Ukufu Okusheshayo
510-Ukufu Okusheshayo

An Ukufu Okusheshayo (oo-GOO-foo oh-koo-sheh-SHAH-yoh; Zulu "fast death") is a cheetah-like Wesen that was seen in a Grimm diary in "Map of the Seven Knights".


The Ufuku Okusheshayo has speckled fur covering most of its body in its woged form, as well as cheetah-like facial markings. It also has deadly fangs, easily capable of puncturing the neck of its victims. However, its most notable characteristic is its incredible speed, as it is one of the fastest creatures in the Wesen world.

Excerpt from Grimm Diaries

At first it seemed the males were the most aggressive but in fact it was the females who exposed their true nature first – a beast with demonic fangs and speckled fur. While in this state the beast displayed remarkable speed – more so than any other creature I have ever seen. It is this speed that proved to be the...


  • This is the first Wesen with a name in Zulu.
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