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Opening Quote: "He had them brought before the court, and a judgement was handed down." - Brother and Sister

Scene: Juliette continues to scream after she woged into a Hexenbiest.

[Juliette retracts and stops screaming. She rubs her face, rushes to her phone, and calls Nick but quickly hangs up]

Scene: Wu sits in the drunk tank until Nick and Hank arrive to get him out.

[An officer unlocks the cell door, and Nick and Hank walk in]
Wu: No excuse for what I did.
Nick: You're coming with us.
Wu: I can't handle it anymore.
Hank: You want answers? Here's your chance.
[Wu stands up and goes with Nick and Hank]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu park outside of a gate in the forest so Nick can open it to get to the trailer.

Wu: Uh, what are we doing?
Hank: You'll see.
Wu: I'll see what?
Nick: [He unlocks and opens the gate] It'll be a lot easier to show you than tell you, Wu.
Wu: No, wait, wait, wait, I don't care if it's easier. Why don't you just tell me a little first?
Hank: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea?
Wu: I heard that, Hank. Why isn't it such a good idea? You take me out of jail. You bring me to the woods. What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me?
Hank: Listen, man, you've been asking a lot of questions lately. You want answers or not?
Wu: Yeah. Yeah, I want answers.
Nick: You know the book you found in my house? [Flashback of Wu finding the Grimm diary on Trubel's bed in "Blond Ambition"] Well, I've got more of them. If that's not something you're interested in, we can turn back around and never talk about this again.
Wu: No. Let's see what you got.
[They go to the trailer]
Nick: This is where we come to figure out what we're dealing with. This is what you saw, isn't it? [He shows Wu a Wældreór entry]
Wu: I don't know.
Hank: You saw it. So did I.
Nick: Me too. [Flipping through pages of the diary] And I've seen Skalengecks... and Blutbaden... and Dämonfeuers... and Aswang. And they're real. All of them.
Hank: Sometimes we see them. Nick sees them a lot more.
Wu: I didn't imagine it.
Nick: No.
Hank: They're called Wesen.
Nick: And I'm a Grimm. Just like my mom. It's kind of like having an ability to see the truth.
Wu: "Grimm," so what, you mean like those German brothers?
Nick: Yeah. I'm kind of related to them. Theresa is a Grimm too. That's why she was staying with me. That's how she was able to kill Weston Steward. She knew what he was... but he didn't know what she was until it was too late. [He shows Wu a Hundjäger entry] Steward was a Hundjäger. All of these books, the weapons, everything in this trailer has been in my family for generations.
Wu: So then I'm a Grimm too, and Hank.
Hank: No, no, no, we are not like him. I was having the same problem. Nick had to bring me in because I was going down a bad road real fast just like you were.
Nick: So... You think you can handle this? Or do you just want to walk away?
Wu: I'm not going anywhere. [He sits down]

Scene: Rosalee gets a call from her mom.

Rosalee: Hi, mom. No, we're not in bed yet. It's fine. Yeah, all packed up. Car's picking us up at 8:00. Mom, it's my honeymoon. I'll call you when I call you, and I'll text you when I text you. Okay, love you too, bye. [She hangs up and looks out the window. She then calls for Monroe to see if he is upstairs] Monroe? You up there? [She goes outside] Monroe? Monroe? [She finds the sandwich she made for Officer Acker on the ground next to his patrol car, as well as Acker not in the car] Monroe! Monroe! Monroe! [She sees Acker stumble and fall across the street and runs up to him] Officer Acker. Officer Acker! Oh, my God. Oh, my God! [She runs back to the house]

Scene: A van drives down the street as Monroe regains consciousness.

Jonah: I'm gonna love watching you die. [He kicks Monroe in the head]

Scene: Wu looks at the Aswang entry in one of the diaries.

Wu: The Aswang's real too. Why'd you lie to me?
Hank: We were trying to protect you.
Wu: How do I know you're not lying to me now?
Nick: You don't. You just have to believe us or think that we're crazy.
Wu: If these monsters or-or Wesen or whatever the hell you call 'em are real, then where are they? How many are there? Shouldn't we be out killing them?
Nick: Not all Wesen are bad. Some of my closest friends are Wesen.
Wu: Oh, so there are friendly ones too good to know.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Hey, Rosalee.
Rosalee: [Crying] Nick, Nick, they took him, they took Monroe.
Nick: What?
Rosalee: [Crying] He went outside and they grabbed him. Officer Acker's lying on the ground.
Nick: Where are you now?
Rosalee: Back in the house.
Nick: Did you call 911?
Rosalee: Yes. Oh, my God.
Nick: Listen to me. Stay inside, lock the doors, do not leave until the police get there. We're on our way.
[Rosalee hangs up and drops the phone and begins to cry]
Nick: [He hangs up] They took Monroe.
Hank: What?
Wu: Who?
Nick: Right now we have to go. We'll explain everything on the way.

Scene: Juliette tries to take some pills, but she gets a sharp pain in her head.

Juliette: [She drops the pill bottle and puts a hand on her head, as her face ripples. She walks into the bedroom and the glass on picture frames shatters] Stop! Stop! [The pain goes away, and she looks at herself in a cracked mirror]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive at Monroe and Rosalee's house.

Hank: What happened?
Franco: Officer Acker saw someone on the street, he got out of his car to investigate, he got cracked on the head and dragged somewhere up there.
Nick: Anyone see it?
Franco: Yeah, we're working on it. [To Wu] Hey, you okay? I heard what happened.
Nick: It's all good. Just a misunderstanding.
Wu: Let's get an update.
[Wu and Franco walk away, and Nick and Hank talk to Acker]
Hank: How you doing?
Acker: I feel terrible, man. It's all my fault.
Nick: Can you tell us what you saw?
Acker: Not much. I um, I thought I saw something, got outside to look, was hit from behind.
Hank: You see any vehicles?
Acker: No. It happened so fast.
Nick: All right, take it easy. [He and Hank go inside]
Rosalee: Did you find out anything?
Nick: Officer Acker was hit from behind. He didn't see anything.
Hank: We've got somebody talking to neighbors to see if anybody saw anything.
Rosalee: We need to find him before they hurt him.
Nick: But right now I need you to calm down and answer a few questions, okay?
Rosalee: Okay. Okay.
Nick: You said you went outside.
Rosalee: To look for Monroe. He brought officer Acker something to eat and he didn't come back.
Nick: Did you hear anything?
Rosalee: [Crying] No, I was on the phone with my mom.
Hank: Any other calls? Threats?
Rosalee: Not since the spice shop. If they hurt Monroe, I'm gonna kill them. I will hunt them down and I will kill every one of them.
Nick: Right now, what I want you to do is grab what you need. I'm gonna have someone take you to our house.
Rosalee: No. What if they call?
Hank: We'll forward any calls to you on your cell.
Nick: We don't want you here. I will call you as soon as we find out anything. Hey, Rosalee. We will find him. Okay? Now grab your stuff.
[Rosalee walks away]
Nick: I'll call Juliette.
Juliette: [She's cleaning up the broken glass when Nick calls her. She answers] Nick. Hey, when are you gonna be home? I really, really need to talk to you.
Nick: They grabbed Monroe. The Wesenrein have him.
Juliette: What? No.
Nick: I'm gonna have Rosalee dropped off at our house.
Juliette: Right now?
Nick: Yeah, it's too dangerous for her to be here. Juliette?
Juliette: Uh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, bring her over. I just, um... yeah, I just-I can't believe it.
Nick: She's gonna need you. I might not be home for a little while.
Juliette: Okay, be careful. [She hangs up and continues to clean up the glass]

Scene: Monroe is dragged into an abandoned warehouse with his hands and feet shackled.

Riken: Impuro. Impuro.
Everyone: Impuro, impuro, impuro, impuro, impuro!

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Acker at the precinct.

Nick: Why'd you get out of your car?
Acker: Kid walked by the house wearing a hoodie. I didn't think anything about it, except a few minutes later I thought I saw the same guy cross the street, so I went to go check it out.
Hank: Was it the same guy?
Acker: Couldn't tell, it was dark. He was near the trees. I was about to call it in. That's when I got hit. Went for my weapon, got hit again. Don't remember anything after that. Just waking up in the woods and hearing the wife scream. I know I screwed this up, you guys, I'm sorry.
Hank: It happens. Go home, get some rest.
Acker: All right. [He gets up and walks away]
Nick: Why'd he wait to call it in?
Hank: Maybe he's trying to be a hero.

Scene: Rosalee is dropped off at Nick and Juliette's house by two officers.

Juliette: Thanks for bringing her over.
Rosalee: [She starts crying, and Juliette hugs her] I'm so scared.
Juliette: Everything's gonna be okay.

Scene: Nick and Hank catch Renard up on Monroe's case.

Renard: Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen.
Nick: Also known as Wesenrein.
Renard: Yeah, I know what they are.
Nick: This is a list of the people we think are involved in taking Monroe. [He hands Renard a piece of paper]
Hank: Trubel did some work on this before she left. She found a Wesenrein mask on one of them.
Renard: Being part of a hate group is not a crime. You have any evidence tying them to the kidnapping?
Nick: Yeah, we have a brick through the window of the spice shop that had a symbol of the Wolfsangel on it. And then they burned the Wolfsangel in Monroe and Rosalee's front yard.
Hank: And they gutted a fox and hung it on their backdoor.
Nick: So we know this group is involved, and the longer this goes on, the less likely we are to find Monroe alive. We need to go now.
Hank: Starting with the first name on that list, Shaw Steinkellner.
Renard: Bring him in.
[Nick and Hank start to leave]
Renard: By the way, how are you gonna handle Wu?
Nick: We already did.
Renard: How'd he take it?
Hank: He didn't quit.
Renard: Does he know about me?
Nick: We'll leave that up to you. [He and Hank leave]

Scene: Nick and Hank pull up in front of Shaw's house.

Shaw: I already told your Grimm friend I got no beef with you.
Nick: Monroe-where is he? We know the Wesenrein have him.
Shaw: Don't know what you're talking about.
Hank: Well, we think you do.
[Shaw starts running, but he is quickly tackled to the ground by Nick and Hank. Nick then puts handcuffs on him]
Hank: [He finds a Wesenrein mask in Shaw's pocket] Well, what do you know?

Scene: Monroe lies on the ground at the warehouse and requests some water.

Monroe: Water. Hey.
[Jonah Riken is listening to rock music on headphones, but he takes them off]
Monroe: I need water.
Jonah: [He walks over to Monroe with a water canister] Damn. They really messed you up. Can you sit? [He helps Monroe sit up]
Monroe: My head. [He groans] Where am I?
Jonah: I tell you that and I'm in big trouble. Let me get you some water. Don't tell anyone I'm doing this for you. [He pours some of his drink into a cup] I'm not even supposed to be talking to you. [He hands the cup to Monroe]
Monroe: Thank you. [He takes a drink but quickly spits it out]
Jonah: [He laughs] What's the matter, impuro? You don't like vodka? Dumbass. You should know that Blutbaden don't lie with Fuchsbau! [He kicks Monroe over]
Monroe: Ah! Ah!
[Jonah goes and sits down and puts his headphones back on]
Monroe: [He hears movement next to him] Hey. Hey!
[A man raises his head]
Monroe: No, no, it's okay, it's okay. Oh, my God. How long have you been here?
Terry: I don't know.
Monroe: Do you know where we are?
Terry: No.
Monroe: What's your name?
Terry: Terry. Is my wife okay?
Monroe: Your wife? They take her too?
Terry: [Crying] I don't know. I hope not. You don't know what they do to you.
Jonah: [Walking over] Yo! Don't be talking to him!

Scene: Sam Damerov meets with Renard in his office.

Renard: I want anyone tied to the Wesenrein.
Damerov: How much time do I have?
Renard: None.
Damerov: How persuasive do you want me to be?
Renard: Extremely.
Damerov: [He woges into a Skalenzahne] I'll see what I can do. [He retracts and then leaves as Wu comes in]
Wu: You wanted to see me?
Renard: Yeah, come in. I understand you had a talk with Burkhardt and Griffin.
Wu: Yeah, yeah, we talked.
Renard: They explain everything?
Wu: You mean about Theresa?
Renard: Yeah, that too. Nick told you that he sees things, right?
Wu: Uh-huh.
Renard: And you do understand that everything Nick told you is all real?
Wu: Yeah. I-uh... so you know all about—
Renard: I do.
Wu: Didn't see that one coming.
Renard: It's better than being crazy, isn't it?
Wu: Well, I'm just a little-you know.
Renard: Well, take your time. Now, you didn't tell anyone.
Wu: No, no, of course not.
Renard: Well, don't. Anything else?
Wu: Are you—
Renard: You don't want to go there.
Wu: No, I don't. Thank you... sir. [He leaves]

Scene: Charlie Riken and two other Wesenrein members come into the room where Monroe is.

[Jonah takes off his headphones]
Riken: [To Jonah] Where's your Gleichheit?
[Jonah puts his mask on]
Riken: If I see you without it again, then you won't need a mask. [He signals the other two members to grab Terry] It's time.
Terry: [To Monroe] Here. Here. Give this to my wife. [He hands something to Monroe as the Wesenrein members start to take him away] No!
Monroe: Whoa, whoa! Where are you taking him?
Terry: No! No! Oh, no! No, no, please. No! No!
Jonah: [To Monroe] Heartbreaking, isn't it?
[Monroe, stunned, looks in his hand and sees that Terry handed him his wedding ring]

Scene: Viktor wakes Adalind up.

[Viktor touches Adalind's shoulder, waking her up and causing her to woge for a few seconds before she retracts]
Viktor: Good morning, sunshine.
Adalind: You should've knocked.
Viktor: Time to go.
Adalind: Go where?
Viktor: Portland.
Adalind: Never going back there. They'll kill me.
Viktor: You're not going alone.
Adalind: Who's going with me this time?
Viktor: The only people who have any connection to your child are there, so we will be too.

Scene: Nick and Hank interrogate Shaw at the precinct while Renard watches from outside the room.

Nick: [He tosses Shaw's Wesenrein mask onto the table] You wanna tell us about that?
Shaw: Cool, huh? Gonna wear it for Halloween.
Hank: So why is it in your pocket? Halloween's a long way away.
Nick: Maybe you were gonna scare some people tonight?
Shaw: Yeah. Cops.
Hank: You know, you could spend a lot of time in prison for kidnapping.
Shaw: Kidnapping, what kidnapping? You got nothing on me.
Nick: Tell us about the Wesenrein.
Shaw: What's that, some kind of beer?
Nick: [To Hank] Give us a minute, will ya?
Hank: Sure. [He leaves the room and goes to stand by Renard]
Shaw: Oh, now you're gonna get tough with me. What, you gonna throw me around?
Renard: Well, this should be interesting.
Nick: You know where Monroe is, and you know who has him.
Shaw: Monroe? Is that his first name or last?
Nick: I'm not gonna ask again.
Shaw: Good. 'Cause I'm getting kinda bored.
Nick: So am I. [He slams Shaw's head on the table]
Shaw: You're dead. [He woges, but he quickly retracts after he looks at Nick] I thought you weren't a Grimm no more.
Nick: Well, you thought wrong. [He pushes Shaw up against a wall and puts his hands around Shaw's throat] Where'd they take him? Where'd the Wesenrein take him?
Shaw: I would rather be killed by a Grimm than cross the Grand Master.
Nick: Let's see if that's true. [He tightens his grip]
Hank: He's going to kill him.
Renard: Get him out.
Shaw: You don't know what they'll do to me.
Nick: Where is he? [He turns gray]
Hank: [He comes into the room] Nick! Nick! You need to get out of here.
[Nick lets go of Shaw, and his normal skin tone returns moments later. He and Hank then leave the room to watch from the other room as Renard walks in with Shaw on the ground struggling to recover]
Renard: You all right?
Shaw: No. He tried to kill me! Gonna sue him. Sue all of you!
Renard: I understand you're upset.
Shaw: I want a lawyer!
Renard: See, here's the thing. There's a more primal law at work here. Now, you're a Klaustreich, Nick's a Grimm. I wouldn't push it. [He leaves the room and goes to rejoin Nick and Hank]
Nick: He knows. The son of a bitch knows. I'm trying one more time.
Renard: No, no, no. [He briefly stops Nick from leaving] Our best chance right now is to put Shaw back out there and see what he does.
Nick: We can't let him go.
Hank: Right now, we've got nothing on Shaw or any of the other guys.
Renard: Let's put someone on Shaw's house.
[Hank leaves the room, and Nick then starts to leave as well]
Renard: Not you. You stay. Listen, we can't just put anyone on Shaw. Have you told Wu this case is Wesen?
Nick: No.
Renard: Well, then we tell him.
[Nick walks away]

Scene: Juliette tries to get Rosalee to get some sleep.

Juliette: I made up the guest bedroom. You should try to get some sleep.
Rosalee: I can't sleep. I don't want to sleep.
Juliette: Okay, well, as long as we're gonna stay up, I'll make some coffee.
Rosalee: We don't even know if he's still alive.
Juliette: Don't go there.
Rosalee: I feel like I can't breathe.
Juliette: Nick is doing everything he can.
Rosalee: I know. I know, but I can't just... sit here and do nothing.
Juliette: He will find him. He will.
Rosalee: Oh... the night before we got married we were lying in bed. Monroe told me that for the rest of our lives we'll be known as Monroe and Rosalee, not just Monroe, not just Rosalee, but Monroe and Rosalee. I can't lose him now. I can't lose him now.

Scene: Wu goes to talk with Renard.

Wu: Uh, something you wanted me to do, sir?
Renard: Let's have a talk first.
Wu: [He goes into Renard's office where Nick and Hank are waiting] So... all of you here. Well... So this must be important.
Renard: It is.
Nick: You know what happened to Monroe?
Wu: Yeah.
Renard: Monroe was taken by a Wesen hate group called Wesenrein.
Wu: Monroe's Wesen?
Nick: One of the good ones.
Renard: And since the only cops who know what we're up against are in this room, we're gonna need your help.
Wu: Okay.
Nick: Now this may push a little outside normal police procedure.
Hank: We need to know you're okay with that.
Renard: 'Cause we are.
Wu: I will do whatever I can to help find Monroe, but when this is over, I'm gonna need to have a more, you know, in-depth talk about—
Renard: Well, there will be plenty of time for that. Release Shaw.
[Everyone leaves Renard's office, and Acker tracks Wu down in the hallway]
Acker: Hey, sarge. Sarge, listen. I just want to say I know I messed this thing up bad.
Wu: The hell are you doing here? You should be home, getting some sleep.
Acker: No, I feel like I should be doing something to make up for this.
Wu: Listen, you're a good cop. Sometimes it doesn't go your way.
Acker: How can I help?
Wu: Go home and get some sleep.
Acker: I can't do that, sergeant.
Wu: You can if I order you to. Go home. [He walks away]

Scene: Shaw arrives back at his house.

Shaw: [He turns on the TV and exhales as he sits down on his couch. He grunts, picks up an open bottle of beer, sniffs it, and starts drinking it. His phone rings and he answers] Yeah?
Harold: Shaw, cops put someone on your house.
Shaw: Oh, crap. [He peeks out his window]
Harold: Leave the lights on, walk out the back door.
[Shaw hangs up and goes outside. He goes through a gate and walks up to a truck]
Harold: Get in.
Shaw: [He gets into the passenger's seat] What the hell's going on? [He sees Riken in the backseat] I didn't tell the cops nothing.
Riken: I know you didn't, Shaw. The only problem is... you will.
Shaw: No, I swear, Grand Master.
[Riken woges into a Blutbad]
Shaw: I would never say anything.
[Riken lunges at Shaw]
Shaw: No! I swear! [He screams]
[Riken kills Shaw and throws his body out of the truck. Harold then drives the truck away]

Scene: Juliette is asleep on the couch, but Rosalee wakes her up.

Rosalee: Juliette. Sorry to wake you, but I'm worried Nick might've been trying to call.
Juliette: Rosalee.
Rosalee: Could you check your phone just to make sure it's on, please?
Juliette: Yeah, of course. I didn't realize how tired I was. [She checks her phone] It's on. Nothing.
Rosalee: It's been hours.
Juliette: Nick is doing everything he can.
Rosalee: And where's Monroe? Why haven't they found him yet?
Juliette: Listen, I know this is difficult for you.
Rosalee: No, you don't. Don't say that. Monroe is missing, and Nick is out there playing cop when he needs to be a Grimm. He needs to hunt these animals down and kill them before they kill Monroe. Is that too much to ask?
Juliette: Okay, you need to calm down.
Rosalee: Don't tell me to calm down.
Juliette: Rosalee, I know you're upset—
Rosalee: I have a right to be upset. I need you to pick up your phone and call Nick, and tell him to do whatever he has to to find Monroe. He'll listen to you.
[Juliette starts to have pain in her head again. She puts her hand to her head and turns around]
Rosalee: Don't turn your back on me when I'm talking to you.
Juliette: Please, stop. My head, I have—
Rosalee: I'm so sick of hearing about your headache.
Juliette: Please, Rosalee, just give me a minute. [Her face ripples]
Rosalee: Call Nick right now.
Juliette: Rosalee!
Rosalee: Call him!
Juliette: Please! Walk away!
Rosalee: What?
[Juliette woges and turns around, causing Rosalee to woge in shock]
Juliette: I warned you. [She attacks Rosalee and rips her throat out. She then retracts in horror at what she did] Oh, my God.
[Rosalee retracts]
Juliette: What have I done?
Rosalee: [Waking Juliette up] Juliette. You were having a nightmare. Must have been pretty awful. You were screaming.
Juliette: Nick didn't come home?
Rosalee: No. No.
Juliette: He must be working around the clock. Did you get any sleep?
Rosalee: No.
Juliette: I'm gonna go make us something to eat.
Rosalee: Okay.

Scene: Wu sits in his car outside of Shaw's house and hears a woman scream.

Woman: Somebody help! Please! Help, somebody! Please help! Help! Please!
[Wu goes to investigate]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Renard figure out where the Wesenrein members from Trubel's list work and mark the locations on a map].

Nick: Shaw works at T&M's Auto Shop on Southeast Carlson Street.
Hank: So does Dempsey.
Renard: Briggs collects unemployment, lives with his mother at Canter and Third.
Hank: Howard is a short order cook at Southside Diner. Open 24 hours. Probably not the best place to stash someone.
Nick: Harold Johnson currently works at Donavon Tools, at 14th and Northeast Wesler. Monroe could be anywhere. [Nick's phone rings and he answers] Wu. We're on our way. [He hangs up] Somebody got to Shaw. [He and Hank leave]

Scene: Wu leads Nick and Hank to Shaw's body.

Wu: Shaw got here before I did. I was out front all night. Nobody came in or out of the front, so whoever got to him got to him back here.
[Nick lifts the cover on Shaw's body]
Hank: Somebody didn't like that he talked to us.
Nick: Why would you go out the back unless you thought you were being watched?
Hank: Somebody tipped him off.
Wu: This is a Wesen killing, right?
Nick: Yeah, it is.
Wu: Good to know. Can you tell by the way he died what kind of Wesen?
Hank: No.
Nick: No.
Hank: Let's check inside.
Wu: This way.
[They go into Shaw's house and look around]
Nick: Found something! [He finds a Wesenrein robe hanging up] What do you think he wore this for?
Hank: That's a Wolfsangel.
Wu: [He takes a picture off the wall of Shaw, Acker, Harold Johnson, and Walter Dempsey] Isn't this officer Acker?

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu take the picture back to the precinct to show Renard.

Renard: Officer Acker's part of Wesenrein?
Hank: He had to have been in on Monroe's kidnapping.
Nick: He could've tipped Shaw we were watching his house.
Wu: Acker stopped me in the hallway when I was on my way over there.
Renard: He was buying time.
Hank: Shaw was probably dead by the time you got there.
Nick: Let's get Acker in here.
Renard: No, you bring him in now, he'll know we're on to him.
Wu: I'll pull phone records. See who he's been talking to. [He leaves Renard's office]
Renard: If we've got a Wesen cop playing us, he's gonna regret it.

Scene: Monroe tries to wake Jonah up.

Monroe: I need to use the bathroom. Hey! [He bangs his chains]
Jonah: [He wakes up] Shut the hell up!
Monroe: Come on, man, bathroom.
Jonah: [He walks over to Monroe] My brother wasn't around, you'd be dead by now. [He starts unlocking the shackles around Monroe's ankles]
Monroe: Guy in charge your brother?
Jonah: Grand Master. Of course, I don't pay much attention to that master crap. In here, I'm the master. Your master. [He pulls Monroe to his feet] Try anything and I will cut you into little pieces, and mail you to your bitch Fuchsbau. Move!
Monroe: [He trips and falls] Ah! My knees!
Jonah: Oh, ow. Must have hurt. [As he kicks Monroe in the side] Get up!
Monroe: [Monroe stands up and woges. He quickly turns around and smacks Jonah, knocking him out. Monroe grabs Jonah's keys and frees himself. He then stars running, looking for a way out of the warehouse, and he runs up some stairs to a set of doors.] Come on! [He tries to open them, but they are locked. He then kicks some wood boards in and crawls out the opening. He starts running after he makes his way out, but he soon sees a track arriving and runs a different direction as the truck goes after him. Monroe goes though an opening in a fence and runs into the forest, where he finds Terry's body on a stake, severely burned] Oh, my God. What the... what? Oh, my God.
[Two Wesenrein members quickly grab him and start dragging him back to the warehouse]
Monroe: No! No! No!

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu go through Acker's phone records.

Hank: I got a 1:45 A.M. call to Shaw's house from Acker.
Nick: That's right after we let Shaw walk.
Hank: And before that, he made a call to Harold Johnson who's on our Wesenrein list.
Wu: Okay, this is weird. Although based on the last 24 hours, what isn't? Acker made 13 calls to Oregon State Penitentiary. Last call was made five weeks ago. First call six months before that.
Nick: Let's call the warden. See who Acker's been talking to.

Scene: Monroe is brought back into the warehouse.

Jonah: [He woges into a Blutbad] You son of a bitch! Look what you did to me!
[Riken smacks Jonah in the face, knocking him to the ground, but he quickly gets back up]
Riken: [He woges] What are you gonna do, Jonah? [He and Jonah both retract] The tribunal decides his fate, not you.
[Jonah walks away]
Riken: [To Monroe] You upset my little brother.
Monroe: You filth. What you did to Terry...
Riken: He brought this upon himself, just like you. You have no respect for your heritage. Let's get things ready. Time to answer for your sins.

Scene: Nick and Hank tell Renard about the inmate Acker was calling.

Hank: All Acker's calls were made to an inmate named Walker Williams.
Renard: We know who he is?
Nick: Couldn't make a connection with Acker except for the phone calls.
Hank: Acker visited him eight times in prison.
Renard: What's he in for?
Nick: Four years, for armed robbery.
Renard: So why is Acker calling and visiting a guy in prison he doesn't seem to know?
Nick: Well, it could be Williams is making the calls for the Wesenrein.
Hank: Then he'd know where Monroe is.
Renard: All right, get to Williams, fast.

Scene: Juliette brings food to Rosalee, who fell asleep, but Juliette accidentally wakes her up when she sets the food down.

Rosalee: Did Nick call?
Juliette: No, nothing yet.
Rosalee: I fell asleep.
Juliette: Good. You needed the rest.
Rosalee: I have to go home.
Juliette: What?
Rosalee: Monroe doesn't have his phone. He has no way of reaching me. If he's trying to get home, I need to be there.
Juliette: No, Rosalee, it is not safe for you to go back there.
Rosalee: I don't care. Let them come after me. 'Cause if they do...
Juliette: Here, look. I thought of something while you were sleeping. [She hands Rosalee Trubel's list] That's the list that Trubel was working on before she left. We think somebody on this list knew somebody who was at your wedding, and that person might be the connection to the Wesenrein.
Rosalee: So somebody on this list betrayed us?

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to Walker Williams.

Walker: Wesenrein? Am I supposed to know what that is?
Nick: Well, you know Jesse Acker. He called you 13 times and visited you 8.
Hank: He knows about Wesenrein, so we're pretty sure you do too.
Nick: How'd you meet him?
Walker: I forget.
Nick: He called you 13 times, visited you 8 more. You don't remember how you met him?
Walker: I meet a lot of people.
Hank: Really? You meet a lot of cops in here?
Walker: What are you talking about?
Nick: You didn't know Acker was a police officer?
Walker: He's a cop?
Hank: Yeah, and he rolled on you.
Walker: I got nothing to do with them.
Nick: With who?
Walker: The Wesenrein. I mean, I've heard of 'em, but—
Nick: The Wesenrein kidnapped a friend of ours. We know Acker was involved, which means now you are involved. And if anything happens to him... you're never stepping foot outside this prison.
Walker: [He woges into a Mauzhertz] A Grimm? [He retracts] No! Help! Help!
Nick: Tell us what you know.
Walker: I mean, I had nothing to do with any of it. I was only taking calls for Charlie 'cause he made me. And the visits? Those too.
Nick: Charlie who?
Walker: Charlie Riken. He was my cellmate. They call him the Grand Master. He's crazy, man. He believes in all that Wesenrein voodoo. He would've killed me if I didn't do what he asked.
Hank: Why'd he have you talk to Acker?
Walker: Riken didn't want anything traced back to him. I passed the names on to Charlie. It was Charlie who told Acker who to punish.
Nick: Riken still your cellmate?
Walker: What are you talking about? Charlie was released a month ago.
Hank: I'll get the last known.
Walker: Just don't tell Charlie I told you, okay?
[Nick and Hank leave]
Walker: Don't tell Charlie it was me that told you though, all right?
Guard: [To Walker] Hold up.
Walker: Hey, man! You can't tell him it was me!

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu go search Riken's house.

[The door is kicked open, and they enter the house]
Nick: Wu. [He directs Wu where to go]
Hank: Clear. [He sees something on a table]
Nick: Nothing down here. We're running out of time.
Hank: I got a phone.

Scene: Monroe is brought into the forest so that the tribunal can begin.

Riken: Wesenrein. [He raises his arms]
Everyone: Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein!


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