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Air date: January 16, 2015
Viewers: 4.62 million[1]
Written by: Thomas Ian Griffith
Directed by: Hanelle Culpepper
Opening Quote: Brother and Sister
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Co-stars: Donald MacEllis as Shaw Steinkellner
Cazzey Cereghino as Harold Johnson
Adam Dunlap as Walter Dempsey
Jeb Berrier as Prosecutor
Kenajuan Bentley as Sam Damerov
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"Wesenrein" is the ninth episode of Season 4 of Grimm and the seventy-fifth episode overall. It first aired on January 16, 2015 on NBC.

Press ReleaseEdit

THE HUNT FOR MONROE BEGINS – ALEXIS DENISOF GUEST STARS -- The Wesenrein act on their many threats against Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee's (Bree Turner) marriage. Meanwhile, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) bring Wu (Reggie Lee) to a place where he's sure to find the answers he's looking for. Elsewhere, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) tries to come to grips with her new reality. Sasha Roiz and Claire Coffee guest star.


Juliette continues to scream after she woged into a Hexenbiest ("Chupacabra") until she reverts back to her human form. She rubs her face and goes to call Nick, but she changes her mind.

Nick and Hank find Wu in the drunk tank, and they tell him they are there to get him out. Wu says he can't handle it anymore, and Hank tells him this is his chance to get answers if he wants them.

409-Wu in the trailer

Nick and Hank bring Wu to the forest, and they all get out of the car while Nick goes to unlock a gate. Wu asks what they are doing there, and Hank tells him he'll see. Wu asks what he'll see, and Nick tells him it would be easier to show him, but Wu says he doesn't care if it's easier and asks why they don't just tell him a little bit first. Nick reminds Wu of the book he found in his house ("Blond Ambition") and tells him he has more if that's something he is interested in. Wu agrees to keep going, and they walk the rest of the way towards the trailer. Inside the trailer, Wu looks around until Nick shows him the diary entry on the Wældreór. Nick shows him a few more entries until he comes to the Aswang entry. Nick says they're all real, and Hank tells him sometimes they see them, but Nick sees them a lot more. Hank tells Wu they're called Wesen, and Nick tells him he's a Grimm. Nick tells him that Trubel is a Grimm too, which is why she was staying with him. Wu asks if he and Hank are Grimms too, and Hank says they're not like Nick. He then tells Wu the problems he had when he first saw Wesen. Nick asks Wu if he thinks he can handle this or if he just wants to walk away. Wu looks down at the diaries and says he's not going anywhere before sitting down to read the entries.

At home, Rosalee gets a call from her mom and tells her she is all packed for her honeymoon. After she hangs up, she looks out the window at the cop car. She then calls for Monroe to see if he is upstairs. When she doesn't get an answer, she goes outside to look for him and finds the snack Monroe was bringing to Officer Acker on the ground, but no sign of Monroe or Acker. She starts panicking and runs around yelling for Monroe. Across the street she hears a noise and sees Acker stumbling and falling to the ground. Rosalee runs to check on him, and when she realizes he's unconscious, she runs back to the house to call 911.

Elsewhere, Monroe wakes up in the back of a van, and a member of the Wesenrein tells him, "I'm going to enjoy watching you die," before hitting Monroe in the head to knock him out again.

At the trailer, Wu reads about the Aswang and asks Nick and Hank why they lied to him. Hanks tells him they were trying to protect him. Wu asks how he knows they're not lying to him now, and Nick tells him he doesn't. Nick says to him that he'll just have to believe them or think they're crazy. Wu asks where the Wesen are if they are real and shouldn't they be out killing them. Nick tells him not all of them are bad and that some of his closest friends are Wesen. Nick gets a call from Rosalee, who tells frantically tells him that the Wesenrein took Monroe. Nick tells her to lock the doors until the police get there. Nick tells Hank and Wu that Monroe was taken and they have to go now.

At home, Juliette tries to open some pills but accidentally spills them into the sink and gets another headache, causing her face to ripple. She holds her head as she walks into the bedroom, and picture frames and other glass nearby starts shattering around her.

409-Sad Rosalee

When Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive at Monroe and Rosalee's house, Franco briefs them on what he knows. Franco sees Wu and asks him if he's alright because he heard what happened to him at the bar earlier that night, ("Chupacabra") and Nick says he's fine and that it was just a misunderstanding. Nick and Hank go talk to Acker, who tells them it's all his fault and he feels terrible. Nick asks what he saw and Acker tells him not much. He says he thought he saw something but was hit from behind. Nick and Hank go inside the house and tell a very emotional Rosalee what Acker told them. Nick asks her some questions about what she saw and heard and then tells her to grab what she needs because he is going to have someone take her to his house. Hank tells her they will forward any calls to her cell phone. Nick calls Juliette as she is cleaning up the shattered glass, and she tells him she really needs to talk to him when he gets home. Nick then tells her about Monroe and that Rosalee is coming. Nick tells her he may not be home for awhile, and she tells him to be careful. Juliette then begins cleaning up the glass faster before Rosalee arrives.

Outside of an abandoned warehouse, a woozy Monroe, with his wrists and ankles chained, is dragged out of the van and brought inside. Once inside, multiple Wesenrein members gather around him and begin chanting, "Impuro."

At the precinct, Nick and Hank question Acker more about what happened. After Acker walks away, Nick wonders why Acker waited to call things in, and Hank says maybe he was trying to be a hero.

Rosalee arrives at Nick and Juliette's house and begins crying, so Juliette gives her a hug.

Nick and Hank bring the list of Wesenrein members that Trubel collected before she left to Captain Renard in his office. Nick says the longer they wait, the less likely they will find Monroe alive, so they need to go now, and Hank says they need to start with the first name on the list: Shaw Steinkellner. Renard says to bring him in and then asks how they are going to handle Wu. Nick says they already did, and Renard asks if Wu knows about him, and Nick tells him they'll leave that up to him.

Shaw walks towards his truck as Nick and Hank arrive. Nick asks where Monroe is, and Shaw says he doesn't know what he's talking about and then tries to run, but Nick and Hank quickly tackle him to the ground. As they handcuff him, Hank finds a Wesenrein mask in Shaw's pocket.

409-Monroe spits out the vodka

At the warehouse, Monroe asks for water from the guard watching him. The guard, Jonah Riken, brings his drink container over to Monroe and helps him sit up. He tells Monroe not to tell anyone that he's giving him water and then pours some into a cup. Monroe starts drinking it but quickly spits it out once he realizes it's vodka and not water. Jonah begins laughing and then says that Blutbaden don't lie with Fuchsbau, and he kicks Monroe back down. After Jonah goes back to sit down, Monroe realizes that there is another captured person next to him. Monroe sees how beat up he is and asks how long he's been there, but the man says he doesn't know. The man says his name is Terry and asks if his wife is okay. Monroe asks him if his wife was taken too, but Terry says he doesn't know. Jonah comes up and tells them to stop talking.

Sam Damerov meets Renard in his office, and Renard tells him he wants anyone tied to the Wesenrein. Sam asks how much time he has, and Renard tells him none. Sam then asks how persuasive he wants him to be, and Renard says, "Extremely." Sam woges into a Skalenzahne and says he'll see what he can do. As Sam leaves the office, Wu comes in because Renard wanted to see him. Renard talks to him about what Nick and Hank told him and lets him know he knows about Wesen too. He then tells Wu not to tell anyone about what he's recently learned.

Monroe sits against a wall as three more Wesenrein members enter the room. One of them asks Jonah where his mask is, and Jonah quickly puts it back on. The other two members go to grab Terry, so Terry quickly gives Monroe his wedding ring and tells him to give it to his wife before being taken away.

At Kronenberg Castle, Viktor wakes Adalind up, causing her to woge. Viktor tells her it's time to go to Portland, but Adalind tells him she's never going back there because she'll be killed. Viktor tells her that she will not be going alone, as the only people who have any connection to her child are there, so he and Rispoli will be too.

409-Gray Nick

In an interrogation room, Nick and Hank question Shaw. Nick asks Hank to give them a minute, and Hank leaves to go stand with Renard. After Shaw plays innocent, Nick slams his head against the table. Shaw stands up, woges, and threatens Nick, but he's surprised to see that Nick is a Grimm again. Nick shoves him against the wall and chokes him. He asks him where Monroe was taken, but Shaw refuses to answer. Renard tells Hank to get Nick out of there before he kills Shaw as Nick turns gray. After Nick and Hank leave, Renard goes in, and Shaw threatens to sue all of them. Shaw says he wants a lawyer, but Renard tells him that there is a more primal law at work since he is a Klaustreich and Nick is a Grimm, so he suggests to him not to push it. When Renard returns to Nick and Hank, Nick says he wants another shot at Shaw, but Renard says their best chance is to put Shaw back on the streets because they have no evidence against him, which doesn't make Nick happy. Renard says they should put someone on Shaw's house. He tells Nick that they can't put just anyone on Shaw and asks if he's told Wu this case is Wesen. Nick says no and Renard says it's time to tell him.

Rosalee looks out the window as Juliette comes up to her and tells her she made up the guest bedroom, so she should try to get some sleep. Rosalee tells her she can't sleep and she doesn't want to. Rosalee says they don't even know if Monroe is still alive, and Juliette tells her not to go there. They sit on the couch and Juliette tells her that Nick is doing everything he can, and Rosalee says she knows, but she says she can't just sit around and do nothing.

Wu comes up to Renard's office door and just before he knocks, Renard opens it. Renard invites him in, where Nick and Hank are waiting. They fill Wu in on who the Wesenrein are and say that they will need his help to get Monroe back since the only cops that know what they're up against are in the room. They tell him this may push an outside normal police procedure and they want to make sure he is okay with that. Wu says he'll do whatever he can to help Monroe, but when this is all over, he tells them he wants to have a more in depth talk about everything. Renard then tells Hank to release Shaw.

After Wu leaves Renard's office, Acker comes up to him and says he knows he messed things up. Wu asks him why he is there because he should be home getting some sleep. Acker tells him he feels like he should do something to make it up, but Wu tells him sometimes it just doesn't go your way. Wu tells him he is ordering him to go home to get sleep.

Shaw arrives back home and turns the TV on. He gets a call from Harold Johnson who tells him the cops put someone on his house. Harold tells him to leave the lights on and walk out the back door. Harold tells him to get into his vehicle and Shaw asks what's going on before he notices that the Grand Master, Charlie Riken is in the backseat. Shaw tells him he didn't tell the cops anything and Riken says he knows, but that he will eventually. Shaw says that he won't, but Riken woges and attacks Shaw, killing him. Riken throws Shaw's body out of the vehicle and Harold drives away.

409-Juliette rips out Rosalee's throat
409-Rosalee throat ripped out

Later, Rosalee wakes up Juliette to have her check her phone to make sure it's on in case Nick tries calling. Juliette confirms it's on and that Nick has not called. Rosalee starts to get upset and says that Nick needs to stop playing cop and be a Grimm. She says, "He needs to hunt these animals down and kill them before they kill Monroe." Juliette tells Rosalee she needs to calm down, and Rosalee starts to get angry. She starts to raise her voice and Juliette starts getting a headache. Juliette says her head is starting to hurt, and Rosalee says she is sick of hearing about her headaches. Juliette says to give her a minute, but Rosalee continues to complain, and Juliette woges, which causes Rosalee to woge in shock. Juliette attacks Rosalee and rips her throat out. Rosalee then wakes Juliette up, and she realizes it was all a nightmare.

Outside of Shaw's house, Wu hears a woman screaming and goes to investigate.

At the precinct, Nick, Hank, and Renard are marking all the locations that the known Wesenrein members work at. Nick gets a call from Wu, who tells him that Shaw was killed.

Nick and Hank arrive at Shaw's house, and Wu says no one came in or out the front of the house all night. They look at Shaw's body and see that his neck is bloody. Hank says that it looks like somebody didn't like that Shaw talked to the police. Wu asks if it is a Wesen killing, and Nick says it is. They go inside to look around and find Shaw's Wesenrein robe. Wu also finds a picture on the wall that has Acker in it.

The three of them bring the picture back to the precinct to show Captain Renard. Wu says he'll pull phone records to see who Acker has been talking to.

409-Monroe finds Terry

At the warehouse, Monroe wakes Jonah up and says he needs to use the bathroom. Jonah goes over and takes the chains off of Monroe's ankles, telling him that he'd be dead if his brother wasn't around since he's the Grand Master. Jonah pulls Monroe to his feet and tells him not to try anything. He pushes Monroe to walk and Monroe trips and falls. Jonah kicks him in the gut and tells him to get up. Monroe grabs an item on the ground, woges, and quickly hits Jonah with the item, knocking him out. He grabs the keys and takes the chains off his wrists. Monroe finds a way out of the warehouse but doesn't get far before some Wesenrein members arriving to the warehouse in a vehicle spot him. Monroe runs and escapes into the forest, where he finds Terry's body impaled on a spike and badly burned. As he stands in shock at what he sees, he is recaptured by two Wesenrein members.

At the precinct, Nick, Hank, and Wu go through Acker's phone records. They see that he called Shaw right after he was let free, and before that, Acker called Harold Johnson. Wu finds out that Acker made 13 calls to Oregon State Penitentiary with the most recent call 5 weeks ago. Nick says he'll call the warden to see who Acker has been speaking to.

At the warehouse, Monroe is dragged back to where Jonah is. Jonah woges and threatens Monroe. As he walks towards Monroe, Riken smacks Jonah in the face. Riken tells Jonah that the tribunal decides his fate, not him.

Hank tells Renard that Acker's calls were made to an inmate named Walker Williams, and Nick says they couldn't make a connection with Acker other than the phone calls. Renard tells Nick and Hank to go talk to Williams.

Juliette brings some food to Rosalee who fell asleep, but she wakes up when Juliette sets the food down. Juliette tells her that Nick hasn't called, and Rosalee says she needs to get home because Monroe has no way of reaching her, so if he's trying to get home she needs to be there. Juliette tells her it's too dangerous and shows Rosalee the list Trubel made of the Wesenrein members. Juliette tells her they think somebody on the list knows someone who was at their wedding and that person might be the connection to the Wesenrein.

409-Walker getting questioned

Nick and Hank talk to Walker Williams about the Wesenrein and Acker's calls and visits. Williams doesn't say much at first, but once he realizes Nick is a Grimm, he starts talking. He tells them that Charlie Riken is the Grand Master and that he was his cellmate until a month ago. He says he was taking the calls from Acker for Riken because Riken didn't want anything that could be traced to him.

Nick, Hank, and Wu go investigate Riken's house, and Hank finds a phone.

Monroe is brought into the forest as many Wesenrein members gather for the tribunal in their masks and robes. Riken steps up and starts a Wesenrein chant.

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Grimm - Juliette Loses Control (Episode Highlight)

Grimm - Juliette Loses Control (Episode Highlight)

Production NotesEdit

  • Footage from "Blond Ambition" was reused (flashback).
  • This episode's opening quote scene was the first to ever feature a photograph of any of the main characters.


  • The episode picks up right after where "Chupacabra" ended.
  • Wu goes to the trailer for the first time.



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