Varme Tyv
417-Varme Tyv woge
Other languages: Farsi: وارم تیو
Russian: Теплокрад
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A Varme Tyv (VAHR-muh TEEV; Nor. "heat" + "thief") is a snake-like Wesen that was seen in "Hibernaculum".


When woged, a Varme Tyv resembles a Lausenschlange, albeit with a more muscular and solid physique with broader cheeks. They have scales and ice-white eyes. They also have sharp fangs that they use to suck the body heat out of humans, leaving them in a state of severe frostbite. Varme Tyv are cold-blooded and therefore, not able to generate their own body heat. If they do not obtain body heat, they are gradually incapacitated by the cold and inevitably freeze to death. Naturally, they are put at risk during winter, as ambient external heat is very minimal, forcing their physiology to follow suit, displaying obvious signs the worse they get, such as a growing bluish discoloration of the body and the formation of ice flakes on their skin. They can only process human body heat, so they either require sucking the heat out of humans or they need to join others of their own kind in a hibernaculum to brumate. After consuming an immense amount of food prior, they find a hibernaculum in the form of a secluded place where, while scantily-clad, they cluster themselves together to consolidate what little internal body heat they have in order to survive the winter season. Other sources of heat have no effect on them. When approaching a hibernaculum, one can almost always detect the presence of the Varme Tyv because of the rising heat coming off of their torpid bodies in proximity.


Varme Tyv are normally harmless creatures, but if they are not able to join a hibernaculum, they will steal the heat of others, killing them in doing so. They are said to be the most lethal in winter, as their desperation to survive often leads to them victimizing others. It is unwise to wake them from brumation, as they will be prone to react with open hostility and be willing to attack anybody who wakes them. However, they usually don't get very far as the cold will eventually catch up and overwhelm them. Like many Wesen, they fear Grimms.

Season 4 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

A white snake-like Wesen that is naturally cold-blooded. Unable to produce their own body heat, they are forced to steal heat from others, freezing them to death in the process. The safer alternative is to make it to a hibernaculum, where they hibernate in groups in an enclosed space by collectively sharing their body heat.



Grimm - Creature Profile Varme Tyv (Digital Exclusive)

Grimm - Creature Profile Varme Tyv (Digital Exclusive)


  • A Varme Tyv is the first Wesen seen with Norwegian origin.
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