They think my gun's gonna kill Skull Face.
Eve: I sure hope they're right. [She, Nick, and the leader leave]
[The scene switches to the surviving Blutbad falling to his knees in exhaustion near the stone pillars as Zerstörer walks up to him. The scene then switches back to Nick, Eve, and the leader as they walk through the forest]
Leader: [In German] We are close.
Nick: I think that means we're getting close.
Leader: [In German] Up ahead. [He starts putting rocks together on the ground]
Eve: It's a rock circle.
Nick: I think I know where he's taking us.
Leader: [In German] Only Wesen go forth.
Nick: Something about a Wesen going...
Leader: [In German] Go, go, go!
Eve: He's not coming with us.
Nick: I can't say I blame him.
Leader: [In German] No walking meat comes out alive. [He sees Eve's hands as they continue to slowly woge] [Whispering] Hexenbiest.
Eve: No, I won't hurt you.
Leader: Hexenbiest.
Eve: I won't hurt you. [She sighs as the leader runs away]
Nick: At least he took us this far.
Eve: It's getting worse, Nick. Wesen here don't woge. We need to get this done.

Scene: Dasha Karpushin talks with the gang about the other place and the symbols.

Dasha: I need to know more about this other place. Diana, what can you tell me?
Diana: It's behind the mirrors.
Dasha: Have you been there?
Diana: No one should go there.
Dasha: Is it like our world?
Diana: A little, but it's full of wild things.
Dasha: Schrödinger's cat.
Monroe: Wait a minute, are you talking about that thought experiment with the cat in the box with the poison?
Renard: What are you talking about?
Dasha: Exactly. Cat in a closed box with poison. 50% chance the cat will be killed by the poison or will survive.
Monroe: Right... But because the box is closed, two dimensions exist simultaneously. One where the cat is alive, one where it's dead. And as long as the box stays closed, both realities exist.
Dasha: It's only when we open the box that we close off one of the dimensions.
Rosalee: So if Nick and Eve went through this other dimension...
Hank: It'd be like opening the box.
Dasha: That would not be a good thing.
Renard: So if we're alive in this world, does that mean that... in the other place, they're not?
Dasha: Not necessarily. What we consider death in our world is something very different somewhere else. Uh, possibly, a pre-life or an afterlife.
Monroe: Are you talking heaven-ish, or... hell-ish?
Dasha: Those are just words we use for when we're not here.
Diana: But someone very bad lives there. It has a scary face.
Adalind: It's the skull guy.
Renard: What skull guy?
Wu: It's who Nick and Eve went to kill.
Dasha: Are you saying that there was someone there with a skeleton face, like, a Koschie?
Renard: You saw this?
Adalind: I didn't see it. Nick and Eve saw it.
Rosalee: But it tried to pull Eve through the mirror.
Dasha: [She stands up and exhales] Sean... [In Russian] Does your daughter understand Russian?
Renard: [In Russian] No.
Dasha: [In Russian] She could be the Shaphat.
Renard: [In Russian] I don't understand.
Dasha: [She sits back down. In Russian] This skull guy they speak of... could be what we call the devil.
Renard: [In Russian] What?
Dasha: [In Russian] A lot of prophecies predict the coming of a devil. Satan, whatever you want to call it. And it will take a Shaphat and make her his bride. Shaphat!
Adalind: What are you guys talking about?
Renard: Just wait a minute. [In Russian] Are you telling me he wants my daughter for his bride?
Dasha: [In Russian] Yes. And to have a hundred children with her. This is the prophecy.
Renard: [In Russian] No, no, that can't be right—
Dasha: [In Russian] I am telling you what I know of this. And this is all the help I can give you.
Renard: [In Russian] There must be a way to stop it.
Dasha: [In Russian] You should prepare for the worst. We all should. I hope to god... I am wrong. [She ends the video chat]
Adalind: So what did she say?

Scene: Nick and Eve arrive at where they originally entered the other place.

Nick: This is where I came through.
Eve: Me too. These are the symbols that were on the cloth.
Nick: And in the sky.
Eve: Looks kind of like a druid temple. I'm guessing this is your standard stone slab sacrificial altar.
Nick: Well, where there's blood, Zerstörer can't be too far.
[The surviving Blutbad runs behind them so Nick takes out his gun and looks around. The Blutbad attacks Eve from behind, but Nick quickly shoots him]
Nick: You're bleeding.
Eve: What? Doesn't feel that bad. This is what worries me. [She holds up her hand]
Nick: It was one of the Blutbaden that was following us.The one I didn't kill.
Eve: I'm thinking he came here to tell Zerstörer.
Nick: Who now knows we're here.

Scene: Renard and Adalind put Diana in bed.

Adalind: [She and Renard leave Diana's room to talk with the others] Okay, so what did your Russian friend say?
Renard: This skull thing is not after Eve and it's not after Nick. There's been a lot of prophecies about something called a Shaphat, and that's what it's after.
Monroe: Shaphat is a Hebrew word, isn't it?
Rosalee: Yeah, I think it means something like, "deliverer." It's from the Bible, in reference to Deborah, one of the few female prophets.
Renard: Well, in this case... it means "child bride."
Hank: I don't like the sound of that.
Renard: That's why she was speaking in Russian. This beast wants our daughter.
Adalind: Well, it's not gonna get her.
Rosalee: How do we stop him?
Renard: She didn't know.
Rosalee: Eve found her way into the other place through the books. Maybe we can find a way to stop this thing.
Monroe: There are still a lot of books in the shop.
Adalind: My mom's book is at your house with the mirror.
Wu: So we should split up.
Rosalee: Sean, Adalind, and the kids should go to our house with Monroe.
Hank: And we'll go to the shop.
Adalind: I'll get the kids.
Wu: I suppose this is how Alice felt falling down the rabbit hole.

Scene: Nick and Eve continue looking around.

[Nick exhales]
Eve: Good thing you brought that.
Nick: If I'd known I was gonna need this many bullets, I'd have brought more. [He sharply exhales as he checks his bullet count] Only three left.
Eve: I'll check outside the perimeter.
Nick: No, no, no. No, hey. We don't split up. We stay together.
Eve: I don't want to be rescued, Nick. I came here for a reason.
Nick: You can't take on the skull thing alone.
Eve: You have a son. You should be thinking of him.
Nick: You're here because of me. None of this would have ever happened to you if you hadn't met me.
Eve: So you think I wanna change that?
Nick: Yes, I do.
Eve: Well, I don't. A lot of bad things happened to me when all of this started. I didn't understand it. I was scared and angry, and I did a lot of terrible things. Things I can never forgive Juliette for. But I'm not Juliette anymore, Nick. She's gone. There may be a part of me that is like her, but it is not who I am now and it's not who I'm gonna be again. I don't blame you. When we were together, I only knew a part of who you were. You only knew a part of who you were.
Nick: None of us are who we used to be.
Eve: And that's good.
Nick: You really believe we're all better off?
Eve: I have a strength and a purpose that I never had before. I know you're here because you loved me once, and you feel responsible for the bad things that have happened, but you can't change any of it. And I can't change any of it. And if you could, would you really want to go back to the way things were, just to be happy? Happy doesn't interest me anymore, Nick. It just gets in the way. [Nick exhales as she puts her arms around him] You know, everything that has happened to us, that brought us together right here, right now... happened for a reason. So I think you're right.
Nick: Right about what?
Eve: I can't kill Zerstörer alone. It's gonna take both of us. [She starts walking away]
Nick: Eve... [He walks up to Eve as the ground starts shaking] I don't think that's the dead Blutbad doing that. [He takes his gun out]
[Zerstörer slowly walks out from around a pillar]
Nick: Zerstörer.
[Zerstörer slams his stick on the ground, creating a shock wave that knocks Nick and Eve back and against pillars, knocking them down. They quickly stand up and Nick shoots his remaining bullets at Zerstörer, but they have no effect]
Zerstörer: Dēcapitāre.
Eve: He knows you're a Grimm.
Nick: He doesn't seem to be too scared of them.
[Zerstörer lifts his stick up and it starts sparking green electricity]
Nick: You have any ideas?
[The rest of Eve's body completely woges]


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