This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Where the Wild Things Were"


Actor Emily Yetter 611-Woman
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Living
Comments The woman was one of the villagers from the Mirror Dimension. The villagers welcomed Nick and Eve inside their man-made gates after they killed two Blutbaden. The woman was curious to know what kind of Wesen Eve was, but Eve told her she wasn't Wesen. Nick later drew a drawing of the skull-like figure he and Eve were looking for, and the woman, along with the rest of the villagers, recognized it as the Zerstörer.

Guard #1

Actor Doug Dawson 611-Guard 1
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments He was one of the villagers from the Mirror Dimension that guarded one of the man-made gates and looked on as Nick shot and killed two Blutbaden that had been chasing him and Eve. Nick and Eve were allowed in after the Leader announced that their enemies had been killed and that Nick had saved them. Later, when Nick showed the villagers his gun that he used, the guard was seen grabbing his weapon out of extreme caution, as no one in the Mirror Dimension knew what a gun was. Nick and Eve listed some of the Wesen, or "bad things" they would kill with it, and when the guard asked if the Kackenkopf was included, Eve said yes.


Actor Oliver Keller 611-Blutbad
Gender Male
Type Blutbad
Status Deceased
Comments The Blutbad was one of the wild Wesen from the Mirror Dimension. He fought with two Bauerschwein, killing one, as Nick watched on from a distance in the woods. The Blutbad then caught Nick's scent when Nick came out to look at the dead Bauerschwein. Recognizing him merely as "walking meat" and not a Grimm, he tried to kill Nick so that he could eat him, but Nick overpowered him and ended up shooting him several times with his gun to kill him. The Blutbad did not know what a gun was and wondered what kind of magic Nick had used.
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