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    Hey guys, I decided to make a blog post about my theories for a Grimm video game. I know there's already one, Dark Legacy, but I had a few ideas I wanted to suggest. For those of you who have played ANY Elder Scrolls game, then some of these suggestions might just sound familiar. First, I wanted to start with character creation.
    Section 1: Character Creation:
    First step of character creation, you select whether you want to be a Grimm, a human, or a Wesen. Second step (if you chose Wesen) you pick your Wesen race and then gender. If you picked human or Grimm, you skip the Wesen race selection and just go on to gender. From then, you complete the rest of character creation.
    Section 2: Quests:
    First mission is when you arrive at Portland. You makā€¦

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