Vle di Bouyi
609-Vle di Bouyi in Rosalee's Book
Owned by: N/A
Others: Rosalee Calvert
Nick Burkhardt
Drew Wu
Hank Griffin
Purpose: Lure out Gelumcaedus
Give reptilian Wesen a skin rash
Location: N/A

Vle di Bouyi (vih-LEY dee BOO-yee; Hai. Cr., loosely translated: "mean boil," or "nasty boil") is a foul-smelling, green-colored substance that is only harmful to reptilian Wesen, giving them a malodorous skin rash that mimics scale rot. The effects last for a few days after exposure. Because it poses no known threat to the environment, Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu tried using it as fake toxic waste to trick a Kinoshimobe into thinking they were harming the forest, but the substance was not harmful enough to succeed in luring out the creature. Vle di Bouyi does, however, work in luring out Gelumcaedus, as Grimms in the South used to use the substance to draw out Gelumcaedus from swampy marshes, before catching and beheading them.

Due to the complicated recipe and ingredients involved, it takes several hours to make Vle di Bouyi.

Excerpt from Humano-Reptiliana: Pathology, Diagnosis, and TreatmentEdit

  • Capsicum, dried and pulverized; any variety will do, but the hotter the better, and milled as fine as you possibly can for greater dispersal in the water and irritating scales as well as getting into sensory organs.
  • Mold, dried and pulverized; scale rot is a concern to any creature with scales, Wesen or otherwise, with most being a result of mold or a bacterial infection. This is added to trick the Wesen's immune system into thinking it's become very sick, again, forcing a retraction to human. NOTE: depending on the type of mold used, the Vle di Bouyi can temporarily affect plants, causing them to exhibit signs of rot and sickness, but this is only temporary. The affected areas will recover in a few days, or can be removed and the flora will make a full recovery.
  • Lausenschlange Oil; if this tincture is being used against normal reptiles, Creole Snake Oil will suffice, but when dealing with Wesen, Lausenschlange Oil is the only emulsifier with a proven reaction rate.
  • Hemlock, dried and pulverized
  • Water
  • Poison Ivy or Poison Oak Jelly; boiled down and mixed in after all the other ingredients have been brought together.
  • Waste; fecal matter.

Tracking and hunting Reptilian Wesen (homopseudoreptilia) poses a great many challenges.


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