LED digit 0LED digit 7LED colonLED digit 2LED digit 2

Note on UsageEdit

This digital clock won't update in real time once the page has loaded, and due to the cache mechanism of the MediaWiki software, it may not update if the page is viewed often enough to be kept in the cache. However, it will display the desired time when the page is first loaded.

The format, specific time, size, and color of the digital clock can be edited using the following:

|format = 12 or 24 (default: 24)
|offset = number of hours + or - UTC (default: 0)
|size = width of each digit in pixels (default: 70)
|color = any color name or HTML color code (default: red)

The digital clock template can also be entered as:

{{User:Grimmaniac/digiclock| format | offset | size | color }}


Thanks to Anakin101 for this template.

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