This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Trust Me Knot"

SERT Team Leader

Actor Cuyle Carvin 602-SERT Team Leader
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments He lead a SERT team into Bud's refrigerator repair shop, where Nick was hiding with Monroe, Rosalee, Eve, Trubel, and Bud. With Nick giving himself up, he patted Nick down and found the stick. Once he took it, the stick released a powerful shock wave that knocked him out along with the rest of his team members. He later regained consciousness in his SERT truck miles away from the repair shot, unsure of what had happened or how he'd gotten there.

D.A. Hurtz

Actor Debra Pralle 602-D.A. Hurtz
602-D.A. Hurtz woged
Gender Female
Type Höllentier
Status Living
Comments A member of Black Claw, she was present at the convening of a grand jury for Sean Renard regarding Rachel Wood's murder. ("Set Up") Judge Stancroft stated that after going over all the evidence in the case with D.A. Hurtz, there was nothing to support having a trial, and he dismissed the whole case. When Renard, Stancroft, and Hurtz reconvened in Stancroft's office, Hurtz said their dismissal of the case couldn't have gone better. Renard said he was going to "clean house" in Portland as soon as he becomes mayor, and Renard gave Hurtz and Stancroft his assurance that this would include "the Grimm" and his friends, respectively.

Maintenance Person

Actor John Forbes 602-Maintenance Person
602-Maintenance Person woged
Gender Male
Type Drang-Zorn
Status Living
Comments He was covering up the Black Claw symbol that had been painted on the wall outside the precinct holding cells ("Set Up") with a new coat of paint while Renard was placed in a nearby cell. He then approached Renard, telling him, "This isn't right," and told Renard to let him know if he needed anything. Renard told him he needed a phone, and the maintenance man later snuck a cell phone under his cell.
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