Overall, I am enjoying many things about Season 6, including Rosalee and Monroe's preparations for parenthood and Sean Reynard's apparent remorse, but there is one element which frequently assails my willing suspension - Diana, and specifically her power level and range. The always potent little girl has become the 'deus ex machina', fixing the problems, furnishing the clues and, for me, rendering the team largely redundant much of the time. Even if they want to, it doesn't appear they can fight her, and a little girl who can make her daddy kill and smother his girlfriend to death doesn't seem like someone who will hesitate to do whatever her whims prod her to. It feels occasionally as though Nick is only alive because Diana likes Kelly, so - without good cause - she's not going to harm/obliterate his daddy.

I'm not criticizing Hannah Loyd's performance at all - I think she is fantastic as a child to whom the world is essentially a soap bubble she can blow any way she pleases - but rather the role she is given and the regularity with which she by force of one kind or another reorients the whole storyline.

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