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Waschbar (VAASH-bar; Ger. Waschbär "raccoon") is a raccoon-like Wesen first mentioned by Monroe in "Organ Grinder". It was later seen in Issue 1 of the Grimm comics.


When woged, their body becomes covered in gray fur with black bands around glowing yellow eyes. They develop short snouts with black raccoon-like noses. The mouth is filled with sharp teeth and four large canine teeth, and the fingers are tipped with sharp claws. Waschbars are lactose intolerant. There is a sweet milk-like substance known as Bierwurze Milchzucker that can be given to a Waschbar as a homeopathic treatment to counteract their lactose intolerance.


Based on its appearance in the comic book, Waschbar seem to be aggressive masters of stealth, seemingly attacking without provocation. They are agile, quick, and effective killers.


  • The phrase "in a Waschbar's age" is used to mean "in a long time," as in the human phrase "in a 'coon's age."
  • The umlaut ä in Waschbär is pronounced like the 'a' in April.
  • If spelt with an 'a' instead of the umlaut 'ä' (a common error in English as it lacks the letter and thus doesn't recognize it as separate), one arrives at the German adjective waschbar, meaning "washable." "Bär" itself is "bear" in German, although in certain contexts it can also be a hammer.
  • The reason the umlaut is left out is probably to keep the consistency with the umlaut lost from Jägerbär to Jägerbar in the second episode of season 1.
  • Bierwurze Milchzucker: Bierwürze (literally "beer spice"; umlaut!) is the German word for gruit (aka grut). It was a popular ingredient for beer before hops became popular and mandatory by the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot). Milchzucker (literally "milk sugar") is the German word for lactose.
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