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Two-Headed Snake
402-Two-headed snake.jpg
Owned by: Elizabeth Lascelles
Others: Sean Renard
Purpose: Revive a dead person
Location: N/A
TV Show: "Octopus Head"

The Two-Headed Snake is an object used to transfer blood or life force from one person to another. It serves as a sort of magic jumper cable, as its colors seem to mimic. After being used, the snake will die and disintegrate into ashes.

A person, whether they are the savior or the one being saved by the snakes, can only use it/have it used on them once in their lifetime. ("Cry Luison") ("Highway of Tears") There can be an unintended side-effect that happens to the revived person, however, in that they can be dead just long enough so that a portal is opened, and a spirit, such as Jack the Ripper, can be brought back with them when they are revived. If the revived person is not treated, spirit possession begins to take place, and the spirit eventually takes control of the person it has possessed. ("Headache")


"Octopus Head"[]

Elizabeth Lascelles used the Two-Headed Snake to revive her son Sean Renard.