Opening Quote: "Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides." – André Malraux

Scene: The SERT officers advance on Bud's shop.

SERT Officer: [Over radio] This is Alpha Team. In position.
SERT Officer: [Over radio] Stand by.
[The scene switches to inside the shop]
Nick: [Looking out a window] They're coming.
Bud: What are we gonna do?
[The scene shifts back outside]
SERT Team Leader: [He opens the fridge in the back of Bud's truck] Truck's clear.
SERT Officer: [Over radio] Roger that.
[The scene shifts back inside]
Trubel: Let's take 'em on.
Monroe: Rosalee's pregnant.
Rosalee: Monroe!
Monroe: Sorry.
Trubel: Whoa, you're pregnant?
Bud: Right now? Oh, my God, that's wonderful! I mean, it would be if we...
Nick: That's great news. I'm so sorry I dragged you guys into this.
[Indistinct radio chatter]
Nick: Everybody into the back now.
[Everyone goes to the back of the shop]
Nick: I'm gonna turn myself in.
Eve: No, Nick, you can't.
Trubel: No.
[The scene shifts back outside]
SERT Team Leader: [Into radio] We're in position. Are we clear to move in?
[Siren wailing]
SERT Team Leader: [Into radio] We're ready to execute. Repeat. We are ready to execute. Do you copy?
[Hank and Wu arrive in Wu's patrol car]
Renard: You two are in the wrong place. I told you to stay out of this.
Hank: Sean Renard, you are under arrest...
Renard: You can't arrest me.
Hank: For the murder of Rachel Wood.
Wu: Surrender your weapon and your badge.
Renard: Like hell I will.
[Wu takes his gun out and points it at Renard]
Franco: What the hell are you guys doing?
Hank: Do not interfere with this arrest.
SERT Team Leader: [Into radio] What the hell is going on?
[Hank takes Renard's gun]
Renard: Oh, you're not coming back from this. Execute your mission.
Hank: You are relieved of command. You are no longer giving orders. [He puts Renard up against the hood of the car] You have the right to remain silent.
Renard: Arrest these men!
[Hank handcuffs Renard]
Wu: Stay out of it, guys! This is a capital crime.
[The scene shifts back inside]
Eve: Nick, you are not giving yourself up.
Rosalee: Then what do we do?
Nick: They're coming in here. I don't want anyone to get hurt. Now move out of my way.
[Eve and Trubel step aside. The scene shifts back outside]
Renard: There's a fugitive in that building. Take it down!
[Hank puts Renard into the back of the patrol car]
Wu: Ignore him. He's no longer in command. [He and Hank drive away with Renard]
Franco: [To SERT Commander] Now what?
SERT Team Commander: [Into radio] Clear to move.
[The SERT officers make their way into the shop where they find everyone with their hands up]
SERT Team Leader: Nobody move. Hands up. Hands up!
Nick: I'm Nick Burkhardt. I'm the one you want.
SERT Team Leader: [Into radio] We have Burkhardt in custody.
SERT Officer: [Over radio] Roger that.
SERT Team Leader: [He pads Nick down] Turn around.
[Indistinct radio chatter]
SERT Team Leader: [He continues searching Nick and finds the stick] What the hell is this?
[Suddenly, a shock wave comes out of the stick, knocking all the SERT officers out. Nick then walks over and picks up the stick]
Eve: Maybe they shouldn't have tried to take that from you.
[The scene shifts back outside]
SERT Team Commander: [Into radio] SERT team leader, status?
Franco: What a mess.

Scene: Wu and Hank drive to the precinct with Renard.

Renard: You better think about what you're doing.
Hank: We're doing our job.
Renard: You're not helping Burkhardt. I suggest you take me back now.
Hank: We're not taking you back. You're under arrest.
Renard: Burkhardt's a dead man.
Wu: Whatever happens to Nick is gonna happen to you.

Scene: The SERT Team Commander try to get a hold of the SERT officers inside the shop.

Franco: What's taking so long? They should have brought out Burkhardt by now.
SERT Team Commander: [Into radio] What's the status? Report in.
[There are gunshots]
Franco: Holy crap.
Nick: [He runs out of the shop in a SERT uniform] Burkhardt got away! Going south on Milwaukee. We are in pursuit. [He gets into a SERT truck]
SERT Team Commander: Close off Milwaukee. Set up a perimeter.
[Sirens wail as the SERT and police vehicles speed away. When the coast is clear, everyone else from inside the shop carries the SERT team leader and puts him in the back of the truck Nick is in, and they all get in as well as Nick drives away]
Nick: We can't go far. We're gonna have to dump it.
Monroe: And you got to get out of sight.
Nick: I can't stay with anybody who knows me.
Monroe: The tunnels. Dude, it's the safest place.
Nick: I can't get back to the tunnels without going through the loft, and they're watching the loft.
Monroe: No! We found a way out.
Nick: What?
Monroe: Rosalee and me-it's, like, a little trapdoor down by the railroad tracks. You'd never see it unless you knew it was there.
Nick: How do I find it?
Monroe: It's, like, a couple blocks from the loft. I'll draw you a map.
Nick: You and Rosalee need to get back to the spice shop. You shouldn't be anywhere near me right now.

Scene: Hank and Wu walk Renard through the precinct as shocked officers watch.

Renard: [He is brought into an interrogation room] You really think this is gonna go anywhere?
Hank: We take our job seriously, Captain.
Renard: Yes, I appreciate your dedication, really, but don't you think you're making a pretty big mistake?
Hank: You were arrested for the murder of Rachel Wood. Where were you the night she was murdered?
Renard: I don't know when she was murdered.
Wu: You didn't seem surprised when we told you.
Renard: I did not kill Rachel Wood.
Hank: But you knew she was dead. And you were in her apartment. Your fingerprints are all over it.
Wu: Including the bedroom.
Hank: Now, why don't you tell us about your relationship with your public relations manager?
[Flashbacks of Rachel and Renard together in "Star-Crossed", "Into the Schwarzwald", and "Set Up"]
Renard: Now, if you think that going after me is somehow gonna help Burkhardt, then you two might want to reconsider a career in law enforcement.
Hank: Now, we know your relationship with her was more than professional.
Wu: We can put you at the scene of the crime, sir.
Hank: And give you motive.
Renard: Oh, well, I can't wait to hear what that might be.
Hank: You were running for mayor. You wanted to present a happy family. The woman you were having an affair with threatens to blackmail you, endanger your political ambitions. So you kill her.
Wu: Seems like that'd be pretty easy for a jury to understand.
Renard: This will never go to trial, and you know it.
Hank: Then if you didn't kill her, who did? The only person we can place there is you.
[Flashback of Diana killing Rachel in "Set Up" and flashback of Renard talking with Bonaparte about Rachel's death in "The Beginning of the End"]
Wu: Tell us where you were last night.
Renard: I was with my campaign adviser.
Hank: Name.
Renard: Think carefully about what you're doing.
Hank: Name.
Renard: [He woges] You gonna take this to trial?
Hank: Name.
Renard: [He retracts] Conrad Bonaparte.
Wu: Where can we find him?
[Flashback of Renard stabbing Bonaparte in "The Beginning of the End"]
Renard: He left the country.
Hank: And you with no alibi.
Renard: I'm calling my lawyer.
[Hank and Wu leave]

Scene: Adalind gets a call from Renard.

Adalind: [She answers her phone] Hello?
Operator: Will you accept a collect call from Sean Renard at the Portland precinct jail?
Adalind: I guess.
Renard: Adalind.
Adalind: What's going on?
Renard: I've been arrested for murder.
Adalind: Really? Who'd you kill?
Renard: I didn't kill anybody.
Adalind: Well, who do they think you killed?
Renard: Rachel Wood.
Adalind: Oh.
Renard: Yeah. So listen to me very closely. I need you to get somebody to watch the kids and get down here right away.
Adalind: Why?
Renard: Because you're gonna get me out of here.

Scene: Renard is put into a holding cell.

[Renard watches as a maintenance person paints over the Black Claw symbol on the wall across from his cell]
Maintenance Person: [He walks up to Renard's cell] This isn't right, Captain. [He woges into a Drang-Zorn] Anything you need, let me know.
Renard: Get me a phone.
[The maintenance person retracts, nods, and walks away]

Scene: Hank and Wu talk about what's next.

Wu: How long can we keep him in there?
Hank: I don't know-no bail on a murder case, but he's got a lot of connections.
Wu: What happens if he gets out?
Hank: Not good for us.
Wu: If he comes after me, I'm telling you now, one of us is not walking away from it.
Hank: I know how you feel.
Franco: All right, yeah. I'll call you back. [He hangs up the phone and walk over to Hank and Wu] Hey, you want to tell me what the hell is going on?
Hank: Where's Nick?
Franco: I don't know. He got away.
Wu: How'd he do that?
Franco: You tell me. When we found the SERT team, they were unconscious on the floor. Nick was gone; not one of 'em knew what happened. The SERT team leader woke up in the truck six miles away, has no idea how he got there. None of it makes any sense, including you arresting the captain. What was that about?
Hank: Just going where the evidence takes us.
Franco: Well, I'm glad it wasn't me who had to arrest him, but if you get a line on Burkhardt, tell him to turn himself in.
[The phone rings]
Franco: Because next time, they're gonna shoot first. [He walks away]
Hank: [He answers the phone] Griffin.
Trubel: Hank, it's me.
Hank: Trubel, where are you?
Trubel: We're going back to the tunnels through the way Monroe found. Yeah, we need you to come out here. Go through the loft, and if anybody's watching, they'll just think you're looking for him.
Hank: All right. Put it on speaker. Nick's got to hear this.
Nick: Yeah?
Hank: We arrested Renard. Tell you about it later. At least he's off the street for a while. [He hangs up]
[The scene shifts to Nick, Eve, Trubel, and Bud near the railroad tracks]
Bud: They arrested Renard? Whoa! He can't be too happy about that.
Trubel: He's not, but I am.
Bud: Uh, sure we're not being followed, right?
Eve: They can't be following us. They don't know where we are.
Bud: Well, they know where I work. It's not gonna take 'em long to figure out where I live. What am I gonna tell my wife?
Nick: Nothing until we figure out what they know.
Bud: Hey! Hey, that could be it.
Eve: That looks like an old furnace door.
[Nick opens the door]
Bud: Without a furnace.
Nick: This has got to be it. [He turns on a flashlight and goes in]
[Everyone climbs down the ladder into the tunnels]
Bud: My wife is gonna miss me eventually, and I'm gonna miss her. I mean, how long you think we're gonna have to live down here?
Nick: I don't know, Bud.
Bud: Well, maybe it's just better if she thinks I'm dead.
Eve: Why would she think you're dead, Bud?
Bud: Well, I'm missing, aren't I? Oh, God, you think they're in danger? Could they try to get to you through me through them?
Nick: We'll have someone reach out to your wife and kids, Bud, but they might want to leave Portland for a little while.
Bud: Oh, my God, if anything were to happen to my family-
Trubel: Bud, as soon as we're done here, we'll make sure they're all right.
Bud: Okay. Okay.
Eve: [To Nick] I feel sorry for Rosalee getting pregnant right now, with everything that's going on.
Nick: When has there been a good time?
[Eve pauses]
Nick: How are you feeling?
Eve: Different... and the same, like... like there's two of me. It's very confusing.
Nick: A lot is.
Eve: Nick, I'm gonna need you to give me that cloth. I want to take it to Rosalee.
Nick: Why?
[Trubel and Bud walk up]
Eve: After everything that happened to us, we need to know what it is and where it came from. The answer might be on the cloth.
Nick: [He looks at Trubel and Bud] I'm not sure that it is. [He walks ahead]
Eve: [To Trubel] We need to find out where its power comes from before it kills one of us. [She follows Nick]
[Trubel and Bud follow Eve and Nick]

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee arrive at the spice shop.

Monroe: Watch it. [He picks up a piece of the door frame that split off] I didn't see anybody. Did you see anybody?
Rosalee: No.
Monroe: Doesn't mean they're not there. [He closes the door] Boy, oh, boy, I'm gonna need a lot of glue. [He sets the door frame piece down] So should we just open up shop, act like nothing's wrong?
Rosalee: Or keep it closed and act like we're paranoid?
Monroe: Well, aren't we?
Rosalee: I don't know. I'm trying very hard not to be. I don't want our baby to be born full of tension, thank you.
Monroe: No, you're right. You're right. I'm sorry. Okay. We'll just open up shop like it's any normal day.
[The phone rings]
Rosalee: [She answers] Spice & Tea.
Adalind: Hey, it's Adalind. Got a minute? I kind of need a favor.
Rosalee: Sure, what?
Adalind: Can I bring the kids by the shop for a couple of hours? There's something I have to do and I don't trust my kids with anybody else. Except for Nick, but I don't know where he is, and I'm just too afraid to contact him.
Rosalee: Yes. Bring them over.
Adalind: Great. Thank you. We'll be there soon.
Rosalee: Okay. [She hangs up]
Monroe: "Bring them over"? Who's them?
Rosalee: Kelly and Diana. Adalind wants us to watch them.
Monroe: Whoa, wait a minute, Diana? You mean the one who, like, beamed herself into Nick's loft? You sure that's such a good idea?
Rosalee: If Adalind didn't think it was a good idea, she wouldn't bring them over. They're her children.
Monroe: Okay, fine, whatever you say. But if Diana, like, disappears, we can't be held accountable. That's all I'm saying. [He walks away]

Scene: The maintenance person takes a phone out of his mop and slides it to Renard before he continues mopping.

[Renard picks up the phone and calls Stancroft]
Stancroft: [He answers his phone] Hello?
Renard: It's me. We have a problem.
Stancroft: Well, where are you?
Renard: In jail. I've been arrested for murder.
Stancroft: What?
Renard: They have evidence. It puts me at the scene.
Stancroft: So you knew the victim?
Renard: Yeah.
Stancroft: Well, that complicates it.
Renard: I know. Now un-complicate it. [He hangs up and sits down]
[Renard suddenly hears the metallic sound of a bullet case as it falls on the ground by his foot. He then finds a gun next to him. He picks up the gun and looks at it and the bullet case. Flashback of Renard shooting Meisner in "Set Up". Suddenly, Renard realizes nothing is actually in his hands]

Scene: Nick opens the stick's metal box.

Eve: Nick, we need answers.
Nick: This isn't a good idea.
Eve: You went all the way to Germany to find this thing. What's stopping you now?
Nick: I'm not sure.
Trubel: Nick, we got to find out what's going on with this.
Eve: [She takes the cloth from the box and holds it up] I saw this one, this one, and this one.
Nick: [He points his flashlight at the cloth while Eve points at the various spots again] I can't see what you're seeing.
Trubel: Yeah, I couldn't see it either.
Eve: I didn't see them until I touched the body in the spice shop.
Trubel: That was fun. Didn't think she was coming back.
Bud: A dead guy touched you. How is that possible if he's, you know, dead?
Eve: Death grip. That's what Rosalee called it, anyway.
Bud: "Death grip" does not sound good. How did you get out of it?
Trubel: Rosalee cut the dead guy's arm off.
Bud: Oh, well, yeah, I guess that could do it.
Nick: You have to be very careful with that.
Eve: I will be. You need to be careful too. I don't think you should be carrying the stick around all the time.
Nick: It's the only reason I'm alive.
Eve: Yeah. It's powerful. But we don't know where that power comes from.
Nick: I don't think that matters.
Eve: It does matter. Look what happened when those guys tried to take the stick away from you. It acted defensively, like it was connected to you. That's different from what it did to Monroe or me or you when you were shot.
Trubel: Nick, maybe she's right. You know, maybe—
Nick: Look. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the stick. So I think I should be the one who decides when not to use it.
Eve: Well, there's no risk for you down here, so I don't see how it would hurt to put it away for a while... if you can.
Nick: [He looks around at everyone before taking the stick out of his pocket and putting it away in the box] Happy?
Eve: We should get going. [She and Trubel leave]
Bud: You were shot?

Scene: Monroe finishes fixing the door frame.

Monroe: Shouldn't we have some games or something? You know what? I'm gonna go out and get some toys.
Rosalee: It's gonna be fine.
Monroe: You don't know that. Diana is the offspring of a full-on Hexenbiest and a half Zauberbiest, and Kelly is the son of the same Hexenbiest and a Grimm. I'm sorry, but that is a big, weird gene pool to just be diving into.
[The shop door opens]
Monroe: Oh, hi. Hello.
Adalind: Hi. Thanks so much for helping us out.
Rosalee: Of course. Hi, Diana. [She shakes Diana's hand] I'm glad we finally get a chance to meet. I'm Rosalee, and this is Monroe.
Monroe: Hi.
Diana: I know. I saw both of you with Kelly's daddy.
Monroe: That's right; that was pretty impressive what you did, just appearing like that out of the blue.
Diana: Why?
Monroe: Oh, um, just 'cause most people can't really do that sort of thing.
Diana: What is all this stuff?
Rosalee: Just a bunch of herbs and spices.
Adalind: Kelly's still asleep. Do you mind if I just put him in the back room?
Rosalee: Sure. Let's find a cozy spot. [She and Adalind go to the back room]
Monroe: So... okay. Um... you want to see some of the herbs and spices?
Diana: Uh-huh.
Monroe: Hey, you like cinnamon? We got some cinnamon sticks right over here. You know where cinnamon comes from?
Diana: Do you?
Monroe: Actually, I do. Uh, it comes from the inner bark of several trees of the genus Cinnamomum. Now, this bark contains certain oils that provide the- [He reaches out for the jar of cinnamon sticks, but it floats off the shelf over to Diana's hand. He chuckles]
[The scene shifts to the back room]
Adalind: Thank you so much for doing this.
Rosalee: I can't even imagine what you're going through, considering what's going on.
Adalind: Sean's been arrested.
Rosalee: What?
Adalind: Yeah. For murder.
Rosalee: I'm-I'm surprised. Not that he murdered somebody but that he was arrested for it. Was it Bonaparte?
Adalind: No, Rachel Wood.
Rosalee: He killed his own mistress?
Adalind: It's complicated, but he wants me to get him out of it.
Rosalee: How?
Adalind: I don't know, but I'll be back as soon as I can. [To Kelly] Bye. Okay. [She leaves]
Rosalee: You are so lucky Nick is your dad.
[Kelly coos and smiles]

Scene: Nick acts a little strange.

Bud: You okay?
Nick: What?
Bud: It seems like you're, you know, a little antsy. Not that you shouldn't be antsy with all that's been going on. Uh, God knows I'm antsy.
Nick: They were wrong.
Bud: Who?
[Nick opens the metal box]
Bud: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Nick, Nick, Nick, what are you doing? What are you doing?
Nick: It should be with me. [He picks up the stick and stares at it]
Bud: Uh, Nick, Nick, Nick. I-I don't think that's such a good idea. You know, and it's not just me...
[Nick continues to stare at the stick and Bud's voice gets distorted]
Bud: Look, look, look, Nick, Nick, I just think, you know, too much of a good thing is... is not a good thing.
[Nick suddenly puts the stick away and closes the box]
Bud: Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah. I-you know, I think you did the right thing there.
Nick: We got to move.
Bud: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
[They walk away]

Scene: Rosalee continues to play with Kelly.

Rosalee: I hope my baby is as cute as you are. Yes.
Monroe: [He walks into the room] I, uh... a little help out here, maybe, with Diana.
Rosalee: What's wrong?
Monroe: I think you just- I think you need to see it.
Rosalee: Okay. [She picks up Kelly and goes to the front room with Monroe]
[Diana has various jars floating around the room]
Rosalee: Oh.
Diana: Do you like it?
Rosalee: Oh, yeah. It's-it's so-it's so beautiful, but, um... [She sets Kelly down] you need to be very careful with these things. They can all break.
Diana: I know. Look. [She touches a jar, making it go up in purple sparks briefly with no remnants at all left of the jar]
Monroe: Oh!
Diana: Want to see another one?
Monroe: No, no, no, that was plenty. That was great.
Rosalee: I think we should put them all back now. I can help you, if you want.
Diana: No, I can do it.
Rosalee: Are you sure?
Diana: [She makes all the jars float back to their spots on the shelves. She retracts her eyes and turns around] So what do you want to do now?
Monroe: Uh...
[The door opens, and Trubel and Eve come in]
Eve: Adalind's here?
Rosalee: No, she just needed someone to watch the kids.
Diana: [To Trubel] I know you. You're a friend of Kelly's daddy.
Trubel: Yeah. I am. And I know you. You're Diana.
Diana: [To Eve] I know you too. You're different now.
Eve: Yes.
Rosalee: Everything okay?
Eve: [She holds up the cloth] We need to find out more about this.
Rosalee: Yes. Okay, let's do that. [She picks up Kelly, and she, Eve, and Trubel head to the basement]
Monroe: Are you just... leaving me up here? All alone?
Diana: You're not alone. I'm here. [She smiles] What do you want me to do now?
[Monroe just looks at Diana]

Scene: Adalind meets with Renard in an interrogation room.

Adalind: Never thought I'd see this.
Renard: Well, enjoy it while you can.
Adalind: [She sits down across from Renard] What do you want from me?
Renard: A little help.
Adalind: And what kind of help would that be?
Renard: Well, ironically, I don't have an alibi for the night Rachel was killed.
Adalind: Where were you?
Renard: I was killing Bonaparte.
Adalind: Oh, well, that is awkward.
Renard: But we both know I didn't kill Rachel.
Adalind: What do you want me to do? Turn in our daughter so you can get out of this?
Renard: No, you're gonna get me out of this.
Adalind: How?
Renard: You're gonna be my alibi. We were together all night. I never left the house.
Adalind: You expect me to be your alibi for a murder you didn't commit because you were actually murdering the person who was your alibi?
Renard: Basically, yeah. Shouldn't be too hard.
Adalind: Unless I perjure myself and I end up going to jail. Let me tell you something: I have two kids to take care of.
Renard: I'm not going to jail for a murder I did not commit.
Adalind: Why not? You're not going to jail for one you did commit.
Renard: You owe me.
Adalind: I owe my children, and if I have to choose between me going to jail and you going to jail, good luck with the grand jury. [She gets up and leaves]

Scene: Bud and Nick make their way through the tunnels.

[Bud and Nick pause when they hear a metallic clutter up ahead. They then see a light, so they quickly turn off their lights and hide around a corner. Nick gets his gun out, but he and Bud are relieved once they realize it's just Hank and Wu]
Wu: Hey.
Bud: Oh! Oh, thank God it's you guys. You never know what you're gonna meet down here.
Hank: You okay?
Nick: Yeah. Thanks for what you did.
Hank: We tried to stop Renard. How the hell did you get out of there?
Bud: It was unbelievable. It was that stick thing. Talk about talking softly and carrying a big stick. They tried to take it from him, and it was like they got hit with a bolt of lightning.
Wu: Seriously?
Nick: Something like that. What'd you charge Renard with?
Hank: The murder of Rachel Wood. Her body was found on her bed, wrapped in a sheet, smothered to death.
Wu: Renard's fingerprints were all over the place.
Nick: Well, did he do it?
Hank: He says he didn't. But we've got enough to take it to grand jury.
Wu: I think we got enough to take this son of a bitch down.
Nick: But I'm still on the run.
Hank: Well, at least we got him off your back for a while.
Nick: That's not good enough. We need to get him to drop the charges against me.
Bud: Good idea, but how you gonna do that? That guy is a dick.
Nick: We don't bring him down. We let him go.
Wu: What the hell are you talking about?
Nick: Renard doesn't want to go to jail any more than I do, so we need to talk.
Hank: You think you can trust him, Nick?
Nick: No, but I trust his need to destroy me.
Bud: Is there anything I can do?
Nick: Well, you've done enough. Why don't you just go back home?
Bud: Okay, okay, but if you need me, I'm willing to spend the rest of my life down here in this tunnel, if that's what it takes.
Wu: Uh, what about your wife?
Bud: Oh, yeah. Yeah, she probably wouldn't like living down here that much. But the kids sure would.

Scene: Adalind gets a call from Nick as she walks through the precinct.

Operator: [Over an officer's radio] Be advised, APB is still out on Detective Burkhardt. He is to be considered armed and dangerous.
Adalind: [Answering her phone] Hello?
Nick: Hey, it's me.
Adalind: Oh, hey, where are you? Wait, don't tell me.
Nick: I need your help with something. Where are you?
Adalind: Uh, actually, I'm in your precinct.
Nick: Can you talk?
Adalind: I think so.
Nick: I need to make a deal with somebody who I don't trust.
Adalind: Oh, you need a Trust Me Knot. It's not a not-not. It's a knot with a K, like you tie with a rope.
Nick: And how does that work?
Adalind: It's pretty simple, actually. Whoever signs the Trust Me Knot has to do what they promise, or they choke to death, like a hangman's knot around their neck. I can do one for you.
Nick: Can you do it now?
Adalind: Uh, yeah. Let me just grab a couple things, and where should I meet you?
Nick: [He thinks about it] Where you first told me you loved me.
Adalind: Okay. [She hangs up]

Scene: Hank and Wu go to Renard's holding cell.

Renard: Now what?
Wu: Somebody doesn't think you belong here.
Hank: Let's go.
Renard: Where?
Hank: You're looking for Burkhardt. He's looking for you.
Renard: I assume you have the proper paperwork for transferring a prisoner?
Wu: Probably not.
Hank: Don't worry. We're not gonna kill you. Turn around.
[Renard turns around and Wu cuffs him]
Hank: Guard?

Scene: Nick washes his hands as Hank, Wu, and Renard arrive in the elevator.

Renard: Hell of a déjà vu.
Nick: Glad you could make it.
Renard: Well, I can't pass up such an invitation. Just so you know, if I wind up missing or dead, you're suspect number one.
Nick: You're no good to me dead.
Wu: I tried to convince him otherwise, but—
Hank: We have enough evidence to convince the grand jury to put you on trial for her murder.
Renard: I did not kill Rachel Wood.
Wu: Your fingerprints were at the crime scene, and you have no alibi for that night.
Nick: He has an alibi. Me. I know where he was and what he was doing.
[Flashback of Renard stabbing Bonaparte in "The Beginning of the End"]
Nick: But if I testify that you were killing Bonaparte at the time, that might complicate both of our lives even more.
Hank: But that's not why we're here.
Wu: We're here to help you.
Renard: And how do you suggest we do that?
Nick: You drop all of the charges against me.
Hank: And reinstate him into the department.
Wu: And we give you an alibi that'll work for the night Rachel was killed.
Renard: You have an alibi in mind?
Nick: Adalind.
Renard: Little late for that. Already tried. She turned me down.
Nick: She didn't turn me down.
Renard: Well, she'll have to testify.
Nick: She will.
Renard: Look, even if she doesn't, I don't believe she will. I'm not dropping the charges against you until I'm cleared by a grand jury.
Nick: And Adalind won't be testifying until we have a guarantee that you will drop the charges against me.
Renard: So how do we get around this little mutual distrust of ours?
Adalind: [She walks into the room with a rope] A Trust Me Knot.
Renard: You really get around, don't you?
Adalind: Take his cuffs off. He's gonna need his hands for this.
[Hank takes the cuffs off Renard]
Adalind: You know how this works?
Renard: Sort of.
Adalind: [She hands Nick one end of the rope and holds the other end up to Renard] Take it.
[Renard grabs the rope]
Adalind: This is a blood oath. Whoever breaks it first will die. You, Nick Burkhardt, agree that I will testify at the grand jury on Sean Renard's behalf. And you, Sean Renard, agree that once my testimony is given, you will drop all charges against Nick Burkhardt and reinstate him. [To Nick] Agreed?
Nick: Agreed.
Adalind: [To Renard] Agreed?
Renard: Agreed.
[Adalind woges and bites her hand, dripping blood onto the rope. The blood starts to spread throughout the rope. Adalind then retracts. The blood spreads until the rope is completely red]
Adalind: [She takes the rope from Nick and Renard] Si fides solvitur nodus interficit. If the trust is broken, the knot will kill.
[The rope starts winding upwards until a noose is formed]
Wu: Well, don't want to be breaking that.

Scene: Rosalee, Eve, and Trubel work on trying to figure out more about what is on the cloth.

Rosalee: Maybe you should just try it on the corner. In case something happens, we don't destroy it.
Eve: Why don't we try it on a different piece of cloth first?
Trubel: Yeah. Probably a good idea.
[Rosalee grabs a cloth from a shelf and hands it to Eve. Eve then uses a brush to apply a mixture onto the cloth as Adalind walks downstairs]
Eve: So far, so good.
Adalind: Sorry that took me so long.
Rosalee: No problem. He was an angel. What did Renard want?
Adalind: For me to be his alibi.
Trubel: What did you tell him?
Adalind: That I wouldn't do it.
Eve: I bet that went over well.
Adalind: Well, we sort of made a deal.
Trubel: A deal with Renard? About what?
Adalind: Nick. He's on his way over.
Eve: They're still looking for him.
Adalind: He knows. He's taking the long way around. This looks really old. What are you trying to do?
Rosalee: It's an ancient cloth that has some writing on it, and we're trying to read it.
Eve: Without destroying it.
Rosalee: We used a spectral imaging machine, but we can only make out a few letters.
Trubel: Yeah, one of the words is "miracle," and the other is, like, "dangerous" or "perilous."
Adalind: What are you using?
Rosalee: Well, since it's so old, we were starting with a mix of phenolphthalein and red cabbage water.
Eve: If the ink is ammonium-based...
Adalind: It'll turn pink and become more legible.
Rosalee: That's the theory.
[Eve applies the mixture to the stick cloth]
Adalind: Maybe it's not enough?
Rosalee: Wait, something's happening.
[The section of the cloth with the mixture sizzles and disintegrates]
Rosalee: [She sighs] Okay, clearly not ammonia-based.
Diana: [She and Monroe walk down the stairs] Mommy, I thought we were going to go.
Adalind: We are. Just one second.
Monroe: Not that we wouldn't be happy to have you a little longer.
Diana: What are you doing?
Adalind: I'm just trying to help Rosalee and Eve see something.
Diana: See something where?
Trubel: On this really old piece of cloth.
Rosalee: It has some writing on it, and we're having a tough time seeing it.
Diana: Can I try? [She steps up on a stool]
Adalind: Oh, honey, it's really old. And we should get going.
Diana: [She woges her eyes] I can see it.
Eve: What can you see?
Diana: Lots of stuff.
[Everyone looks around at each other as Diana stares at the cloth]
Adalind: Can you tell us what you see?
Diana: Little pictures and some strange writing.
Rosalee: How many little pictures?
Diana: All over it.
Eve: You can see more than just what's here?
Diana: Uh-huh.
[Nick comes down the stairs]
Monroe: Nick. Are you okay?
Nick: Yeah. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being followed.
[Diana retracts her eyes]
Trubel: Nick, Diana can see something on the cloth.
Nick: What?
Adalind: Strange drawings and pictures.
Diana: You're the one my mom wanted me to talk to.
Nick: Thank you for helping us.
Diana: You're Kelly's daddy.
Nick: I am, and you're his sister.
Diana: I like him. He doesn't talk much.
Nick: Can you draw what you're seeing?
Diana: Sure. [She woges her eyes]
[Trubel's phone rings]
Monroe: Here. [He hands Diana a pen as Rosalee hands her a piece of paper]
Trubel: It's HW.
Rosalee: In Portland?
Trubel: Not anymore. [She steps aside and answers] I'm here. No, this isn't a good time for me to... When? Yeah, I understand that. It's just- Okay, okay. [She hangs up] Nick, I'm leaving Portland in four hours.
Nick: Where?
Trubel: I'll know when I get there.
Eve: What about me?
Trubel: Didn't say anything about you. Just Grimms. [To Nick] They want you to come with me.
Monroe: I'm sorry, you guys, but you got to look at this. [Looking at what Diana drew] It's like some kind of weird symbol-filled equation-esque, kind of hieroglyphic-y, astrological cornucopia of-of-of something I've run out of words for.
Rosalee: I've never seen anything like this.
Eve: Me neither.
Nick: Check it out on the computer.
[Rosalee starts searching on her laptop]

Scene: Hank is looking at the forensics report involving Renard's fingerprints in Rachel's murder case when Nick's APB pops up.

Hank: Man. [He closes the APB]
Wu: [He walks up] I just had a really awful thought. What if our evidence against Renard is too strong and they take it to trial?
Hank: Then the deal is off, and Nick is screwed.
Wu: You're not helping.
Hank: There are no witnesses, and Adalind's alibi should clear him.
Wu: Okay, she's believable, right?
Hank: Well, when you're that pretty, people want to believe you.
[The phone rings]
Hank: [He answers] Griffin. What? When? You got to be kidding me.
Wu: [Whispering] What?
Hank: Yeah, yeah. We'll be there. [He hangs up] They're convening the grand jury for Renard in two hours.
Wu: Two hours? It takes three days to convene a grand jury.
Hank: But they're making an exception for Renard, considering he's a police captain and a mayor-elect.
Wu: Okay. We got to call Nick.
[Hank grabs his jacket, and he and Wu leave]

Scene: Rosalee is unsuccessful in her internet search about the symbols on the cloth.

Rosalee: Whatever these symbols are, I don't think they're numerical. I can't find them anywhere.
Monroe: Maybe we're looking in the wrong place.
Rosalee: I've looked at the Babylonians and the Egyptians, and that's as far back as arithmetic, which is about 2,000 B.C., so...
Adalind: How do we know the right place to look if we've never seen them before?
[Trubel's phone chimes]
Eve: Except in hell.
Trubel: [Looking at her phone] I've got to go. [To Nick] I want you to come with me.
Nick: You know I can't.
Trubel: I know, but even if you get out of this, Renard's still gonna be running the city. It'll be bad.
Nick: Well, someone has to stay here and deal with it.
Trubel: [She heads towards the stairs, but pauses] Hey. You better be alive when I get back. [She leaves]
Monroe: [His phone rings] It's Hank. [He answers] Hey, I thought we weren't supposed to be using our cell phones.
Hank: We've got a bigger problem. Where's Nick?
[Monroe puts the call on speaker]
Nick: Hey, what's going on?
Hank: They're convening the grand jury now. We need Adalind at the courthouse.
Adalind: What? This soon?
Hank: Because of who he is, they want to get it over fast.
Adalind: Okay. I'm on my way.
[The call ends]
Adalind: All of a sudden, I'm nervous.

Scene: Renard's court case begins.

Stancroft: Ladies and gentlemen, this court is now in session. Please take your seats.
[Adalind arrives and sits next to Hank and Wu]
Stancroft: The grand jury in case number 75-6574 is now convened. Good afternoon, Ms. Hurtz.
D.A. Hurtz: Good afternoon, Judge Stancroft.
Stancroft: Captain Renard, having thoroughly reviewed all the evidence with the district attorney... it is my opinion that the evidence clearly does not support this case going to trial.
Wu: Is he serious?
Adalind: He's throwing the whole thing out.
Stancroft: I thank the jury for your service and for convening on such short notice. You are dismissed. The defendant is free to go.
Renard: [He walks over to Hank, Wu, and Adalind] You remember that deal we had, right? Well, you never testified, so the deal is off. I'll expect your resignations on my desk in the morning. [He walks away and goes to Stancroft's office where Stancroft and D.A. Hurtz are waiting]
D.A. Hurtz: That couldn't have gone better, I don't think.
Stancroft: Just be a little more careful where you leave your fingerprints next time.
Renard: I will, and as soon as I take office, I'm gonna clean house in Portland.
[D.A. Hurtz woges into a Höllentier, and Stancroft also woges]
D.A. Hurtz: I hope that includes the Grimm.
Stancroft: And all his friends.
Renard: Oh, it will.

Scene: Hank, Wu, and Adalind meet with everyone at the spice shop to discuss what happened at the courthouse.

Rosalee: So the whole deal with Renard is off?
Monroe: Yeah, what about this whole Trust Me Knot thing? Wasn't Renard supposed to choke on that if he didn't live up to his end of the deal?
Adalind: No, because I had to testify first in order for Renard to release him.
Eve: And since she didn't testify, the deal never happened.
Wu: So that son of a bitch walks, and Nick is still a fugitive.
Hank: We were set up. It was all a show.
Wu: And we resign tomorrow.
Adalind: What about us?
Nick: You're gonna have to move back in with him.
Adalind: What? No, I hate him.
Nick: He's coming after me. And if you don't go back, he's gonna be coming after both of us.
Hank: Bastard got everything he wanted.

Scene: Renard smiles as he leaves the courthouse before making a call.

Woman: What do you need, sir?
Renard: I want Burkhardt found.
Woman: Yes, sir.


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