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Owned by: Dead Marie Kessler (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt
Purpose: Melee combat
Killing Gelumcaedus
Location: Marie's Trailer (formerly)
Exotic Spice & Tea Shop basement (formerly)

A vambrace is a leather arm protector. The one Nick owns was created specifically to battle a Gelumcaedus and features a double-edged, ten-inch, retractable blade.


Season 3

"Cold Blooded"

Nick finds his vambrace in the trailer. He puts it on his wrist and discovers the hidden blade. He also notices it has an image of a Gelumcaedus on it, so he brings it with him to the sewers when he and Hank go looking for Gregorek to arrest him. When they find him, Gregorek tries to bite Nick's arm, but the vambrace protects him from any injuries.

Later after Andre kidnapped Hank to get Nick to free Gregorek from jail, Nick brought the vambrace with him again. Once Gregorek, Andre, and their brother attack, Nick uses the hidden blade to kill everyone except Gregorek.

Season 4

"Cry Havoc"

Nick wears the vambrace while he is fighting Kenneth, and when he is able to get the upper hand in the fight, he declares, "For my mother," and stabs Kenneth in the neck with the hidden blade.

Season 6

"The End"

The vambrace was very briefly seen in the epilogue, stored in the weapons cabinet of Nick and his family's new and improved trailer.

Excerpt from Grimm Diaries

I regret to report that Reginald, one of the hunters we took with us, perished in the fight, his upper limbs torn from their sockets. Escaping this Wesen's grip is virtually impossible. As a result, I have procured a "vambrace" should I ever do battle with a Gelumcaedus again.

307-Vambrace Grimm Diaries


  • The Vambrace bears a similiar resemblance to the Hidden Blade from Assassin's Creed game franchise.


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