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A Wældreór (WAL-DREH-ohr; AngSax. wæl-dreór "blood of the slain") is a Wesen suffering from Ka Dinga Pepo, a rare blood disease related to Dengue fever, that appeared in "Chupacabra". The disease only affects canid Wesen, and Wældreórs are the inspiration of the Chupacabra legend.


Wesen infected with the disease have blood-red eyes and sparse, mangy fur. Bloody patches also appear on their skin. The disease is exclusive to canid Wesen and is transmitted through bodily fluids. Consequently, mosquitoes can serve as vectors of the disease. The main symptom of the disease is a high fever, though another possible symptom may include the presence of a rash around the location of where the mosquito transferred the disease.

Wældreórs are usually visible to everyone, and they are not very strong and can be restrained by Grimms with relative ease.

The disease can be treated by injecting the cure into the spine. While the cure takes mere seconds to take effect, it must be administered within 48 hours. If not, the victim will continue to turn into a Wældreór with increasing frequency until they are trapped in their monstrous form. Once the afflicted reach this stage, they do not have long to live.


When woged as a Wældreór, victims are savage monsters with an appetite for blood. With their normal personalities suppressed, they will even go after friends and loved ones to slake their thirst. Wældreór feed by tearing open a persons neck and sucking up the blood. Sufferers retain no memories of what they did as a Wældreór.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

This passage was written in Spanish:

Puerto Rico 1975,

I followed the rumors to the small town of Moca in Puerto Rico where the locals had dubbed it El Vampiro de Moca. Initially I suspected it was Wesen. I was only half right. Whatever it had once been, it was now horribly deformed and seen by all. Whatever the disease was--mange, rabies, malaria, perhaps even leprosy--completely transfigured the Wesen into what has been known since the Middle Ages as a Wældreór. The Wesen was buried beneath the disease.

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Season 4 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

They are Wesen completely transfigured by the contraction of a rare disease known as "Ka Dinga Pepo." The disease becomes permanent after 48 hours, giving them a deformed appearance, with hair and skin in patches and blood hemorrhaging from their eyes, nose, and ears. They are elusive bloodsuckers who attack humans and animals alike.



Grimm - Creature Profile Wældreór (Digital Exclusive)

Grimm - Creature Profile Wældreór (Digital Exclusive)


  • The "wæl" root is a cognate of the Norse "val" seen in "Valkyrie" (chooser of the slain) and "Valhalla" (hall of the slain).
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