Opening Quote: "Awake, arise, or be forever fall'n." – Paradise Lost

Scene: Members of the Wesen Uprising get addresses of locations in Portland to attack.

Dallas: Remember, midnight. Not before. Only these addresses. [He hands pieces of paper to various members]
Man 1: What if someone gets in our way?
Billie: You get them out of your way.
Man 2: What if somebody's inside?
Dallas: [He woges into a Skalengeck] That's their crappy luck.
[Most of the members head out in cars]

Scene: Trubel wakes up after a nightmare as Nick walks around with a crying Kelly.

Nick: Sorry, I hope I didn't wake you up.
Trubel: No, I was sort of... up.
[Kelly coos]
Nick: I got you, guy.
[Kelly cries]
Nick: Don't worry. [He walks away]
Adalind: [She walks up] Not a lot of privacy around here. Oh, you probably don't even know that I had the baby, do you? I mean, how could you know? It's not as if I sent out birth announcements. We named him Kelly after—
Trubel: Nick's mom.
Adalind: Yeah. I'm really glad you're okay. I mean, we're really glad. Nick was a little out of his mind when he couldn't find you.
Trubel: How long have I been here?
Adalind: Nick brought you home from the hospital last night.
Trubel: Last night?
Adalind: You've been asleep for about 25 hours.
Trubel: [Whispering] Oh, my-What am I wearing?
Adalind: Nick's shirt. He brought your clothes back. I washed them. I'll take over for Nick so you guys can talk. [She walks away]
[Trubel gets up in pain and walks over to the kitchen area to sit down]
Nick: [He walks up] Yeah, still... getting the hang of that changing the diaper thing. How are you feeling?
Trubel: Sore, and really glad to see you. Was somebody in the hospital Wesen?
Nick: Yeah, I'll tell you about that later. Still have some questions myself, but you've got to be hungry.
Trubel: A little, yeah. Well, no, a lot.

Scene: The clock strikes midnight, and members of the Uprising pull up in front of various shops and start smashing the windows while woged.

Ken: What are you doing? That's my store.
[Ken is attacked, while in another shop, Xavier Arivaca tries to hide behind the counter, but he is found]
Xavier: [A bag is put over his head] Aah! Let me go! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! [He is taken out of his shop]
[Ken is surrounded by Dallas and many other members. Dallas then woges and kills Ken]

Scene: Trubel fills Nick and Adalind in on what she has been up to.

Trubel: They know, Nick. Ever since Chavez found out you were a Grimm. I didn't tell her.
Nick: How did you find me?
Trubel: Well, they've been keeping track of you 'cause that's where they found me. They didn't know what you knew or didn't know.
Nick: And this is the group you were telling me about?
Trubel: They want people like us on their side. People with our abilities.
Nick: You're working for them?
Trubel: Well, when I left here and went to take Josh home, they found me there. Or followed me there.
Adalind: Who are they?
Trubel: HW, or Hadrian's Wall, or something. I... That's what they call themselves. All I know is they're a part of the government, but a part so secret that most of the government doesn't even know they exist. I guess they don't trust a lot of people in the government either. But they're fighting this underground war.
Nick: Against who?
Trubel: Wesen. Nobody knows how many there are or how big a group it is, but it's all over, not just in this country. It's everywhere, like a revolution. I had to help. Nick, HW needs Grimms on their side, and I'm not the only one fighting for them. I worked with one in Lisbon, and-and I heard about another in Bangkok.
Adalind: You went to Lisbon?
Trubel: Twice. I never know where I'm going or what I'm supposed to do until I have to do it, but... I mean, there are sections of HW all over the world.
Adalind: Do they pay you for this?
Trubel: Actually, yeah, they do. In cash.
Nick: Do you know Meisner?
Trubel: Yeah, I do. I told him he was gonna have to meet you.
Nick: Already has. When I was getting you out of the hospital.
Trubel: Meisner was there?
Nick: If he wasn't there, you might not be here. What did they do with Juliette's body?
Trubel: I don't know.
Nick: Well, why did they take you that night?
Trubel: Because they knew I was with you. It all happened so fast. I-I wanted to tell you, but they wouldn't let me, and then I got sent away.
Nick: To do what?
Trubel: What Grimms do.
Adalind: How long have they been watching Nick?
Trubel: Ever since I killed Weston Steward, and Chavez found Nick's Grimm book on my bed. They've been watching you too.
Adalind: Me? Why?
Trubel: 'Cause you're a Hexenbiest.
Adalind: Was.
Trubel: Yeah, they know about that too, and about your baby.
Adalind: They wouldn't.
Trubel: No, they don't want your kid.
Nick: Tell me about that motorcycle.
Trubel: It's mine.
Nick: You want to show me?
Trubel: Sure. [She and Nick go down to the garage] So, they gave it to me, like, six months after I started.
Nick: It's not normal.
Trubel: It does all kinds of things.
Nick: Like what?
Trubel: Okay. You lift this.
Nick: Yeah. I already did that. [He points behind the motorcycle]
Trubel: Oh. I got more. This leaves an oil slick. This blows out smoke big time, but you breathe it, and it knocks you down. Over here is your Internet connection. Your satellite tracking system, I mean, it can find any phone number any time anywhere. It's how I found you.
[Nick exhales]
Trubel: [She chuckles and tears up] God, why do I always do this with you? I'm... I just thought I'd never see you again.
Nick: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Trubel: [She hugs Nick] Oh, God. [She chuckles] Still hurts a little bit. I can't believe you're a dad too.
Nick: [His phone rings] I can't believe that either.
Trubel: [Softly] I mean...
Nick: [His phone rings again] It's Hank.
Trubel: Oh. Tell him I said hi.
Nick: [He answers] Hey.
Hank: We got a big one.
Nick: How big?
Hank: Don't know. Lot of places hit.
Nick: All right, where am I meeting you?
Hank: Where the body is: North Denver and Kilpatrick. How's Trubel?
Nick: She's awake. She says hi. I'll tell you more about it when I get there. [He hangs up] You okay here?
Trubel: Yeah. I'll tell Adalind.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene of Ken Honeycutt's body.

Wu: Looks like a gang-related rampage. Happened around midnight. This is not the only street that was hit. It's all over the city. Three different neighborhoods. Reports coming in are similar to what we got here. Shops were hit, car windows broken, general mayhem. So far, we've got one shop owner murdered, another badly beaten, third one is missing. Name of Xavier Arivaca. Owns the bakery.
[Hank uncovers Ken's body]
Nick: Some shops were untouched?
Wu: Yep. Pretty random. This was Ken Honeycutt. Had the flower shop across the street.
Hank: Doesn't look gang-related to me.
Nick: Any idea why some shops were targeted and others were left alone?
Wu: Nope. Not according to the shop owners we talked to, but I've got my own theory. In the bakery. [He leads Nick and Hank inside the bakery] We have not found this mark anywhere else tonight. Look familiar?
Nick: [He sees a claw mark symbol spray painted on the wall and scoffs] Yeah.
Hank: What do we know about our missing Baker?
Wu: Opened the bakery three years ago when he moved to Portland. No local family. That's all I've been able to put together so far.
Nick: We need to find out if any of the shop owners are Wesen.
Hank: Killing's definitely Wesen.
Wu: Yep.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee watch the news about the shop attacks.

News Anchor 1: Now we go to Brenda Braxton...
Rosalee: You got to hear this.
Monroe: What?
Rosalee: What happened last night.
News Anchor 1: ...last night's violent rampage. Brenda?
Brenda: Last night, several streets in the Portland area were vandalized in a spree of gang-related violence. One shop owner, Ken Honeycutt, was brutally beaten to death...
Rosalee: Oh, my God.
Brenda: ...down the street from Ken's flowers, a shop he's owned for nine years. And three doors down from Ken's flowers, the owner of Xavier's Artisan Bakery...
Monroe: Xavier.
Brenda: ...Xavier Arivaca, was dragged from his shop, and is currently missing.
Rosalee: Somebody took Xavier?
Monroe: They kill a guy on the street, smash a bunch of shops, and kidnap Xavier? What the hell is going on?
[There is a knock at the door]
News Anchor 2: Authorities now aren't commenting on any possible suspects at this time or a motive, but several people complained that...
[Rosalee answers the door]
Bud: Oh, thank God you're home. I was on my way to work when I heard it on the news. I couldn't believe it. I-I drove right past my shop and came right here.
News Anchor 2: As the story unfolds...
Bud: Oh, you've got it on. You got it on, just what I'm talking about.
Brenda: Now receiving reports of similar incidents as far away as Eugene and Seattle.
Bud: This is unbelievable. Eugene and Seattle? You know, they killed Ken Honeycutt. I-I went to high school with his brother. This is crazy what's happening. You know, they kidnapped a guy too.
Monroe: Yeah, we know. Xavier. He's a friend.
Bud: How could somebody do something like that? I've got a bad feeling about this. I mean, a really bad feeling. I mean, a feeling so bad that it's got to mean something. Something bad.

Scene: Xavier is dragged through an abandoned warehouse with his head still covered by a bag.

Xavier: No! Please!
[The bag is removed from Xavier's head]
Xavier: [Yelling] Why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this? I didn't do anything to you! I didn't do anything! I don't want to die!
Billie: Shut up!
Dallas: You know who this is? [He holds up a picture]
Xavier: No. No, I don't.
Dallas: Take another look.
[Xavier looks at the picture again and shakes his head]
Dallas: [He woges and puts his hand on the back of Xavier's head, pushing him closer] You don't want to lie to me. [He shoves Xavier towards the ground by a picture of Monroe]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu go over the witness reports at the precinct.

Wu: Witness reports are consistent. All describe the same kind of vandalism, presumably gang-related.
Hank: What's unusual is they were all wearing black shirts. Never heard of that as a gang uniform.
Nick: And the vandalism was crossing gang boundaries. That doesn't make any sense.
Wu: Same kind of thing happened last night in Eugene and Seattle. Why would these gangs be working together all of a sudden?
Nick: Somebody's got to be pulling them together.
Hank: These guys hate each other.
Nick: Maybe it's got something to do with this. [He pulls up images of the claw mark symbol on his computer from Xavier's bakery and the one left by Paul Wemlinger in the rest stop bathroom] Now, Trubel told me that Chavez' group is fighting some kind of Wesen uprising.
Wu: Wesen uprising? That doesn't sound good.
Nick: [His phone rings] Check with the other business owners. See if they know anything about the marks on the wall. [He steps aside and answers his phone] Rosalee.
Rosalee: Nick, I hate to bother you, but do you know anything about all this vandalism last night?
Nick: No, we're just starting the investigation now. Why? You know anything?
Monroe: Yeah, we know some of the people that were hit. We know the guy who's missing, and Bud—
Bud: And I know the guy that was killed.
Nick: Bud?
Bud: Yeah, I'm here. Uh, I'm ready if you need me. Don't know what you might need me for, but I'm there.
Monroe: Nick, all the victims we know were Wesen.
Bud: Ken was one of the nicest Eisbibers you'd ever want to know. I uh, I went to high school with his brother.
Nick: We found another one of those marks on the wall inside Xavier's bakery.
Monroe: Oh, God.
Bud: Marks? Marks? What marks? This-this isn't a Wolfsangel thing again is it?
Monroe and Rosalee: Bud...
Monroe: Shh.
Nick: Where are you?
Monroe and Rosalee: We're at—
Bud: I'm at Monroe and Rosalee's house.
Nick: We're on our way. [He and Hank grab their jackets]

Scene: Adalind talks with Trubel while Trubel works on her motorcycle.

Adalind: Kelly's finally asleep. How's it going?
Trubel: Okay.
Adalind: Look, I don't know that much about you, and whatever you know about me probably isn't that good, so now that we're living together, I thought maybe we should get to know one another a little better.
Trubel: Oh, I know you tried to help Juliette, and I know you slept with Nick, which is, I guess, why you're here. What do you think about Nick?
Adalind: What do you mean?
Trubel: Are you, like, in love with him?
Adalind: [She chuckles and stammers] No, no. That would-That would just be too-I mean, that would be really too-I just-I-well, I don't even know what that would be.
Trubel: 'Cause you guys are living together and sharing the same room.
Adalind: No, that's just 'cause I get scared. We're not sleeping together, we're just sleeping next to each other.
Trubel: Uh-huh.
Adalind: [She sighs] So, I guess you know Meisner.
Trubel: Yeah, I do.
Adalind: If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be alive. Did he tell you anything about me?
Trubel: He didn't, no.
Adalind: He was with me when I gave birth to Diana. Losing her is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I never got a chance to thank you for trying to get her back.
Trubel: I think she's gonna be okay.
Adalind: You don't know the Royals like I do. So, this organization you work for, did they want you to kill Juliette? When you left Bud's, I figured you were probably going back to Nick's place. You went back for her, didn't you?
Trubel: [She pauses] Yeah, I did. But Nick doesn't know that.
Adalind: I'm not gonna tell him, but you probably should at some point.
[Kelly starts crying]
Adalind: [She sighs] Looks like he's getting up. That was an unfortunately short nap. [She goes to get Kelly]

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud are shown images from the business attacks.

Rosalee: This is unbelievable, a thing like this happening in Portland.
Hank: Well, not just here. Half a dozen cities were hit.
Rosalee: Why would they kidnap Xavier? He wouldn't hurt a fly.
Monroe: Well, he actually would hurt a fly. I mean, he's a Hasenfussige Schnecke. They think of flies as a kind of delicacy, but point taken.
Bud: It's not a woge you forget. God knows you want to.
Nick: Look, every time we've seen this mark, it's involved a Wesen.
Bud: And-and two of the people who were attacked we know are Wesen.
Hank: Judging by the way Ken the florist was killed, these gang guys could be Wesen too.
Bud: Oh, my God. Look what those bastards did to Ken.
Nick: So why are Wesen attacking Wesen?
Monroe: And why are they all wearing black shirts?
Hank: A coordinated effort, that's for sure.
Monroe: Occultatum Libera.
Bud: Occul-what?
Monroe: It means "free the hidden."
Bud: Who's hidden?
Rosalee: The Wesen that are using that mark.
Nick: A kind of warning.
Bud: Hm. Kind of looks like a claw mark, I think.

Scene: Wu talks to Diane Heddan as she cleans up around her shop.

Wu: So, did you talk with the other shop owners about what happened?
Diane: No.
Wu: Nobody seems to be talking to anybody.
Diane: We're too busy cleaning up.
Wu: Just one more question. You ever seen this before? [He shows Diane a picture of the claw mark]
Diane: No.
Wu: You know, it was inside the bakery.
Diane: I don't know anything about it. Look, I got to get back to cleaning up.
Wu: [He sighs] It's gonna be hard for us to help you if you won't help us. [He goes inside the bakery and looks at the claw mark symbol on the wall. He takes a picture and then hears a noise in the shop. He takes out his gun and looks around, and he is shocked to find Xavier]
Xavier: Whoa! [He whimpers] Help me. Help me, please.

Scene: Renard films an endorsement for Andrew Dixon.

Renard: Hello, I'm Sean Renard. I spent the last 20 years in law enforcement. Now, I have never endorsed a political candidate before, but this election, I'm making an exception because we have an exceptional candidate running for mayor. His name is Andrew Dixon. I know him to be honest, hard working, and as concerned about this city as I am. Go to his website, learn more about what he stands for. I hope you vote in this election, and I urge you to vote for Andrew Dixon.
Rachel: And that's a cut.
Renard: How was that? Was that all right?
Rachel: It was great. Just what we need.
Renard: You don't need me to do another one?
Rachel: Actually, I do.
Renard: Oh, okay. [He chuckles] How did I screw up?
Rachel: You didn't, but it would be great if we could get one a little less police Captain, and a little more neighbor. It's not what you're saying, it's how you're saying it. Just be more relaxed.
Renard: How about I take my gun off?
Rachel: [She laughs] Yeah, like that. Have fun with it. All right, we're going again. Can we get the little shine off his forehead? Thank you.

Scene: The gang talks about past street riots caused by Wesen.

Monroe: A lot of street violence is not happenstance. I mean, some of it is, of course, but just so you know- [He sighs] The majority of street riots are instigated by Wesen. It's not something we're proud of, and certainly not something the history books will tell you, but there it is. [He opens a book] Here's a good example. Réveillon riots. Paris, 1789.
Rosalee: That's a good one. Everyone thinks this started because one factory was unionized and the others weren't.
Monroe: But actually it was Wesen factory owners going up against this guy, Réveillon, who was not Wesen.
Rosalee: Réveillon was Kehrseite, and they looked down on him.
Monroe: And here's the crazy irony, though. A lot of his workers were Wesen, and they were loyal to him because he, you know, treated them well.
Rosalee: The Wesen who worked for Réveillon were targeted and killed in these riots.
Monroe: Right, so on the surface, looked like a union problem, but the truth is, it was a Wesen problem.
Hank: Similar to what happened last night.
Monroe: Right, and this isn't the only example. I mean, the Boxer Rebellion, draft riots during the Civil War. I mean, the freaking Boston Tea Party.
Nick: All started by Wesen?
Monroe: Mm-hmm.
Rosalee: No wonder history seems to repeat itself. Nobody really knows the history.
Bud: And bottom line, don't rile us up. Well, most of us.
Hank: So, last night was Wesen on Wesen.
Monroe: Feels like some of us are being made an example of.
Nick: Now, your friend who was kidnapped, was he involved in any groups?
Rosalee: I doubt it. That bakery was his life.
Monroe: That's the weird thing. Xavier was all about the bread.
[Nick's phone rings]
Bud: That's Ken exactly. He doesn't like groups. He never did.
Nick: [He answers] Wu, I'm putting you on speaker. You got anything?
Wu: Yep, I got something. Xavier.
Rosalee: He's alive?
Wu: He's pretty beat up, but he managed to get away. We got him under guard at the hospital. He's had the crap scared out of him.
Nick: Which hospital?
Wu: St. Joe's.
Hank: All right, meet us there. Bring the mug shots. [He and Nick leave]
Monroe: Xavier's alive.
Bud: He was luckier than Ken.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu talk to Xavier at the hospital.

Xavier: They had me blindfolded most of the time. I never really got a good look at them. The only thing I know is they all wore black shirts.
Nick: Do you know where they took you?
Xavier: Some old warehouse, but it was dark, and when I got free I just ran and ran until I saw the St. John's bridge.
Hank: How did you get away?
Xavier: It was horrible. The guy watching me fell asleep. I heard him snoring, and took off my hood. It was just the two of us. I picked up a brick and... hit him in the head more than once. I don't know-I don't know how many times. There was a lot of blood. Then I took the keys, unlocked the door, and... just ran until I couldn't run anymore.
Nick: Do you recognize this mark? [He shows Xavier the claw mark symbol]
Xavier: No. Is that my bakery? They do that?
Hank: We think so.
Nick: Do you think you could recognize your captors?
Xavier: No. No. I can't, they'll kill me.
Nick: Xavier, we know that they attacked you because you're Wesen.
[Xavier starts breathing heavily and then woges into a Hasenfussige Schnecke]
Nick: No.
Xavier: [He retracts] I've heard about you.
Nick: We can protect you.
Hank: But we need you to identify anyone you can.
Xavier: What do I have to do?
Nick: Just look at some photographs.
Wu: [He shows Xavier the book of mugshots] There's no hurry. Look at each one carefully. If you see anyone familiar, just tell us.
Xavier: No.
[Wu turns the page]
Hank: Do you recognize anyone?
Xavier: [He sees a mugshot of Dallas Cruz] Not on this page. I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't do this. Maybe I-I just can't remember.
Nick: Just take your time.
[Wu turns the page]
Xavier: [He sees a mugshot of Billie Trump] I can't be sure, but... she might've been one of them.

Scene: Meisner looks at the claw mark symbol on the wall in Xavier's bakery.

Scene: Nick and Hank update Renard on the case.

Nick: We've been able to identify two of the victims as Wesen.
Hank: Because of the claw mark tag, we think the people involved in the attack are Wesen too.
Renard: Isn't this the same tag used by Wemlinger when he killed those two marshals?
Nick: It is, and I've seen it once before.
Renard: Crime scene?
Hank: Well... sort of.
Nick: I had a meeting with Chavez.
Renard: When?
Nick: The night she was killed.
Renard: What do you mean, Chavez was killed?
Nick: It was a set-up. They attacked us right when we got there.
Renard: You know the FBI is still looking for her, don't you? You didn't...?
Nick: No. No, I tried to save her, and I might have, but I was too busy fighting a Gelumcaedus. Look, they were all Wesen. So was Chavez. We're still trying to figure out what we're dealing with.
Renard: [He looks at Hank] You knew about this?
Hank: Yeah.
Renard: Then for both your sakes, I suggest the FBI never find out.
Nick: But the last thing Chavez said before she died was, "They're coming to Portland. It's war."
Renard: You think the same people who killed Chavez could've instigated what happened last night?
Hank: That's what it looks like.
Nick: And Billie Trump might be our best chance to get them.
Renard: Bring her in. Put her in a lineup. Make sure Xavier identifies her.

Scene: Billie Trump is brought into the precinct.

Billie: I want to talk to a lawyer.
Nick: You don't need a lawyer unless you get identified in the lineup.
Hank: Then you'll need a lawyer.
Billie: This is such crap.
Hank: Only if you're innocent.
Billie: I'm not doing any stupid lineup.
[Billie is put into a lineup for Xavier]
Xavier: Uh... I-I'm not sure.
Nick: Just relax.
Xavier: I just don't know.
Hank: I think you do.
Renard: Don't be scared. She can't see you, and we're right here.
Xavier: No. No, I-I'm not sure. I'm not-not sure. That-that's not her. I can't do this.
[Nick, Hank, and Renard leave the area]
Renard: You're gonna have to let her go.
Nick: We can't let her go. She'll disappear.
Hank: And if she's a part of this group, we'll never find her again.
Renard: You have any other evidence connecting her to the kidnapping or what happened?
Nick: Not yet.
Renard: You want to try getting to her directly?
Hank: Look, she won't talk. She already asked for a lawyer.
Renard: What if she's not the right one?
Nick: No, she's the right one. The witness is just too scared.
Renard: Well, then get him unscared.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee deal with many worried Wesen at the spice shop.

Bud: Everybody that was hit, every single one is Wesen.
John: Every one of us knows one of them.
Bud: The shops that weren't hit weren't owned by Wesen.
John: It's obvious. They are targeting us.
Jerry: Yeah, but why? I-I mean, we don't even know who they are.
Arnold: Well, I heard they were Wesen. Pete Walton said that he saw one woge, and it was a Skalengeck!
Leroy: Wesen attacking Wesen is not right!
Monroe: Calm down, everybody. Please! We don't know anything for sure yet.
Rosalee: Nick is investigating the murder.
Bud: What about the sign in Xavier's shop? Has he found out anything about that yet?
[The phone rings]
Monroe: Bud.
Rosalee: I'm gonna get the phone. You deal with them.
Monroe: No, I'm happy to get the phone if you'd rather—
Rosalee: No, honey, I'm good. I'm good. [She answers the phone] Spice and Tea. Nick, things are getting crazy around here. There's a lot of fear about what's going on. Everybody's coming here looking for some kind of answer. We don't know what to tell them.
Nick: I need your help. You and Monroe. Xavier is too scared to identify one of the people who kidnapped him. Now, we have to cut her loose unless we can convince him to ID her. You and Monroe are friends of his. I need you to come down here, talk to him, see if he can do the right thing.
Rosalee: Okay, we'll be there as soon as we can. [She hangs up]

Scene: Nick tries to convince Xavier to identify Billie.

Nick: You just need to identify her.
Xavier: I want to go home. [He starts to stand up]
Nick: [He stops Xavier from standing] No. Now, I need you to think about what you're gonna do here.
Xavier: No, I got to deal with the insurance. My bakery's destroyed.
Nick: If you don't identify her...
Xavier: I-I've thought about it. I can't.
[Hank leads Monroe and Rosalee into the room]
Xavier: Rosalee, Monroe, what are you doing here? [He hugs Rosalee]
Rosalee: Oh, we're so glad you're alright.
Monroe: It's terrible what they did to you.
Hank: Nick, talk to you out here? [He and Nick leave the room]
Xavier: Why are you guys here? Did you get hit too?
Monroe: [He sighs] No.
Rosalee: We came to talk to you.
Monroe: Burkhardt is a friend of ours.
Xavier: You know he's a Grimm?
Rosalee: Yes.
Monroe: I helped him through all that when he first found out. He's a good guy. You can trust him.
Xavier: Okay. Fine. They want me to pick out the woman who kidnapped me.
Rosalee: [She points at Billie's mugshot] Is she the one?
Xavier: I can't tell them that she's one of them.
[Rosalee sighs]
Xavier: She'll know I did, and they'll kill me.
Monroe: Xavier, you can't let them get away with this. They kidnapped you, man. What's to keep them from coming after you again?
Rosalee: You weren't the only one. They went after a lot of us.
Monroe: Yeah, they killed Ken Honeycutt.
Xavier: What? They killed Ken?
Monroe: We cannot let them get away with this.
Rosalee: Nick will protect you.
Xavier: Oh, a Grimm will protect us?
Monroe: I told you. You can trust him.
Xavier: With my life?
Rosalee: Yes. We have.
Monroe: Many times.
Xavier: I just... I don't know. It's all so- [He gags and starts to woge] So-
Monroe: Ooh, no.
Rosalee: No, please. You don't have to do that.
Monroe: Really, we're good.
Rosalee: It's okay.
Xavier: [He sighs and gets himself under control] You guys really trust him that much?
Monroe: You think we'd be here if we didn't?
Xavier: All right. I'll do it.
Renard: [Watching from the other room] Put her in custody. Use her to get to the others.

Scene: Nick and Hank interrogate Billie.

Nick: Want to tell us about the Blackshirts? We found one in your home. [He puts a shirt on the table]
[Billie stays quiet]
Hank: Making some kind of statement?
Nick: Do you know anything about this? [He shows Billie the claw symbol from Xavier's bakery]
Billie: Are you bored yet?
Nick: Billie, you have been positively identified in the kidnapping of Xavier Arivaca.
Hank: You're looking at federal and state charges, not to mention acts of terrorism and murder.
Billie: Where's my lawyer?
Nick: You're not getting out of this one, Billie. Not with the victim pointing you out in the courtroom.
Hank: You're looking at a minimum of 20 years, and when the other charges stick, you're going away for a very long time.
Nick: Unless you make a deal with us. Now, we don't think you were calling the shots, but you know does.
Hank: You got something we need, we got something you need.
Nick: If we walk out of here, there is no deal. We're gonna find out whoever did this with or without you.
Billie: I got nothing to say.
Nick: Billie, I know what's going on here. I know you're Wesen, and I know your friends are Wesen.
Billie: So I guess you're both Wesen too, right? You think that makes us family?
Nick: No.
Billie: Well, I don't either. You're a cop.
Hank: I'm a cop. He's a Grimm.
Billie: [She starts breathing heavily and then stands up and gets close to Nick's face as she woges into a Skalengeck briefly before retracting. She continues to breathe heavily] You gonna kill me? 'Cause I'll start screaming.
Nick: If I was gonna kill you, it wouldn't be in here.
Hank: And we wouldn't be talking.
Nick: Now, we know this is Wesen-related. We either do this in the justice system...
[Billie breathes heavily and sits back down]
Hank: Give us a name.
Billie: What happens to me?
Hank: We can get you probation and Witness Protection.
Nick: One name, Billie. Who's running this? Just give us a name.
Billie: Dallas Cruz.
[Billie is taken to a phone to call Dallas to try to trace where he is]
Billie: Dallas?
Dallas: Billie, where the hell are you?
Billie: I'm out. They put me in a lineup, but they let me go.
Dallas: Anybody follow you?
Billie: No, no. I'm good. It freaked me out. I need to get out of town.
Dallas: Don't say any more on the phone. Meet me at the factory. [He hangs up]
Wu: [He sighs] Didn't get it.
Hank: What's the factory?
Billie: It's a place we meet.
Nick: Draw it. [He gives Billie a pad of paper and a pen]
Billie: Why?
Nick: 'Cause you're taking us there.
Billie: [She scoffs] No. You can't make me do that. [She looks at Renard] They can't make me do that.
Renard: Yeah, they can. [He woges, surprising both Billie and Wu]
[Billie draws the building and tosses the pad of paper by Nick]
Nick: Where is it?
Billie: Off North Lombard.
Hank: That's the old sub station.
Billie: I don't know what it was.
Renard: Where do you meet?
[Nick holds the drawing in front of Billie]
Billie: This building right here. We call it the factory.
Nick: And where are the doors?
Billie: There's one in the front, one in the back, and there's an old loading dock right here.
Wu: Any windows?
Billie: Only ones up high.
Hank: Will he see you when you drive up?
Billie: Not if I park here. It's the backside of the building. [She hands the drawing to Nick]

Scene: Meisner lets someone out of one of a cell.

Meisner: Let's go. You're going outside the wire.

Scene: Rosalee looks over the book of mugshots.

Rosalee: I don't know the woman, but I do know Dallas Cruz. He's a nasty Skalengeck.
Monroe: How do you know him?
Rosalee: He had a run-in with a couple of friends of mine maybe nine, ten years ago. My friends set him off, and he nearly killed them. This guy enjoys hurting people. I was kind of hoping he'd be dead by now.
Hank: Well, we know where he is.
Renard: And we're gonna bring him down.
Monroe: I want to go too.
Rosalee: Monroe—
Monroe: Look, if this guy's part of a group that's coming after Wesen, how long before we're on that list?
Rosalee: What about Xavier? Are you taking him too?
Nick: No, just Billie.
Hank: We'll have an officer take Xavier home.
Rosalee: Why don't I do that? He's pretty shook up. And we're the ones that convinced him to do this.
Wu: I'll go tell him.
Renard: Hank and Nick, you guys are gonna ride in Billie's car. Monroe, you ride with me.

Scene: Rosalee drives Xavier home.

Rosalee: You all right, Xavier?
Xavier: Yeah. I just keep reliving it over and over again. I thought they were gonna kill me.
Rosalee: I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Well, I might wish it on a few people.
[They both chuckle]
Rosalee: Thank God you're okay.

Scene: The gang and Billie arrive at the factory.

Billie: That's Dallas's truck over there. You got to walk the rest of the way.
Nick: You're not staying in the car.
Billie: What? If he sees me with you, he's gonna kill me.
Hank: Well, that's a chance we'll have to take.
Renard: Ready?
Nick: Yeah.
[The scene shifts to Rosalee and Xavier in the car]
Rosalee: That was a really brave thing you did, identifying that woman. Did they tell you why they took you?
Xavier: I don't know. They... they just kept me blindfolded and tied up the whole time.
Rosalee: How did you escape?
Xavier: Can-can we not talk about this, please?
Rosalee: I'm sorry. Don't worry, they'll get Cruz, and then they'll get the rest of them.
Xavier: You don't know what these people are like.
Rosalee: I've dealt with a few.
Xavier: They're crazy, what they're gonna do.
Rosalee: They told you?
Xavier: No, no. Forget it.
Rosalee: I thought you said they didn't talk to you.
Xavier: They didn't.
Rosalee: Then how do you know what they're gonna do?
[Xavier starts to cry]
Rosalee: Xavier, what's wrong? Tell me. What's wrong?
Xavier: Why-why did you let Monroe go with them?
Rosalee: What's wrong? Tell me.
[Xavier sobs softly]
Rosalee: Xavier, tell me! What's going on? Tell me right now what's going on!
Xavier: They made me do it. They made me. I thought they were gonna kill me. I didn't have a choice.
Rosalee: [She quickly pulls over] Did you set them up?
Xavier: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Rosalee: You son of a bitch! [She punches Xavier in the face]
[The scene shifts to the rest of the gang and Billie as they walk up to the factory]
Nick: Hey. [He stops Billie]
Billie: What?
Nick: You don't seem too worried.
Billie: I don't know what you mean.
Nick: About going in there.
Renard: What's going on?
Monroe: [His phone rings and he gasps] Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. It's Rosalee. I have to answer this. Something might be wrong. [He answers] Are you okay?
Rosalee: Monroe, it's a trap!
Monroe: What?
Rosalee: Xavier set you up!
Monroe: [Whispering] It's a trap.
Billie: They know! [She starts running]
[Multiple members of the Uprising come out of various doors nearby]
Renard: Inside, come on! Go! Come on!
[They go through a door with a group of Uprising members right behind as they close the door]
Rosalee: Monroe! Oh, my God, what's happening?
Monroe: I don't know. There's a lot of them. [He is attacked, causing him to drop his phone]
Rosalee: Monroe? Oh, my God. My God. [She grabs Xavier and pulls him back into the car as he tries to get out and slams his face against the dashboard]
[The gang fights off the Uprising members]
Nick: This way!
[They fight their way into a little room]
Renard: Come in! [He closes the door]
Hank: Well, we sure walked into this one.
Nick: I thought you said Xavier was your friend!
Monroe: He was!
Renard: Well, they got to him.
Wu: Well, now they're getting to us.
[A Drang-Zorn comes into the room from above, but he is quickly shot by Hank and Renard]
Nick: [He looks up and sees others trying to get in] Up! [He shoots another member]
[The gang focuses on the door as the members try to break in]
Nick: We need to conserve ammunition.
Hank: I'll take the first guy through the door.
Wu: Second.
Monroe: I'll take whoever you guys miss.
Uprising Member: No!
[Suddenly the members start screaming and the gang hears thudding]
Renard: What the hell's going on?
Nick: I'm going out.
Wu: Could be another trap to get us to open that door!
Nick: I got this. Bolt the door behind me.
Hank: Nick!
[Nick goes out and looks around, and he sees members of the Uprising all over the ground]
Wu: We gonna bolt that door or what?
Renard: No.
[Nick turns around just as Dallas Cruz comes up from behind, and he backhands Dallas across the face. The two briefly grapple, but Dallas gains the advantage and headbutts Nick and throws him to the ground. He picks up a pipe, steps on Nick's chest, and is just about to attack Nick, when he is telekinetically lifted high into the air]
Hank: We go out.
Renard: Yeah.
[Dallas screams as he is dropped to the ground, while the others come out of the room. They then see a person in the shadows. The person starts walking forward out of the darkness]
Nick: Juliette?
[Juliette, in a blonde wig, quickly leaves]


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