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The subject of the article is involved with season 6
For the episode, see Trust Me Knot.
Trust Me Knot (Spell)
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Owned by: N/A
Others: Nick Burkhardt
Sean Renard
Adalind Schade
Purpose: Make a deal with an untrustworthy individual
Location: N/A

The Trust Me Knot is a spell and blood oath that requires a Hexenbiest to perform or preside over in order to ensure that two people agree to a deal they can not break, or else they suffer the consequences of choking to death via hanging. Specifically, whoever breaks the oath first dies.

Performing the Ritual[]

The two individuals making the deal must hold onto a rope by either end, and the presiding Hexenbeist recites each promise the two are making. The Hexenbiest must get each person to state that they agree to the terms of the blood oath before she can begin the blood oath ritual. Once this has been confirmed, the Hexenbiest can woge and cut herself to draw blood, which is dripped onto the middle of the rope the two individuals are still holding. The blood then spreads and completely saturates the entire rope, at which point the Hexenbiest can retract and take from the two involved in the oath. Holding one end of the rope, the following Latin phrase is then recited:

"Si fides solvitur nodus interficit."
Translation: "If the trust is broken, the knot will kill."

The rope will then tie itself into a noose, completing the Trust Me Knot.

Reversing the Spell[]

There is no known way to truly reverse the spell, but there are loopholes that can get someone out of the deal they've made. If certain conditions of the agreement made between the two parties are never meant, then the blood oath is rendered moot and no fatal consequences are suffered. This was demonstrated in "Trust Me Knot" when part of the deal made was that Adalind had to testify on Renard’s behalf before he would agree to drop all charges being pressed against Nick, but because Adalind never testified, the deal was off and Renard did not have to drop any charges against Nick.