S1 S6
Owned by: Seltenvogels
Nick Burkhardt
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt
Adalind Schade
Diana Schade-Renard
Location: Destroyed (formerly produced by Robin Steinkellner)

Unbezahlbar (OON-bə-tsaal-bar; Ger. "priceless") are rare golden "eggs" produced once in a Seltenvogel's lifetime. They are highly valuable, and the delivery from the throat is an extremely dangerous and delicate task.

The Unbezahlbar is a dense mineral deposit made mostly of gold that forms and grows in a Seltenvogel's throat sac. Its production begins once the Seltenvogel takes in a diet of worms and milk. Right before it is ready to be delivered, the stone has grown to the point where it starts to slightly obstruct the windpipe. If not removed promptly, the Seltenvogel will die of suffocation. To get the stone out, it has to be cut out of the Seltenvogel. One must first cut vertically along the widest point of the Unbezahlbar, being careful not to cut the windpipe or the jugular. All that has to be done after that is to slip one's hands into the cut and gently "pop" or detach the stone from the Faserig (Ger. "fibrous") membrane that holds it in place; it can then be lifted up. Once the stone is out, it is extremely fragile, even though it is supposedly made mostly out of gold.

If dropped, the stone will break. When it breaks, it separates into many pieces (like glitter). Once it is in that "glitter" state, it is worthless. If it was natural gold (ground up), it could be put back together and made into a gold bar.

Seltenvogel do not seem particularly attached in any way to the Unbezahlbar they produce. More than that, as was the case with Robin Steinkellner, some do not desire to even produce one in the first place.


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