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    Grimm Dictionary

    September 21, 2013 by Bob the Wikipedian

    I just wanted to take a moment to highlight a book written by real life Grimms (Jacob and Wilhelm, that is!). The Grimm Brothers, as most of us know, were linguists, but the dictionary they compiled is not as popular as their fairy tales.

    Here is an electronic copy of the Grimm dictionary:

    If you don't know German, it's probably not worth much to you. However, for scholars of the German language, this is a priceless resource, probably the ultimate compendium of the history of the German language. It contains words that were contemporary in the Grimm Brothers' time, as well as archaic words. Not only that, it explores the history of each word's definition, so it makes for quite an interesting study.

    I've found it he…

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  • Bob the Wikipedian

    That's right, NBCUniversal, we did know they were coming! After all, how else would you retain viewers over so many months?

    Just so we don't forget, here they are:

    • Nick just got zombified. Not only that, he's been sealed in a coffin with a forged ID that matches him to a man named Schirick, and he's headed for Europe by air.
    • Game over for Frau Pech; Stefania Vaduva Popescu wins. And she's still alive to take advantage of Adalind.
    • Stefania's power-restoring solution for Adalind is one step closer.
    • Renard has been invited to come home. He'll "think about it".
    • Zombies (and a voodoo priest who might not even be mortal) are loose in Portland, and only a Blutbad, a Fuchsbau, and two Kehrseiten know what they're up against.
    • Baron Samedi's business with Er…
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  • Bob the Wikipedian

    The preview for Grimm's first issue is out! Here it is:

    Free Comic Book Day is May 4th. Find out where the nearest participating store is:

    The comics are not a duplication of the TV series. In fact, they seem to build upon the show's current state-- Nick freely communicates with both Hank and Renard about the Wesen.

    As an aside, the word "race" is used in this preview to denote the different varieties of Wesen. This is (to my knowledge), the first indicator of what word can be used to describe a category of Wesen. Until now, we've had a tossup between "type" and "species" since it hadn't been announced in the sho…

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  • Bob the Wikipedian

    I know it's been several weeks now since the mid-season cutoff, but having forgotten to do it sooner, I think I'd better get it all documented before I forget!

    • Nick and Monroe are still keeping the Wesen a secret from Juliette. She's lost trust in both of them.
    • Nick severed his relationship with Juliette, not realizing her secret romance is part of Adalind's enchantment.
    • Juliette no longer has to worry about upsetting Nick, so if she decides she likes Renard she won't have to tell him no now.
    • Nick and Monroe have just discovered Captain Renard is the man Juliette is seeing. Monroe recognizes Renard but probably doesn't know yet what Renard's relationship is to Nick.
    • Nick's coworkers are starting to notice he does off-the-records investigating, …
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  • Bob the Wikipedian

    If these aren't concept art for Santa and Krampus for next year's Christmas...I don't know what is!

    Looks like a Gefrierengeber and a Ziegevolk. (not sure why the second link is displaying as a picture, but be sure and look at the first link, too!)

    Photo with Santa and Krampus concept art:

    Photo with Santa concept art only:

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