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Air date: December 11, 2015
Viewers: 3.64 million[1]
Written by: Jim Kouf &
David Greenwalt
Directed by: Darnell Martin
Opening Quote: Paradise Lost
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Co-stars: Kyle Vahan as John Oblinger
Kevin Carroll as Arnold Rosarot
Hank Cartwright as Jerry Baxter
Jim Crino as Leroy Estes
Brenda Braxton as Brenda Braxton
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"Wesen Nacht" is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Grimm and the ninety-fourth episode overall. It first aired on December 11, 2015 on NBC.

Press ReleaseEdit

TARGETED ATTACKS ON WESEN BUSINESS OWNERS REVEAL THAT MONROE MIGHT BE IN DANGER - JACQUELINE TOBONI AND DAMIEN PUCKLER GUEST STAR - Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigate a wave of coordinated Wesen gang vandalism that results in the death of a local business owner and the kidnapping of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee's (Bree Turner) friend. As they dig deeper, they learn that Portland wasn't the only city hit with a wave of violence. Meanwhile, Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) fills Nick and Adalind (Claire Coffee) on what she has been up to. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) dips his toes into politics as he endorses a local candidate. Reggie Lee also stars.


Many members of the Wesen Uprising gather together and are given instructions for their next task by Dallas Cruz. Dallas says, "Remember, midnight. Not before. Only these addresses." He hands various members pieces of paper with the addresses and most of the members head out in cars.

Trubel wakes up after a nightmare as Nick walks around with a crying Kelly. Nick apologizes in case he woke Trubel up and takes Kelly into the bathroom. Adalind walks up and briefly updates Trubel about having Kelly and what his name is. Trubel asks how long she has been at the loft, and Adalind informs her that she was brought there last night and that she has been sleeping for the past 25 hours. Adalind says she'll take over for Nick so he and Trubel can talk. She heads to the bathroom as Trubel gets up painfully and walks over to the kitchen area to sit down. Nick walks up and asks how she is feeling and she says, "Sore, and really glad to see you. Was somebody in the hospital Wesen?" Nick tells her there were Wesen, but he'll tell her more about it later because she is probably hungry, which she confirms.

506-Ken killed by Dallas

The clock strikes midnight, and members of the Uprising pull up in front of various shops and start smashing the windows while woged. One of the owners, Ken Honeycutt, comes out trying to figure out what is going on. He is attacked, while in another shop, Xavier Arivaca tries to hide behind the counter, but he is found. A bag is put over his head as he pleads for his life, and he is taken out of his shop. Outside, Ken is surrounded by Dallas and many other members. Dallas woges into a Skalengeck and kills Ken.

Trubel updates Nick and Adalind on what she has been up to since she went to Philadelphia with Josh. ("The Grimm Who Stole Christmas") She tells Nick that she has been working for Hadrian's Wall and they have been keeping an eye on him because that's where they found her. ("Cry Havoc") ("The Grimm Identity") Trubel says that HW wants Grimms on their side because of their abilities. She says about HW, "All I know is they're a part of the government, but a part so secret that most of the government doesn't even know they exist. I guess they don't trust a lot of people in the government either. But they're fighting this underground war." Nick asks who the war is against and Trubel answers, "Wesen. Nobody knows how many there are or how big a group it is, but it's all over, not just in this country. It's everywhere, like a revolution. I had to help. Nick, HW needs Grimms on their side, and I'm not the only one fighting for them. I worked with one in Lisbon, and-and I heard about another in Bangkok." She also tells Nick and Adalind that there are sections of HW all over the world. Nick asks why HW took her from his house that one night and Trubel tells him, "Because they knew I was with you. It all happened so fast. I-I wanted to tell you, but they wouldn't let me, and then I got sent away." Adalind asks how long they have been watching Nick and Trubel says ever since she killed Weston Steward and Chavez found the Grimm diary on the bed. ("Blond Ambition") ("Thanks for the Memories") She tells Adalind that they have been keeping an eye on her too because she was a Hexenbiest and they know that she is no longer a Hexenbiest and about her baby. Nick asks Trubel to show him her motorcycle and they go to the garage where Trubel shows him some of the features. Trubel soon tears up and says, "God, why do I always do this with you? I'm... I just thought I'd never see you again." Nick says he thought the same thing and they hug. Nick then gets a call from Hank telling him they have a case.

Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene of Ken's body. He tells them that it looks like a gang related rampage. He says three different neighborhoods were hit all over the city. Wu says, "So far, we've got one shop owner murdered, another badly beaten, third one is missing. Name of Xavier Arivaca. Owns the bakery." They look at Ken's body and Nick asks if some shops were untouched, and Wu tells him it was pretty random. Hank says it doesn't look gang related to him, and Nick asks Wu if he knows why some shops were targeted and others were left alone. Wu says not according to the shop owners he has talked to, but he says he has his own theory. He leads Nick and Hank into the bakery and shows them a spray painted claw mark symbol. Nick then says they need to find out if any of the shop owners are Wesen.

506-Monrosalee concerned about the news

Monroe and Rosalee watch the news about the attacks and learn that Xavier was kidnapped. Monroe says, "They kill a guy on the street, smash a bunch of shops, and kidnap Xavier? What the hell is going on?" Bud knocks on the door and Rosalee lets him in. They hear on the news that there are reports of similar attacks in Eugene and Seattle. Bud tells Monroe and Rosalee that he went to high school with Ken's brother. He then says, "How could somebody do something like that? I've got a bad feeling about this. I mean, a really bad feeling. I mean, a feeling so bad that it's got to mean something. Something bad."

Xavier is dragged through an abandoned warehouse with his head still covered by a bag. The bag is then removed, and Xavier asks why they are doing this and says he doesn't want to die. Billie Trump tells him to shut up, and Dallas holds up a picture and asks Xavier if he knows who it is. Xavier says he doesn't and Dallas tells him to look again. Xavier looks at the picture again and shakes his head. Dallas woges and puts his hand on the back of Xavier's head, pushing him closer. He tells Xavier, "You don't want to lie to me," and he shoves Xavier towards the ground by a picture of Monroe.

Nick, Hank, and Wu go over the witness reports at the precinct. Wu notes that the reports are consistent, describing the same kind of vandalism, presumably gang related. Hank says, "What's unusual is they were all wearing black shirts. Never heard of that as a gang uniform." Nick says that the vandalism crossed gang boundaries, which doesn't make sense. Nick says that what happened may have something to do with the claw symbol. He then pulls up the image of the symbol from the bakery and the one left by Paul Wemlinger in the rest stop bathroom. ("Clear and Wesen Danger") Nick tells the others that Trubel said Chavez' group is fighting some kind of Wesen uprising. Nick gets a call from Rosalee and steps aside. They talk about the attacks and Rosalee tells them they know Xavier, and Bud tells Nick he went to high school with Ken's brother. Monroe says all the victims they know are Wesen. Nick then says he and Hank are on their way over.

Adalind talks with Trubel while Trubel works on her motorcycle. They talk about a variety of topics, including how Adalind feels about Nick, which she has a tough time talking about. Adalind tells Trubel that Meisner was with her when she gave birth to Diana. ("Mommy Dearest") Adalind then asks Trubel if she went back for Juliette the night she shot her ("Cry Havoc") and Trubel admits she did, but she adds that Nick doesn't know. Adalind tells her, "I'm not gonna tell him, but you probably should at some point."

Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud are shown images from the business attacks. Monroe lets Nick and Hank know that Xavier is a Hasenfussige Schnecke. Nick says every time they've seen the claw mark, it's involved Wesen. Nick asks why Wesen would be attacking Wesen. Monroe wonders why the attackers all wore black shirts, and Hank notes that it was definitely a coordinated attack. Monroe then tells Bud about Occultatum Libera meaning "free the hidden," and Rosalee says the Wesen using the mark are the ones who are hidden.

506-Wu shocked to find Xavier

Wu talks to Diane Heddan as she cleans up around her shop, but he doesn't get a lot of new information from her. He goes into Xavier's bakery and takes a picture of the claw symbol on the wall. He then hears a noise in the shop. He takes out his gun and looks around, and he is shocked to find Xavier, who says, "Help me. Help me, please."

Renard films an endorsement for Andrew Dixon, and Rachel Wood tells him the take they just took was great, but they need him to do another one where he is a little less police Captain and "a little more neighbor." She tells Renard, "It's not what you're saying, it's how you're saying it. Just be more relaxed." Rachel Wood bursts into laughter after Renard jokes about taking his gun off, and they then get ready to do another take.

At the spice shop, Monroe says that the majority of street riots are instigated by Wesen. He opens one of his books, and he and Rosalee talk about the Réveillon riots in Paris in 1789 as an example. Monroe then says, "This isn't the only example. I mean, the Boxer Rebellion, draft riots during the Civil War. I mean, the freaking Boston Tea Party" were all started by Wesen. Nick asks if Xavier was involved in any groups and Rosalee says she doesn't think so because the bakery was his life. Bud chimes in that Ken never liked groups, so he probably wasn't involved either. Nick gets a call from Wu, who tells him about Xavier returning to the bakery and that he is now in the hospital.

Nick, Hank, and Wu go to the hospital to talk to Xavier about what happened. Nick asks if he knows where he was taken, and Xavier says, "Some old warehouse, but it was dark, and when I got free I just ran and ran until I saw the St. John's bridge." Xavier tells them how he got away, and then Nick shows him the claw symbol from the bakery and asks if he recognizes it. Xavier says he doesn't recognize it and Nick asks if he thinks he could identify some of his captors. Xavier tells him he can't because they'll kill him. Nick then says, "Xavier, we know that they attacked you because you're Wesen," which causes Xavier to woge. Xavier retracts and tells Nick he has heard about him. Nick tells him they can protect him and that they just want him to look at some photographs. Wu then shows Xavier the book of mugshots, and after Wu turns the page, Xavier sees a mugshot of Dallas, but he acts like he doesn't recognize him, so Wu turns the page again. Xavier sees a mugshot of Billie Trump and says, "I can't be sure, but... she might've been one of them."

Meisner goes to Xavier's bakery and looks at the claw mark symbol on the wall.

Nick and Hank update Renard on the case, and Nick tells Renard that he had a meeting with Chavez, but she was killed. ("The Grimm Identity") Nick says it was a set-up and that they were attacked as soon as they arrived. Renard notes that the FBI is still looking for her and he questions Nick if he killed her, but Nick says, "No. No, I tried to save her, and I might have, but I was too busy fighting a Gelumcaedus." Renard looks at Hank and asks if he knew about this and Hank tells him yes. Renard says, "Then for both your sakes, I suggest the FBI never find out." Nick tells Renard the last thing Chavez said before she died was, "They're coming to Portland. It's war." Renard says to bring Billie in and put her in a lineup, and make sure Xavier identifies her.

Billie is brought to the precinct, saying she won't do a lineup, but she is put in one anyway. Xavier looks at the lineup, but he repeatedly says he isn't sure despite Nick, Hank, and Renard trying to encourage him to not be scared. Xavier says that it's not her and he can't do this, so Nick, Hank, and Renard walk away. Renard says they're going to have to let her go and Nick says she'll disappear. Renard asks if Nick wants to try getting to her directly, and Nick tells him she has already asked for a lawyer, so she won't talk. Renard asks what if she is the wrong person, and Nick says, "No, she's the right one. The witness is just too scared." Renard tells him to get Xavier unscared then.

Monroe and Rosalee deal with many worried Wesen at the spice shop. Everyone is panicking and Monroe and Rosalee try to calm them down. The phone rings and Rosalee quickly jumps on the opportunity to answer. Once she realizes it's Nick who called, she tells him about the panicking Wesen. Nick tells her he needs her and Monroe's help because Xavier is too scared to identify the people who kidnapped him. Nick says, "You and Monroe are friends of his. I need you to come down here, talk to him, see if he can do the right thing." Rosalee tells him they will be there as soon as they can.

Nick tries to convince Xavier to identify Billie, but he continues to refuse. Hank then brings Monroe and Rosalee into the room, and Nick leaves with Hank. They tell Xavier that Nick is a friend of theirs. Monroe says, "I helped him through all that when he first found out. He's a good guy. You can trust him." Xavier tells them that they want him to pick out the woman who kidnapped him. Rosalee points to Billie's mugshot and asks if this is her. Xavier tells her he can't tell them that she's the one because she'll know he did and the others will kill him. Monroe tells Xavier that Ken was killed and they can't let them get away with this. Rosalee says Nick will protect him, but Xavier is skeptical about a Grimm protecting Wesen. Monroe tells him that he can trust Nick with his life. Rosalee tells him they have and Monroe chimes in that they have many times. After a little more convincing, Xavier agrees to identify Billie.

506-Nick face-to-face with Billie woged

Nick and Hank interrogate Billie, but they have no luck initially. They tell her about the charges she faces and she asks where her lawyer is. Nick says she isn't getting out of this. Hank tells her, "You're looking at a minimum of 20 years, and when the other charges stick, you're going away for a very long time." Nick then says, "Unless you make a deal with us. Now, we don't think you were calling the shots, but you know does." Nick tells her there is no deal if they walk out. Billie tells them she has nothing to say. Nick says, "Billie, I know what's going on here. I know you're Wesen, and I know your friends are Wesen." Billie assumes that both of them are Wesen too and asks if they think that makes them family. Nick says no, and Billie says she doesn't either because they're cops. Hank says, "I'm a cop. He's a Grimm." Billie freaks out and briefly woges into a Skalengeck. She asks, "You gonna kill me? 'Cause I'll start screaming." Nick tells her if he was gonna kill her, he wouldn't do it there in the interrogation room. Hank tells her all they need is a name. Billie asks what happens to her, and Hank tells her, "We can get you probation and Witness Protection." Billie then tells them that it's Dallas Cruz who is calling the shots. Billie is taken to a phone to call Dallas to try to trace where he is, but Dallas doesn't stay on the phone long. He tells Billie to meet him at the factory and hangs up. Wu can't trace the call and Hank asks what the factory is. Billie tells him it's where they meet. Nick gives Billie a pad of paper and a pen and tells her to draw it. She asks why, and Nick tells her because she is taking them there. She says they can't make her do that and turns to Renard and says the same thing. Renard says, "Yeah, they can," and then he woges, surprising both Billie and Wu. Billie then draws the building and tosses the pad of paper by Nick. Nick asks where it is and she tells him. Renard asks where they meet and Nick holds the drawing in front of Billie. She marks the building and Nick asks where the doors are, and she replies, "There's one in the front, one in the back, and there's an old loading dock right here." Wu asks if there are any windows and Billie says only ones up high. Hank questions Billie if Dallas will see her when she drives up and Billie marks a spot in the back of the building, saying not if she parks there.

Meisner lets someone out of one of the cells and says, "Let's go. You're going outside the wire."

Rosalee looks over the book of mugshots and lets everyone know that she knew Dallas from her time in Seattle. She says, "This guy enjoys hurting people. I was kind of hoping he'd be dead by now." Monroe says he wants to go help with things at the factory. Before Rosalee can say anything to change his mind, Monroe asks her, "Look, if this guy's part of a group that's coming after Wesen, how long before we're on that list?" Rosalee volunteers to take Xavier home since he's pretty shook up.

Rosalee drives Xavier home and she asks him if he is alright. He tells her he keeps reliving everything over and over and that he thought he was going to be killed. Rosalee tells him, "I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Well, I might wish it on a few people," which makes them both chuckle.

The gang arrives at the factory with Billie. Billie points out Dallas' truck and tries to stay in the car, saying that Dallas will kill her if he sees her, but Hank says, "Well, that's a chance we'll have to take."

506-Rosalee punches Xavier

Rosalee tells Xavier it was a brave thing he did by identifying Billie. She asks him if he was told why he was taken and Xavier says, "I don't know. They... they just kept me blindfolded and tied up the whole time." Rosalee asks how he escaped and Xavier asks to not talk about what happened, so Rosalee apologizes. Rosalee tells Xavier, "Don't worry, they'll get Cruz, and then they'll get the rest of them." Xavier replies that she doesn't know what these people are like and Rosalee says she has dealt with a few. Xavier says, "They're crazy, what they're gonna do," and Rosalee asks if they told him, but Xavier says, "No, no. Forget it." Rosalee tells him she thought they didn't talk to him and Xavier says they didn't. Rosalee asks him how he knows what they're going to do then and Xavier starts to cry. Rosalee tells Xavier to tell her what's wrong and Xavier asks, "Why-why did you let Monroe go with them?" Rosalee starts to get more worried and tells Xavier again to tell her what's wrong. Xavier sobs softly and Rosalee gets more demanding, yelling, "Xavier, tell me! What's going on? Tell me right now what's going on!" Xavier says, "They made me do it. They made me. I thought they were gonna kill me. I didn't have a choice." Rosalee quickly pulls over and asks if he set the others up. Xavier says he's sorry and Rosalee angrily says, "You son of a bitch!" She then punches Xavier in the face.

The gang walks up to the factory and Nick stops Billie, telling her she doesn't seem very worried. She tells him she doesn't know what he means, and then Monroe's phone loudly rings. He apologizes, telling them it's Rosalee and he has to answer in case something is wrong. Rosalee tells Monroe that it's a trap and that Xavier has set them up. Monroe tells the others that it's a trap, and Billie says, "They know!" and starts running as multiple members of the Uprising come out of various doors nearby. The gang goes through a door with a group of Uprising members right behind as they close the door. Still on the phone with Monroe, Rosalee asks what's going on. Monroe says he doesn't know, but there are a lot of them. He gets attacked and drops his phone. Rosalee starts to panic and notices Xavier trying to get out of the car. She grabs Xavier, pulls him back in, and slams his face against the dashboard. The gang fights their way into another room. Nick says to Monroe, "I thought you said Xavier was your friend!" Monroe says he was and Renard says they got to him. A Drang-Zorn comes into the room from above, but he is quickly shot by Hank and Renard. Nick looks up and sees others trying to get in and shoots one of them. The gang then focuses on the door as the members try to break in. Nick says they need to conserve ammo, and they coordinate who will take who if the door is broken in. Suddenly, the members start screaming and the gang hears thudding all around. Renard asks what's going on and Nick says he is going out. Wu says it could be a trap to get them to open the door. Nick says he has this and tells them to bolt the door behind him. Nick goes out and looks around, and he sees members of the Uprising all over the ground. Nick turns around just as Dallas Cruz comes up from behind, and he backhands Dallas across the face. The two briefly grapple, but Dallas gains the advantage and headbutts Nick and throws him to the ground.
506-Shadowy figure
Dallas picks up a pipe, steps on Nick's chest, and is just about to attack Nick, when he is telekinetically lifted high into the air. Hank says they're going out. Dallas is dropped to the ground as the others come out of the room. They then see a person in the shadows. The person starts walking forward out of the darkness, revealing herself to be Juliette in a blonde wig, much to Nick's surprise. Juliette then quickly leaves.

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Grimm - Who's That Girl? (Episode Highlight)

Grimm - Who's That Girl? (Episode Highlight)

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  • The episode title is a reference to the historic event Kristallnacht.


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