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Opening Quote: "May the God of Vengeance now yield me His place to punish the wicked." – The Count of Monte Cristo

Scene: The Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen prepare to begin Monroe's tribunal.

Everyone: Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein, Wesenrein.
Riken: Purify him.
Monroe: [His legs are kicked out from underneath him, and he is put onto his knees] Aah!

Scene: Nick and Hank report to Renard in his office.

Renard: Able to make a connection between Officer Acker and Charlie Riken?
Hank: Indirectly. Acker got calls on a prison phone from Walker Williams, Charlie Riken's cellmate.
Nick: But Williams is only the message boy for Riken.
Renard: Are we sure that Williams isn't just throwing the blame onto Riken?
Hank: Yeah. Riken's the shot caller. Got off five weeks ago. That's when Acker stopped calling and visiting.
Nick: We think he's the Grand Master.
Renard: Anyone contacting Rosalee? Any ransom demands for Monroe?
Nick: No. This is not about the money. They're just trying to make an example out of Monroe.
Hank: Officer Acker's the only connection we have left. We have photos that tie him to Shaw, plus the calls and visits to prison.
Nick: Not to mention he was the officer watching Monroe and Rosalee's house.
Renard: Well, that's pretty convenient.
Nick: If Acker's working with the Wesenrein, he has to be Wesen.
Hank: We have to bring him in. We have to find out. We don't have much time left.
Renard: Let's give Sergeant Wu a shot with this. He knows Acker. He's trained him. He might be able to get him to trip up before he knows we're on to him. But we have to make sure that Wu can handle a woge, because if he's not ready-I mean really ready—
Nick: We'll make him ready.
[Wu knocks]
Renard: Yeah?
Wu: [He comes in] The phone we found in Riken's house was used to call Monroe's house and the spice shop and Officer Acker.
Renard: That's good enough for me. Bring him in. Make him sweat. Wu... just one thing you have to do first.
Wu: What?

Scene: Rosalee looks over the names on Trubel's list.

Rosalee: I don't know any of the names on this list. I know who was at the wedding, but—
Juliette: There's got to be a connection, all right? Somebody who was at your wedding has to know someone who was on Trubel's list.
Rosalee: How am I supposed to know who everybody knows without asking them?
Juliette: We should go over your wedding guest list.
Rosalee: I'll have to get it. It's on my computer.
Juliette: No, you sent me a copy. I think I still have it. [She starts searching in the computer desk drawer] If I can find it. [She finds the list] Good thing I'm so messy. Do you want me to call Monroe's parents and let them know what's going on?
Rosalee: No, no. I already thought about that. They'd be on the first plane here.
Juliette: Is that a bad thing?
Rosalee: I don't want to have to put them through that until we know something, one way or the other.

Scene: The Purifier "purifies" Monroe.

[The Purifier is brought a skull filled with blood. He takes the top off the skull and shows it to Riken]
Riken: Proceed.
Purifier: [He recites an ancient language while splattering the blood on Monroe's face] In accordance with the ancient laws of Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen, all shall be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood, there shall be no atonement.
Monroe: Does anybody here even know what atonement means? [A Wesenrein member hits him in the face, knocking him to the ground] Aah! [Monroe is brought back to his knees]
Purifier: Purge the impuro, that he may be worthy of our judgment. [To Riken] It is done.
Riken: [He stands up and raises his arms] Let the tribunal begin. The charges will now be presented. Bring me the scroll. [He is handed a scroll] Get him up. Remove his shackles. The defendant shall approach.
[Monroe walks forward]
Riken: [He reads the scroll] You are charged for violating the law of Eigenes Fleisch und Blut, marrying outside your bloodline, and for this, you shall stand trial. You are also charged for violating the law of Grimmig Freundschafteweisen, the befriending of a Grimm. And for that, you shall also stand trial.

Scene: Hank tells Wu about how he handled learning about Wesen.

Wu: So, just you and me?
Hank: I want to get a couple of things clear, first.
Wu: First? There's a second?
Hank: Yeah. Look, you know I was where you were.
Wu: Except for the going to the mental hospital part.
Hank: I may not have checked in, but I was there. [He points to his head] Right here.
Wu: Why didn't Nick tell you?
Hank: He was afraid I'd think he was crazy, and had I not seen what I did, I would have. Same reason we didn't tell you. You have to be ready for this.
Wu: And by ready, you mean off the deep-end?
Hank: There is no shallow end to this pool. This is not something anybody can wrap their head around until they have no choice but to get on board. You have to be in the right state of mind. It's one thing when it all happens so fast you don't know what you saw, but it's different when it's right in your face, one-on-one, and you've got no place to go but the bin. But that's why we're here. You have to get to a place where this is the new normal.
Wu: So how do we do that?

Scene: Rosalee struggles to make a connection between the names on Trubel's list and the list of wedding guests.

Rosalee: [She sighs] I don't know. I can't make the connection because I don't know the connection I'm looking for.
Juliette: Bud was sure someone at the wedding knew Shaw.
Rosalee: Yes, but I don't know Shaw.
Juliette: Kind of like when Nick's mom brought Adalind here. You know, she didn't know that we knew her, and Adalind didn't know that she was Nick's mom.
Rosalee: Yeah, if we could only know what we didn't know before it just all blows up in our faces.
Juliette: I keep thinking about Adalind. She was a Hexenbiest and her mom was a Hexenbiest.
Rosalee: [She sighs] So?
Juliette: So Adalind must have been born that way.
Rosalee: Yeah, probably.
Juliette: But she lost her powers and then got them back, so-so does that mean that you don't have to be born a Hexenbiest? You could become one?
Rosalee: I think so, and what I know, which isn't very much, the transformation is pretty grueling.
Juliette: Mm-hmm.
Rosalee: And the ones that are made and not born are even more deadly. Why?
Juliette: I was just wondering what I didn't know.
Rosalee: I wouldn't worry about Adalind right now. Hopefully she's just still in Vienna. Now let's focus, okay? What am I not seeing here? What am I missing?
Juliette: Bud didn't know everyone who was at your wedding, and he didn't have the list of names. He and Trubel found out that Shaw was in the Wesenrein, and somehow Shaw found out you and Monroe got married.
Rosalee: Well, then we need to talk to Bud, because five of these people have plus-ones that I've never met before.

Scene: Nick and Bud walk through the precinct.

Bud: You'll be in there with me, right? I mean, you never know what can happen. Not everybody can handle a full woge.
Nick: I'll be there. So will Hank.
Bud: Oh, good, and he knows I'm a-I'm a—
Nick: I told him not all Wesen are bad.
Bud: Oh, okay, good, good. Just leave it up to me.
Nick: Right, because there's nothing scary about you.
Bud: Right, yeah. Really? Nothing at all?
[Office Acker goes to make a call as he watches Nick and Bud. Nick and Bud then go into the room where Hank and Wu are]
Bud: Hey, Hank.
Hank: Bud, this is Sergeant Wu.
Bud: Oh, sure, yeah. Sergeant Wu. Nice to meet you formally. I mean professionally. Not in a criminal way. [He clears his throat] So how do you want to do this?
Nick: Why don't you sit down?
Bud: Sit, right, good. Good idea. [He and Wu sit across from each other at a table, and Bud nervously laughs]
[The scene shifts to Acker on the phone]
Acker: What the hell is going on? I thought you were picking him up? How're you gonna do that when he's down here? Yes, here at the precinct. Just now. No, you figure it out. [He hangs up]
[The scene shifts back to Nick, Hank, Wu, and Bud]
Hank: Just tell him the way it happens.
Bud: Right, well, the-[He clears his throat]-the way it happens-uh. Well, it happens in a-in a lot of ways. Uh, not always the same-uh, but usually-usually in-in-in the usual way.
Wu: I don't see anything.
Bud: What? No, no, you-you wouldn't. I haven't done anything yet.
Hank: He hasn't woged yet.
Nick: You'll know it when he does.
Wu: Okay.
Bud: I'm-I'm-I'm just getting ready to. I mean, it's not something you jump into right off the bat, you know? You have to be emotionally ready. That is to say uh-uh... it doesn't just happen. [He laughs nervously] This isn't going well. I can feel that I'm not... uh, look, you just have to know that when it happens, it's not something that I can be... uh... uh-look, I can't do it. I can't woge. I'm not feeling it. I don't know why. It's... this has never happened to me before. Hank, Nick, I can't, I won't-I won't, I just, [He woges] especially in a situation like this, when you know you have to.
[Wu quickly stands up]
Nick: Wu, take it easy.
Bud: He feels his face] Oh, no. I prematured again. [He retracts]
Hank: [To Wu] You all right?
Wu: You saw it?
Hank: I saw it.
Nick: Bud is an Eisbiber.
Wu: Uh-huh. A Eisbiber.
Hank: You okay?
Wu: Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. That was a woge.
Nick: Right. Now there's two kinds. One only I can see, because I'm a Grimm. The other, anybody can see. And that's what Bud just showed you.
Wu: [He sits down] Do it again.
Bud: Uh...

Scene: Monroe's tribunal continues.

Riken: The evidence will now be presented.
Prosecutor: Judges of the Wesenrein tribunal, assembled guests, I will now present the evidence supporting the charges of Eigenes Fleisch und Blut and Grimmig Freundschafteweisen against the defendant. Let me state for all here that these crimes are capital crimes, and I will prove beyond any doubt—
Monroe: Whoa, whoa, hang on. Just a procedural clarification. Isn't it supposed to be "beyond any reasonable doubt?"
Riken: Muzzle him.
[Monroe woges and hits the Wesenrein members next to him. He then runs into the forest]
Riken: After him! [He and multiple other members chase after Monroe]
[Monroe continues running until he is tackled by Jonah Riken. Another member comes up to Monroe and Monroe bites his throat out before he can be restrained, and he retracts]
Jonah: Oh, my God, Phil! Phil's dead. Kill him!
Monroe: No! No!
Riken: [Running up] Nobody kills him. He'll stand trial. That is the law.
Jonah: But he just killed Phil!
Riken: He'll stand trial for that, too.
Purifier: Why don't we just kill him now?
Riken: The tribunal decides his fate. Take him. [To Jonah] Put your robe back on.

Scene: Bud retracts after showing Wu his woge again.

Nick: You okay?
Wu: Yeah, I think so.
Hank: You've got to be sure. It's a lot different when you're face-to-face with one that wants to kill you.
Wu: I'm in.
Bud: Well, glad I could help. I can go, right?
Nick: Yeah, thanks, Bud.
Bud: It's a relief to know. Well, for you to know, because I already know. Uh, anything else, just call. [He clears his throat and leaves]
[Nick, Hank, and Wu go to Renard's office]
Renard: Well, you're still here, so I have to assume you have a new understanding of the world we live in.
Wu: [He sighs] I do, sir.
Renard: Good. Let's get on with it.
Nick: We only have one connection to the Wesenrein.
Wu: Officer Acker.
Hank: We're bringing him in.
Wu: I've known him since the Academy, and if he's made some bad choices, then he has to be dealt with. But once you bring him in, he's gonna know that you know.
Renard: Well that's why we want you to talk to him first. Put pressure on him. Get him to make a mistake.
Wu: I can do that.
Nick: We're running out of time, Wu. We need this now. We got to find Monroe. [He, Hank, and Wu leave Renard's office]
[The scene shifts to Bud outside the precinct as he gets a call while walking to his truck]
Bud: [Answering his phone] Juliette. Oh, yeah, sorry. I was with Nick. Your house? Now? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I-I can be there in 15. Sure. [He gets into his truck] No, no, no. I'll drop everything. On my way. [He hangs up]
[Acker watches Bud drive away as Harold Johnson follows Bud]

Scene: The Prosecutor presents evidence against Monroe after Monroe was muzzled.

Prosecutor: The defendant, a Blutbad, did marry one Rosalee Calvert, a Fuchsbau, on the date aforementioned. I offer the tribunal proof of this so-called marriage. [He shows everyone photos of Monroe and Rosalee from their wedding] This abomination.
Monroe: [Muffled] Hey!
Riken: [He is shown the photos] Get on with it.
Prosecutor: An eye-witness at the wedding further stated that a Grimm was present, and I will shortly call forth that witness.

Scene: Wu pulls Acker aside to talk to him.

Wu: Hey, Jessie. How's it going?
Acker: Hey. I still feel pretty bad about messing up. You know, that guy getting taken?
Wu: Oh, I'm sure, I'm sure. I would too. Listen, you got a minute? I got a couple things I want to run past you.
Acker: Yeah, sure.
Wu: Uh-but not here.
Acker: Is something wrong?
Wu: I just want to get a couple things straight. Shouldn't take long.

Scene: Bud arrives at Nick and Juliette's house.

[Bud knocks and Juliette opens the door]
Bud: I'm here. [Juliette motions for him to come in and he goes inside] Well, what can I do? Rosalee, I'm so sorry.
Rosalee: We need your help.
Juliette: You said that someone at the wedding told Shaw about Monroe and Rosalee.
Bud: Yeah, yeah. It has to have been.
Rosalee: Then who? Because this is the list you made with Trubel, and this is my wedding list. I can't figure this out because I don't know these men on your list.
Bud: Uh-well, let me take a look. [He clears his throat and sits down to look at the lists]

Scene: Wu leads Acker into an interrogation room.

Acker: So what's going on?
Wu: What kind of cop are you?
Acker: Excuse me?
Wu: Didn't I train you better than this?
Acker: What're you talking about?
Wu: I'm talking about you can't even guard a house. What are you doing walking off and checking something out without calling it in? Now we got a kidnapping. You don't think that comes back on me?
Acker: I thought I saw something.
Wu: What? What did you see that turned you into such an idiot?
Acker: Okay, wait a second, Sarge.
Wu: No. You tell me what you saw.
Acker: I already told them I saw a guy in a hoodie.
Wu: Oh? And why didn't you call it in?
Acker: Because I wasn't sure there was anything—
Wu: So what was it about this guy in a hoodie that made you want to check him out?
Acker: Just the way he acted.
Wu: Which was?
Acker: He looked like he was watching the place.
Wu: So you got out of your car, and you walked straight up to this guy, and you asked him what he was doing?
Acker: No, I got out of my car, and I got hit.
Wu: You didn't look around?
Acker: I was looking at the guy in the hoodie.
Wu: So not only did you go after a guy you weren't sure was involved, you let someone come up behind you.
Acker: Sir, it happened really fast.
Wu: How'd you end up in the bushes?
Acker: They dragged me there.
Wu: "They"? [He turns around and looks in the direction of the room where Nick, Hank, and Renard are watching from, before facing Acker again] How many was "they"?
Acker: Just the guy who hit me and the guy in the hoodie.
Wu: So if it was two guys, you must've seen 'em.
Acker: Sergeant, what the hell's going on here?
Wu: I know you're lying, Jessie.
Acker: I'm not lying.
Wu: You're Wesenrein, you're involved, and you know Shaw.
[Acker woges into a Bauerschwein and lunges at Wu, but Wu quickly punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground]
Nick: Bauerschwein! [He and Hank head towards the interrogation room]
Wu: You make me sick.
[Nick and Hank come into the room, and Nick grabs Acker and pins him to a wall]
Acker: [He squeals before retracting] Oh, you're a Grimm again?
[Hank takes off Acker's police duty belt, and Nick sits Acker in a chair]
Wu: I don't know what you are, but you're no Aswang. [He takes Acker's belt and leaves]
Nick: Where's Monroe?
Acker: I don't know what you're talking about.
Hank: Yeah, you do. [He shows Acker the photo from Shaw's house] That's you, and that's Shaw.
Nick: You made calls to Charlie Riken in prison.
Acker: I don't know who that is.
Nick: You talked to his cellmate Williams, and you visited him eight times. You remember Williams.
Acker: No.
Hank: You don't know who anybody is.
Nick: [He grabs Acker and slams him against the wall] I'm done asking questions.
Hank: Nick, not here. Take a walk.
[Nick lets go and leaves the room]
Acker: Guess that makes you the good cop, huh?
Hank: Don't count on it.
Nick: [He enters the room where Renard is] Acker knows the game too well.
Renard: But he doesn't know our game that well.
Hank: You'd do yourself a big favor by cooperating.
Acker: You don't know what you're talking about.
Hank: We've got you tied to the kidnapping. If Monroe dies, don't expect to face a trial.
Acker: Some of us are willing to die for what we believe in.
Hank: Well, I certainly hope you're one of 'em.
[Nick and Renard walk in]
Acker: Oh, good, sir, thank God you're here. This is harassment.
Renard: Officer, this is your one chance to come clean. I suggest you take it.
Acker: What the hell? Are you gonna let him treat me like this?
Renard: Oh, I see what the problem is. You still think we're playing by the rules.
Acker: I'm not talking to anybody. You get me a lawyer, or you cut me loose.
Renard: [He grabs Acker and throws his across the table] Lock him up. No calls. [He leaves the room]

Scene: Juliette, Rosalee, and Bud potentially find the connection they're looking for.

Rosalee: Who came with John Oblinger?
Bud: Uh... ah, Suzanne.
Juliette: Suzanne who?
Bud: I don't know. She just started dating John. She's a real estate agent.
Juliette: Where?
Bud: Uh, I'm pretty sure she works for... M-McCoy and Ellis.
Juliette: They have an office in the Pearl.
Bud: But I don't know how she would know Shaw.
Rosalee: But you don't know that she doesn't.
Bud: No. I'm calling John. See what I can find out. [He steps aside and dials his phone]
Rosalee: If this isn't-this isn't it, then I-I don't-I don't know what else to do.
Bud: Damn it, come on, John. Come on. Answer the phone. [He sighs] Oh, damn. I got his voicemail. John, it's me. It's an urgent emergency. Call me right back, because I'm coming right down. [He hangs up] As soon as I talk to him, I'm calling you. [He leaves]
Rosalee: We can't just sit here. I'm going to go talk to this Suzanne.
Juliette: I'll call her office.
Rosalee: I'm not doing it. This is taking too long.
[The scene shifts to Bud getting into his truck]
Bud: [He sees Harold Johnson come up to the truck] Oh. Crap, you scared me.
[Harold punches Bud, knocking him out. He pushes Bud to the passenger's side and drives away in Bud's truck]

Scene: The Prosecutor continues to present the case against Monroe.

Prosecutor: For a period of several years, the defendant has knowingly and willingly disregarded Wesenrein law. Marrying outside of his blood, helping a Grimm, and now killing one of us.
Riken: How does the defendant plead?
Monroe: [His muzzle is removed] Not as guilty as all of you— [He is re-muzzled]
Riken: You disrespect this Holy tribunal. We enter a not-guilty plea on your behalf. Proceed.
Prosecutor: I will now call forth an eyewitness to the vile crimes of the accused.
[Harold brings Bud out with a bag over his head. He walks Bud over to Monroe and removes the bag]
Bud: Where am I? What's going on? Oh, my God, Monroe!
Prosecutor: Let the records show that the witness, Rupert Ferdinand Wurstner, has identified the defendant.
Bud: Defendant? What? Wait, no, no, no! I didn't identify anybody. He-he-he just looked like somebody I thought I knew, but it's-it's really h-hard to tell. He's got that thing on his face. I haven't identified—
Riken: Silence!
Bud: [He stammers] Right, silence. Sorry. Look, I don't think I could be of any help here. I don't know anything about anybody.
Riken: Testify or die.
Prosecutor: How long have you known the defendant?
Bud: How long have I known the defendant? Well, let me see. Uh, it depends on what you mean by "known." Did you mean it in the sense of "have I-have I met him before?" "Do I see him around town?" "Is he a customer?" "Have I repaired a-a refrigerator or an air-conditioning unit?" Because we don't get many calls for air-conditioning in Portland. Or do you mean it in a more familiar "I've had dinner with him on more than one occasion," or "He picked up the check, or I picked up the check." Do we exchange gifts at Christmas, kind of relationship, or... [He stammers] I forgot the question.
Riken: Clarify the question for the witness.
Bud: Thank you. Thank you. I really— [The Prosecutor punches him]
Monroe: Hey!
Riken: You are trying the patience of this tribunal. Do not do it again.
[Harold stands Bud back up]

Scene: Juliette and Rosalee arrive at Suzanne's office.

Suzanne: [On the phone] Oh, yeah, it's plenty big enough for you.
[Rosalee and Juliette come into the office]
Suzanne: [On the phone] It's 2,400 square feet on the first floor, 1,400 on the second.
Rosalee: That's her. She was at the wedding. [She walks over to Suzanne]
Suzanne: [On the phone] Okay, I'll see you there at 5:00. Okay, thanks. [She hangs up] Rosalee, hi.
Rosalee: You were at my wedding.
Juliette: You came with John Oblinger.
Suzanne: Yeah, I did. Sorry we didn't get a chance to properly—
Rosalee: I need your help.
Suzanne: Oh, okay. Are you looking to rent or buy?
Rosalee: My husband's been kidnapped.
Suzanne: What? Oh my God.
Rosalee: Do you recognize any of the names on this list? [She hands Suzanne the list]
Suzanne: I'm sorry, I—
Rosalee: Look again.
Suzanne: You know, maybe my brother does.
Rosalee: Your brother?
Suzanne: Jessie, yeah. I'm pretty sure he knows Shaw.
Juliette: We need to talk to your brother.
Suzanne: Okay. He's probably at work right now.
Rosalee: Where?
Suzanne: He's a police officer here in Portland.
[Juliette takes out her phone]

Scene: Nick, Hank, Wu, and Renard go back to Renard's office after interrogating Acker.

Nick: Locking Acker up won't get him to talk.
Hank: We've got no leverage on him. Why should he say anything?
Renard: He knows he can wait us out.
Nick: Yeah, well, we can't wait him out. This is getting in the way. [He puts his badge on Renard's desk as his phone rings, and he answers] Juliette, I can't talk right now.
Juliette: No, Nick, we found out one of the women at the wedding has a brother who is a cop.
Nick: A cop?
Rosalee: Nick, his name is Jessie Acker. Isn't that the cop who was outside our house? Suzanne told him about our wedding.
Juliette: And she said he knows one of the guys on Trubel's list, Shaw.
Nick: Well, where is Acker's sister?
Rosalee: With us. We're at her office in The Pearl. McCoy & Ellis Real Estate.
Nick: Sergeant Wu is coming to pick her up. We got to talk.
Juliette: Wu knows?
Nick: He's in. Don't leave her side.
Rosalee: She's not going anywhere.

Scene: The Prosecutor questions Bud.

Prosecutor: And do you have any knowledge of the defendant helping said Grimm to hunt down and kill Wesen of any bloodline?
Bud: No.
Prosecutor: Do you deny that you, yourself, have helped the Grimm?
Bud: Have I helped the Grimm? Well, let me think. Yeah. I have.
Prosecutor: And you have no regrets for doing so?
Bud: The only regret I have is that I can't help him now, because boy, would he have a field day here!
Riken: Enough! This trial is over! Bring him forth!
[Monroe is brought forward]
Riken: Let the defendant have his say.
Monroe: [His muzzle is removed and he spits] You call this a tribunal? Well, I got a problem with that, because a tribunal implies that you have the authority to judge, and in order to judge you have to know the difference between right and wrong. And you don't, because this is wrong. And whatever you do to any of us will never make it right, and it will not change anything. What is right is my love for my wife, and her love for me. That you will never be able to destroy.

Scene: Nick goes to get Acker out of his cell.

Acker: I'm not going anywhere.
Nick: We need you to talk to somebody.
Acker: Unless they're a lawyer, I got nothing to say.
Nick: Well, I'm not gonna force you to do anything you don't want to do, but you might want to watch us talk to her. [He opens the cell door] She's a real estate agent.
[Acker goes with Nick]

Scene: Rosalee talks with Suzanne in an interrogation room.

Rosalee: How well does your brother know Shaw?
Suzanne: I don't know. I think they just go fishing together sometimes.
[Nick and Acker watch the conversation from the other side of the one way mirror]
Rosalee: Have you ever heard of the Wesenrein?
Suzanne: Yes, but Jessie would never be involved in something like that.
Rosalee: Shaw is involved, and so is your brother.
Suzanne: No. No, he's not. Why are you saying this?
Rosalee: Because they have my husband.
Suzanne: No. Jessie's not involved. I want to get out of here. [She stands up]
Rosalee: [She pushes Suzanne back down to her chair] You sit down!
Acker: You can't arrest her. She's got nothing to do with this.
Nick: I'm not going to arrest her. I just wanted you to know, whatever happens to Monroe is going to happen to her.
[Acker woges and tries to attack Nick, but Nick grabs him by the throat and pins him up against a wall]
Nick: Tell me where Monroe is, or you're gonna watch your sister die.
[Acker retracts]
Renard: [Coming into the room] Nick.
[Nick lets go of Acker]
Renard: He talk?
Nick: No.
Renard: Let's get this over with.
[Nick leaves the room]
Renard: You know what Grimms do, right?
[Nick opens the interrogation room door]
Suzanne: What is going on?
[Rosalee leaves]
Nick: We're done here. I'm gonna take you home. [He and Suzanne leave the room]
Acker: You can't do this. He'll kill her.
Renard: Yes, he will. Unless you stop it.

Scene: Monroe continues his speech.

Monroe: You believe that purity of blood is all that matters, and so you call me an impuro? Nothing in life is pure. It's not supposed to be. You can't stop life from being messy, so get over it. I love my wife and I always will. [He tears up] That's what real purity is. And I feel sorry for you, because it is something that none of you will ever know.
Riken: We will now take the vote. The removal of the mask is a sentence of guilt.
[One by one, starting with Riken, each Wesenrein member removes their mask]
Riken: [He stands up] It is unanimous. The defendant is guilty-as-charged, and by Wesenrein law, you will now be put to death. Take him!
Monroe: I will see you all in hell! [He's taken away]
Bud: No! No, no! You can't do this! Stop it! You people are insane! [The bag is put back over his head] Stop this! Stop! Stop!

Scene: Suzanne continues to be in disbelief about her brother.

Suzanne: He wouldn't do this. He couldn't. I was just telling him about the wedding and what happened when that girl came in, that Grimm girl. I can't believe this is happening.
Rosalee: Tell me about it.
[Renard walks into the room]
Rosalee: What happened?
Renard: When your brother found out you'd been brought down for questioning, he admitted his involvement.
Suzanne: Oh, my gosh.
Renard: He's been placed under arrest. An officer will now take you home.
Hank: Did he say where they are?
Renard: Oxbow Park.
[Nick, Hank, Juliette, Rosalee, Renard, and Wu go to help Monroe]

Scene: The gang arrive at Oxbow Park and find many other vehicles parked.

[Wu and Hank grab shotguns from the back of Renard's vehicle]
Renard: They will attack you, even unprovoked. [He tosses his badge into his vehicle]
[Nick and Hank also toss their badges in, and Juliette tosses her purse in after taking out a gun]
Hank: Stay close to me, Rosalee.
[They all head into the park]

Scene: Monroe is dragged to the stake as Wesenrein members prepare it so it can be set on fire.

Bud: What's happening? Get this off me! What's going on? [The bag is removed from his head] No, no, no! You can't do this. This is crazy.
Riken: Remove his chains. Any efforts to avoid your fate, [He points a gun at Monroe] I put a bullet in you, and it won't kill you. You'll still taste the fire. The sentence is justified. Blood will remain pure. Put him on the stake.
Bud: No! Don't do this! Don't do this! Please listen to me! Listen to me. You're gonna regret this!
Riken: Cut his throat.
Bud: [A knife is put to his throat] Oh, oh, my God!
Wu: [He walks up and points his gun at the Wesenrein member with the knife] Don't move.
Nick: Riken!
[The rest of the gang walks up]
Rosalee: Monroe! [She runs over to him]
Monroe: Rosalee. [He and Rosalee kiss]
Nick: The tribunal is over.
Bud: Nick, thank God you-oh, uh-uh, I-don't-I don't know him either.
Riken: So you're Burkhardt? [He woges] You got it back.
Nick: That is the rumor.
Riken: [He retracts] You may be a Grimm again, but you're not gonna be able to arrest all of us.
Nick: You're right. Some of you will be stupid.
Riken: Take them!
[Nick and Juliette each shoot a member, and some run into the forest]
Renard: On your knees!
[Nick stays behind with Bud to keep an eye of the surrendering members, while the rest of the gang runs into the forest]
Wu: [He comes across Harold Johnson with a gun] Stop or die! Drop it.
Harold: [He turns around to face Wu with his arms up] Please, please don't shoot me. Look, I-I give up.
[Harold tosses his gun towards Wu's feet. As Wu goes to pick it up, Harold woges and tries to attack, but Wu shoots him with his shotgun, killing him. Harold retracts, and the scene shifts to Hank stopping Walter Dempsey]
Hank: That's as far as you go.
[Walter woges into a Hässlich and tries to run the opposite direction]
Hank: Bad idea.
Renard: [He comes out from behind a bush and woges] Like he said. [He picks Walter up by his throat and kills him]
Hank: Damn.
[The scene shifts to Juliette coming across Jonah. Jonah grabs her, causing her gun to go off. He knocks her to the ground, making her drop her gun]
Jonah: [He sits on top of Juliette, pins her arms down, and woges] You missed.
[Juliette woges and uses telekinesis to make the back of Jonah's head explode, killing him. She rolls Jonah's body off her, grabs her gun, and walks away. The scene shifts back to Nick and Bud]
Nick: You okay?
Bud: Oh, Nick. I've never been so happy to see anybody since the last time you saved—
Nick: Quiet. [He uses his enhanced hearing]
[The Prosecutor comes running at Nick, trying to attack, but Nick easily defeats him, knocking him out. Nick then removes his mask]
Bud: Oh, my God. It's my chiropractor.
[Everyone but Monroe and Rosalee return to Nick and Bud]
Nick: [He frees Bud. To Juliette] Are you okay?
Juliette: Sort of. Where are Monroe and Rosalee?
Wu: I don't know.
Hank: I haven't seen them.
Renard: The last I saw, he was chasing after Riken.
[The scene shifts to Riken in the forest. He sniffs the air, woges, and starts loading a handgun as Monroe, woged, tackles him to the ground. They begin fighting]
Monroe: You should have killed me when you had the chance.
[Riken takes out a knife and starts swinging it at Monroe, but Monroe dodges the attacks. He knocks Riken to the ground, but Riken knocks Monroe to the ground as well when Monroe gets too close. Rosalee then runs out of the forest]
Riken: I'm gonna kill you now.
Rosalee: Like hell you are. [She woges and jumps onto Riken's back. She and Monroe then tear out Riken's throat]
[The scene shifts back to the rest of the gang]
Juliette: We've got to find Monroe and Rosalee.
Bud: There! [He points as Monroe and Rosalee walk out of the forest]
Rosalee: Did anybody get away? Because Riken sure didn't.
Renard: No.
Monroe: Thanks to all of you.
Wu: Uh, what do we have in store for these idiots?

Scene: Renard speaks to the press outside of the Portland Police Bureau.

Renard: We've made several arrests in the bizarre discovery of a murder-suicide death cult in Oxbow Park last night. The leader of this violent and racist group, I am sad to say, is a police officer, Jessie Acker. Now with his arrest, and the signed confession of the nine surviving members, it is safe to say that this cult of hatred has been destroyed for now. But we must remain ever-vigilant.
[The scene shifts to Acker in a holding cell as Renard finishes his statement]

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee thank everyone for their help.

Nick: We're not taking any chances this time.
Hank: How many units you think we'll need?
Nick: At least two. One in the back, one in the front.
Hank: And we'll be inside?
Nick: We're going all the way with this one.
Hank: And don't let 'em out of our sight until—
Monroe: [He comes into the room] Hey, come on, you guys, you're part of this toast too. [He pops a cork] That's gonna leave a mark.
Rosalee: Monroe and I just wanted to thank all of you for what you did. We wouldn't be here without you.
Monroe: I certainly wouldn't.
Bud: Well, let me just say that I-I wouldn't be here either, so there's a lot of thanks from me too.
Monroe: Yeah, you should've seen Bud out there. He was awesome. You really stood up to those sons of—
Rosalee: Monroe.
Monroe: Right. I know, I know. Um, look, I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate, you know, the... [His voice breaks as he gets emotional]
Rosalee: Aww, honey, it's okay. We just... we're overwhelmed you all were willing to risk your own lives for ours, and we couldn't ask for better friends. And we can't possibly thank you enough. Truly.
Monroe: What she said.
Juliette: Well, you both deserve every happiness.
Renard: Well, I suggest we drink to your honeymoon.
Wu: At last.
[They all toast]
Rosalee: We'll miss you guys.
Monroe: Yes, we will, but I think I'm also ready for some alone time with my wife.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee are in a limo being escorted to the airport.

Rosalee: You guys really didn't have to do this.
Hank: There's no way you two are gonna try to make it to the airport without us.
Nick: Not a chance.
Monroe: That is really great, you guys. Thank you. As long as you're not coming on the actual honeymoon with us, we're good. [He and Rosalee laugh]
Nick: You won't even know we're there.
Hank: We'll blend right in.

Scene: Wu sits in the trailer, eating food, and looking through the Grimm diaries.

Scene: Juliette arrives at Renard's house.

[Juliette rings the doorbell]
Renard: [He opens the door, and Juliette comes in] What did you want to talk to me about? What's wrong?
Juliette: [She turns her back to Renard, teary-eyed] I don't know how to...
Renard: What? Just tell me.
[Juliette woges and turns around, shocking Renard]


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