Ungeziefer Greifer
511-Ungeziefer Greifer woge
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An Ungeziefer Greifer (oon-geh-TSEE-fuh GRAHY-fuh; Ger. Ungeziefer "vermin" + Greifer "grasper" or "claw") is a weasel-like Wesen that first appeared in "Key Move".


While relatively similar to Mauzhertz in appearance, there are several key differences in the woged form of Ungeziefer Greifer. The most notable difference is the Ungeziefer Greifer's elongated canines, which are sharp enough to do some serious damage if an individual is unfortunate enough to be bit by one. In fact, their jaws are strong enough to be able to pierce both several layers of clothing and flesh. ("Into the Schwarzwald") Ungeziefer Greifer also have rhinaria and do not have whiskers, unlike Mauzhertz. When woged, their eyes also become mostly black with a bit of white sclerae barely visible, and their ears enlarge and move slightly superiorly and posteriorly on the sides of their heads. They also gain facial hair along the sides of their face, on their chin, and above their upper lip, and their forehead hairline lowers a bit as well. The color of their hair is variations of gray. They do not gain any claws when they woge.

When in close range, they can be fairly quick and manage to run in and bite a given target, as their teeth are their most dangerous aspect.


Though not quite as skittish as Mauzhertz, Ungeziefer Greifer are still relatively quick to run away from a fight, particularly if they encounter Grimms, whom they fear greatly. At close range, they can be quick enough to land a bite on an adversary, but they will still run away after doing so. They often find work in subservient roles to others who are more powerful than they are, such as Blutbaden, and they are quite loyal to them. If they come across information that is pertinent for their supervisor or leader to know, they will not hesitate to run off and disclose it to them; as such, it is probably not wise to expect Ungeziefer Greifer to be very good at keeping secrets, though they are straightforward and honest, albeit in a bit of a duplicitous manner at times.

Season 5 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

A weasel-like Wesen, the Ungeziefer Greifer are skittish creatures. Not renowned for their bravery or their trustworthiness, they more often than not live up to the negative reputation of their animal kingdom counterparts.



  • Contrary to the nature of the Ungeziefer Greifer to be honest and loyal to those they serve, to be described as a "weasel" denotes quite the opposite: sneaky, untrustworthy, or insincere.
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