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Gorg Divar from Iran-North East- Sun Raise place Edit

Wolfwand (Wolf + Wand (Ge) means wall = wall wolf)is a wolf-like wesen which appear in last Fall in episode " last fight". Wolfwand's English is awefull and she is aware of it.

characteristic Edit

their woge is not hostile. but it doesn't mean they are very calm wesens. normal time they befriend to all people . they reply to all Grimmster and new joined or even older dudes. and enjoy to chat with them. they will asking about their lost friends and invite them to come back. but they are not able to memorize the names. basically they remember peoples by their avatar and massages.

Wolfwands are fighters, but they wont show it ,except when they have to fight for their life or others life.

wolfwand, as its name, can pass every barrier. if it is necessary.

Good advice : never make a Wolfwand angry, because you cant realize their Woge....! and if you start a fight, you can not make Wolfwand to retreat , till you kill it, or it kills you.

behavior Edit

Do you think a wolfwand is soft wesen? or maybe cute one? sure it is! but only time you don't push it to limits.

Wolfwand respects peoples. most time they are harmless. they don't bother anyone except someone make them very angry.

but if they start to fight, no one can stop them.

they are feared by all Grimms. specially when they have ax or double cross or Block weapon. but it doesn't mean they run away. they are more curios to avoid such dangers.

they befriend with Grimms .speak in a full new English language ,change the pages and edit it and always Complain to poor admins and for every new day, they invent new problems. you can call it in physics parameters: problem/day (i think PDX is very Patient. ) and start to create a Persian Grimm...

big Quistion: i never understand why Grimms never have seen them? or maybe their pages got to grave after burning the trailer?

Occultatum Libera Edit

during the wesen uprising, it was a huge discussion between Wolfwand Families every where.

some of Wolfwands, like berg-W and Shnee-W , were agreed to join to wesen uprising. because they are tired of be treated like animals. but some of families like Sand-W and Desert-W was going to protect kerseiten. most wolfwands, were telling about a migration to avoid the war and some of them wanted to stay with their - in Danger Friends, no matter what.

in the middle of discussion, people who sent by wesen uprising , ask wolfwand's heads to join in a crating free world. not long after that HW sent others to ask wolfwands to join in HQ to protect the lifes .

and after a big reunion in NY ,all Wolfwand families accept not to get involved with any side. except, one of these sides attack to them.

Trivia Edit

Wolf wand means WALL Wolf (Grore Divar) in Persian. at last it should mean so...but i was careless about the name but unfortunately it is late to change it!!!!


About my self Edit

  • i am Iranian, always be, even after my dead.
  • if you couldn't find out what i am going to say, don't worry. you are joined to thousand people
  • most of my relatives know about Grimm. not because they have seen it.
  • i have finished my uni. but i am not down with uni.
  • you are in 2015, i am in 1394.
  • my wesens are Hexenbiest and Hundjegers. and a little Mauvais Dentes, some friend are in believe that i am more wesen than Grimm. to be honest, they are right.
  • hey, i like Juliet and Trubel, but now noone of them are actiong like people who always liked... To bad... these two are only my reason to keep watching grimm...
  • i live in North east of Iran.

About Grimm and me Edit

  • first Wesen i have seen ,was Hexenbiest. second was Fuchsbau and third was Hundjeger, believe or not, i didn't see Monroe's woge before these three wesen.
  • first Episode , that i watched as a Grimm Fan, was "Cat and Mouse".
  • i had no idea about what a Grimm is. when i realize that Grimm is very dangerous creature, i expected Nick Burkhardt Woge to a Really big bad scary strong thing. few episode took time to i realize Grimms have no Woge.
  • there are not many movies, make me to speak with my monitor screen , but at least in season 4 , i have talked 4 times to Grimm characters, in the middle of watching Grimm.
  • Trubel, is my Grimm.then Nick. i never liked kelly burkhardt, and that boy Josh porter, i hope he wont turn to a Grimm!
  • my favor season is season 3.
  • i dislike Sean Renard, but i think he is very import for Grimm. if he dies, everybody will die.
  • and about mixing a Grimm and Hexenbiest, i have no Idea!

favor Episodes Edit

hatred Episodes Edit

characters who i care about them Edit

  • Nick Burkhardt :i am done with him.
  • Hank Griffin : i think he is very good friend. Nick is lucky to has him.
  • Juliet Silvertone:Eve ? No, realy No
  • Trubel : That is my Girl :)
  • Elizabet Lascel : i really like her. i hoped that she find Diana and let Kelly free. i really like to see her again.

others are import in film , i know, but i keep following this characters.

فارسی شکر است Edit

اگر تو سایت انگلیسی عضو هستین فقط معنیش اینه که اونقدر از انگلیسی سر در میارید که تونستید اینجا رو پیدا کنید بنابر این من بی خیال ترجمه چیزهایی که بالا نوشتم می شم
معنی اسمی که انتخاب کردم گرگ دیواره می دونم معنی خاصی برای کسی نداره ولی می خوام بپرسم آندولیتیدو باتیره معنای خاصی داره که لازم باشه ولف واند هم معنای خاصی بده؟

قرار نیست که همیشه گربه از دیوار بالا بره... گاها بهتره گرگ هم بالا بره

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