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  • Grimmival

    I abandoned by Lost Wesen story, but I had an idea. I love dinosaurs are prehistoric animals, and the Mauvais Dentes was based off an extinct animal. Why aren't there more Wesen based off of extinct animals. So, this episode, based off of the 1999 BBC documentary series, Walking with Dinosaurs, shows a certain Wesen based off of a prehistoric animal, (not a dinosaur) and it means it is a big deal for Nick.

    Quote: He is the largest pterosaur in the world, measuring 12 meters from wing tip to wing tip, a true giant of the air.

    A man goes through some drawers containing fossils of various animals. He finds a well preversed beak with a keel-like crest at the end of it and has sharp needle like teeth. He lays it on the table, and stares at it. A wo…

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  • Grimmival

    The Lost Wesen

    April 19, 2013 by Grimmival

    This fan-made episode is not based on any fairy tale, so I have no quote to accompany it with. 

    • Höhle-Fürst (Meerkat-like Wesen)
    • Dschungelstromer (Leopard-like Wesen)
    • Schneetragen (Polar bear-like Wesen)

    At school, we see a High School teacher teaching physics in science class, to the whole class, but one stares off, and feels depressed, and a tear goes down his face. He puts his head down and woges into a meerkat-like Wesen.

    After the bell rings to go back to school the depressed Wesen stays behind to talk to the teacher.

    "I need help," the student says.

    "What is it you need help in?" asks the teacher.

    "I'm, not social. I'm not spending time with friends or family." The Student replies.

    "Brandon, don't ask me that. Ask your parents."

    In response Br…

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  • Grimmival

    The Riddle

    March 27, 2013 by Grimmival

    That's right, I'm back with a new fan made episode of Grimm, based on "The Riddle". I am sure I have imporved, but tell me what you guys think. Enjoy!

    The reason why there is more extreme language and more graphic violence is because my fan fiction stories from now on will be more adult, and while the Television series is quite graphic, this is more graphic and so is targeted as more of a Rated R type of series than the series on TV which is more of a PG-13.

    • Balam
    • Hexenbiest
    • Nuckelavee
    • Wildiebe (a Raven like Wesen)
    • Wendigo

    Quote: "What slew none, yet slew twelve?"

    Sean Renard pulls his car up to an old house in the woods at night, in a stressed mood, and gets out. He steps up the stairs and knocks on the door. He adjusts his suit to be presentable…

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  • Grimmival

    Science and Grimms

    October 20, 2012 by Grimmival

    Hey guys, I am finally back, after a huge hiatus. It was because Grimm wasn't on and that there was really nothing else good on, so, yeah. I am back to make only one more story for now. I will finish it gradually, and be more detailed, and better at the story telling.

    At the scene of a brutal murder of a famous scientist, Nick discovers a new type of Wesen that is connected to Albert Einstein and a physics breakthrough that he never published, making him a suspect for the murder famous scientist who was about to publish the physics breakthrough first. Meanwhile, Nick encounters another science branch with another problem, and the possibility of a good friend of Nicks' interfearing with the new research. Is Monroe starting to go on a rampage…

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  • Grimmival

    In the description of , it says Nick and Juliettes relationship will reach a crossroads. And, some new information is saying that someone we care about... is going to die. Monroe? Juliette? Renard? Hank? Wu? Even Nick? (yes, I don't know why I chose that one) Bitsie did tweet about special effects making a cast of her hand. Why would they do that? A part of her hand is ripped off? Making a cast to make a morphed Wesen hand? I don't know, but you guys might. Honestly, ot dodn't say someone was going to die, it just said someone is going to get in serious trouble, and we'll find out if they survive next season... Ugh. Vauge! I think it's either Wu or Juliette. Probably Juliette because of the cast of her hand, and the "Nick and Juliettes rel…

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