Weten Ogen
504-Weten Ogen woge
Other languages: Farsi: وتن اوگن
German: Weten Ogen
Russian: Желтоглаз
Notables: Handcuff Daniel Troyer
Emily Troyer
Amanda Proctor
Dead Isaac Proctor
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A Weten Ogen (VET-in oh-gin; Dutch "knowing eyes") is a lynx-like Wesen that appeared in "Maiden Quest".


Weten Ogen are an ancient species of Wesen, dating back around two thousand years. When they woge, their faces gain feline characteristics along with gold and gray-colored fur. Their human hair is replaced with fur, and the fur that appears on their brow ridge is white with three distinctively triangular accentuations. Their canines also elongate into sharp fangs, their fingernails become more claw-like, their ears elongate and become pointed with tufts of hair at the top, and the irises of their eyes turn a striking golden yellow color. Their jaws get somewhat larger and bulkier as well.

They are stronger in their woged form and can perform cat-like leaps to attack. Weten Ogen are also clever and quite stealthy, even able to sneak up on their own kind.


Weten Ogen traditionally partake in the Maagd Zoektocht, an ancient tradition, to determine husbands for their daughters. They are somewhat patriarchal in nature, holding onto ancient traditions. Weten Ogen are also fiercely protective of their children and will often attempt to kill anyone who kills their offspring. They commonly kill by using their fangs to rip out their victim's throat, and they prefer to ambush or surprise their victims when they attack them. Weten Ogen feel very little, if any, reluctance or compunction when it comes to killing their own kind, and in regard to the Maagd Zoektocht, doing so can be a way for a participant to prove their worthiness and cunning.

They don't outrightly fear Grimms, but they somewhat prefer to stay clear of them.

Season 5 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

The Weten Ogen are a proud and old race of Wesen. They are driven by their respect for tradition and the memory of those that came before them. The Maagd Zoektocht (Maiden Quest) is their most cherished and honored tradition, it is a way to facilitate arranged marriages. They are both fierce and extremely cunning.



Grimm - Creature Profile Weten Ogen (Digital Exclusive)

Grimm - Creature Profile Weten Ogen (Digital Exclusive)


  • This was the first Wesen with a name in Dutch.
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