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I was trying to get the coveted 200 days on the Wiki badge [A Wiki Life], but, unfortunately, my slow mobile hotspot (while I was on vacation in Washington, DC) cost me 134 days of progress when I contributed a minute late on Friday, 2012 July 6. (00:00 instead of 23:59, UTC) Ever since then, I kind of gave up the pursuit of that badge and no longer contribute as much on this wiki.

My longest 2nd official streak was 134 days--(from 2012 February 23 - 2012 July 05).
↓↓This has since been broken ↓↓

I officially contributed for 176 continuous days on 2012 December 29 [2012 July 07 - 2012 Dec 29].

Check out my website listed above in my profile for more information. Also please visit my YouTube channel at

My favorite pagesEdit

Season 2 Casting CallsEdit

Back in 2012, I decided to create a page of my own to list some of the spoilers and news on the production Season 2. Since that was many years ago, they are not spoilers any more and are now just old news. I left the articles up for your enjoyment: you can still view the original casting calls and filming dates. 


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