Opening Quote: "And glory like the phoenix midst her fires, Exhales her odours, blazes, and expires." – English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

Scene: Damien Barso watches from across the street as some of an outdoor store's lights turn off. He then walks towards the store.

[Inside the store, Joan Tapford is cleaning up when Mason Heady comes up from behind her and scares her]
Mason: Ah!
[Joan screams]
Mason: Sorry. I couldn't help it.
Joan: We should have been out of here hours ago. How long does it take you to do inventory? Did you forget how to count?
Mason: It's 9:00 p.m., where do you got to be? Come on. Let's be bad. [He grabs Joan's hand]
[Outside of the store, Barso picks a lock and goes inside. He begins to take his clothes off. He then walks upstairs in just his underwear and goes to the store's breaker box. He woges his hand, which ignites it on fire, and puts his hand on the breaker box, causing it to spark. Elsewhere in the store, Mason pours Joan a drink]
Mason: This is the good stuff.
Joan: We shouldn't be in here.
[The power goes out]
Joan: What was that?
Mason: [He scoffs] It's mood-lighting. Relax. Just have a drink. [He pours himself a drink, and he and Joan drink]
[Elsewhere in the store, Barso woges into an Excandesco. He walks around the store, causing things to catch on fire]

Scene: Nick arrives home after dealing with Jonathon Wilde's body.

Juliette: What'd you do with the body? Never mind. I don't want to know.
Nick: [He sits down with Juliette] You okay?
Juliette: [Flashback of Juliette killing Wilde in "Maréchaussée"] Not exactly.
Nick: Look, I know it's been a little rough around here lately.
Juliette: Yeah. A little.
Nick: What?
Juliette: So what happens when Adalind finds out you're a Grimm again?
Nick: Well, one less Hexenbiest wouldn't be a bad thing, would it?
Juliette: No, I guess not.

Scene: Barso continues to set the store on fire.

Joan: [She stops making out with Mason] I smell smoke.
Mason: [He sees smoke coming into the room from under a door] Oh, my God! [He and Joan both cough as he goes to open the door, where he sees the store on fire, so he closes the door]
Joan: Oh, God, Mason! [She and Mason cough and gasp] I can't breathe! [She falls to the ground]
Mason: Joan. Come on, we got to get out of here. Ah! [He breaks a window with a chair, causing a backdraft, killing him and Joan]

Scene: Wu informs Nick and Hank about who was killed at the outdoor store.

Wu: Hey.
Hank: We got an ID on the bodies?
Wu: Mason Heady and Joan Tapford, employees, supposed to be closing up, according to the owner who is right over there-John Harrison and his son Andy. Guy with the clipboard is the insurance investigator. Arson's inside.
[Nick and Hank go inside and are informed by Lt. Willis on what happened]
Willis: They must have got trapped in here. Tried to get out by breaking the window, which caused a backdraft. They didn't survive very long after that window broke.
Nick: Did they start the fire?
Willis: Too early to tell.
Hank: Where'd it start?
Willis: Breaker box. [She takes Nick and Hank to the breaker box] Could have been electrical. There's no sign of accelerants or any kind of incendiary device. But see that vent up there? Fires are fairly predictable. Once it got going, it should have followed the ventilation system.
Hank: "Should have" means it didn't?
Willis: Let me show you how the fire moved. Fire turns right here, moves down this aisle, then comes all the way around here, then goes down this aisle, and down the stairs. Fires just don't turn for no reason.
Nick: So this fire had a mind of its own.
Willis: For the most part. And the office is the only place the fire makes sense. When they broke the window, the fire went right for the oxygen like it's supposed to.
Hank: Well, let's talk to the owner. Thank you. [He and Nick go back outside]
John: This is just unbelievable. This property's been in my family for 60 years.
Andy: Nothing like this has ever happened.
Nick: How'd you hear about the fire?
John: The fire department called me about 10:30 last night.
Hank: Where were you when you got the call?
John: At Mulligans, the restaurant, with Andy. We were celebrating his promotion to manager.
Nick: And what time did you get to Mulligans?
John: Y-you think I had something to do with this? This business was started by my grandfather. I've worked here since I was a kid, so did my son.
Andy: Take it easy, dad. J-just take it easy. We got there about 8:00. As soon as we got the call, we came over here. We've been here all night.
Hank: Why were Mason and Joan inside?
John: I don't know. They should have been out by 6:30, 7:00 at the latest. Oh, those poor kids. What am I gonna tell their families?
Hank: We'll need your contact information, a list of all your employees, anybody who had access to the building.
Andy: I can do that.
Nick: We're sorry for your loss. [He and Hank go to their car]
Hank: How do you explain a fire with a mind of its own?
Nick: You can't. You think they were involved?
Hank: Well, they sure had an alibi ready.
Nick: Okay, let's assume dad hired someone to torch the business.
Hank: Someone who knew what he was doing, except he killed two innocent people.
Nick: Let's start with insurance. See if it was worth burning down to begin with.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the precinct to gather information.

Hank: [On the phone] When was the policy renewed? What's the cash value? Uh-huh. And has Mr. Harrison filed any previous claims? That's all we need for now. Thank you. [He hangs up] $5 million policy. Upgraded last year.
Nick: Take a look at this. Harrison and Sons filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy three months ago. I think we have a motive.
Wu: [He walks up] So alibi checks out. They were at the restaurant when they said they were.
Nick: All right, check with the arson guys downstairs, see if they have any similar cases.
Wu: Yep. On it. [He walks away]
Hank: Let's talk with the lawyer who filed the bankruptcy, Charles Laney.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet with Charles Laney.

Laney: There's no way John would burn down his own building. He inherited it from his father who inherited it from his father, and John's gonna give it to his son.
Hank: What about the bankruptcy?
Laney: It's true there were some money issues, but bankruptcy filing is just a reorganization of debt.
Nick: Which means somebody he owes money to is not happy.
Laney: I'm sure there's a few.
Hank: We're gonna need to get a list of the debtors.
Laney: I can put that together for you. That all?
Hank: Unfortunately, no. This is a homicide investigation. There were two deaths.
Laney: What?
Nick: Two employees were working late last night. They got trapped inside.
Laney: Oh, my God. That's terrible.
Nick: We're gonna need access to the company's financial records.
Hank: If you can't provide them, we'll subpoena them.

Scene: Sam Damerov meets with Renard to inform him on the information he has about Kelly Burkhardt.

Damerov: Kelly Burkhardt sold the truck three months ago. The truck was reregistered to a Dennis and Helen Becker in Spokane, Washington.
Renard: Did the people she sold the truck to say anything about a child being with her?
Damerov: I haven't been able to find out anything about your daughter, but that doesn't mean Kelly doesn't have her.
Renard: She would have had to buy a new vehicle then.
Damerov: Or steal one.
Renard: I don't think she'd risk that with a child. I'll get someone to check the listings of all vehicles sold within two days of her getting rid of that truck. Stay close. I'll let you know what I find out.

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive back at the precinct.

Hank: Still doesn't make any sense. Why would you file for bankruptcy then burn down your building? Aren't you asking to be investigated?
Nick: Well, either he's really stupid or it was an accident.
Hank: [He chuckles] Let's find out more about this lawyer.
Nick: Hey, Wu, could you run a background check for us?
Wu: Yeah. Who?
Nick: Charles Laney, handled the Harrison bankruptcy. See what you can find out.
Wu: Will do, and I have something kind of interesting. Talked to Lieutenant Bradey in arson, says the weird fire pattern sounds a lot like a case an old partner of his was following. Same M.O. He was never able to crack it. Says his partner was a little obsessed with nailing this firebug. You know, the one that always got away.
Hank: Let's talk to this cop.
Wu: If he'll talk to you.
Nick: Why wouldn't he?
Wu: You arrested him. For murder.

Scene: Orson is informed that he has visitors.

Guard: Hey, Orson, let's go. You got visitors.
Orson: Oh, yeah? Who is it?
Guard: Detectives from Portland. Griffin and Burkhardt.
Orson: [He turns his head and woges] Hell no!
Nick: [He and Hank chat while waiting for Orson to be brought out] I didn't really know what was going on back then. You know, it was just all starting to happen. [Flashback of Nick talking to Orson in "The Three Bad Wolves"]
Hank: You arrested him, you didn't convict him. He did the killings.
Nick: Yeah, but I didn't know Bauerschwein and Blutbaden had this ancient feud.
Hank: Doesn't justify what he did.
Nick: I mean, Angelina did kill his brothers.
Hank: Angelina?
Nick: Yeah, Monroe's ex-girlfriend.
Hank: That Angelina? She killed Orson's brothers?
Nick: It was one of my first cases as a Grimm. What the hell was I supposed to know?
Hank: Well, more than I did.
Orson: [He is brought out] Well, well, well, well. It's been a long time. You boys look swell.
Nick: I wouldn't be here unless I had to.
Orson: That hurts.
Hank: We've got a fire we can't figure out.
Orson: I'm not on the payroll anymore. I-I'm wearing a different uniform. Maybe you didn't notice.
Nick: Yeah, this fire's different.
Orson: You want me to do your job?
Nick: You told me once, whatever else we are, we're both cops. Now this is a chance for you to be a cop again. [He shows Orson images of Mason and Joan's bodies] Mason Heady, Joan Tapford were both caught inside.
Hank: This fire had no accelerant. It didn't move the way fires are supposed to, almost like it had a mind of its own.
Nick: An old partner of yours, Lieutenant Bradey, suggested you might know who we're after.
Hank: He said you got real close to figuring out who he was.
Orson: You have no idea how many years I spent tracking this guy. I saw him. Once. I came so close. I would have caught him, it was only a matter of time, but then you arrested me.
Nick: Are you telling us you can ID him?
Orson: I-I never did put a face to the name, but if I saw him again, yeah. You have a photograph to show me?
Hank: No.
Orson: Then I don't know how I can help you.
Hank: [Whispering to Nick] If he saw this guy's face, Orson may be our best shot.
Nick: [Whispering to Hank] Yeah, but not from in here.

Scene: Nick and Hank bring Orson to the precinct with an ankle monitor.

Orson: It's good to be back.
[The three of them go to Renard's office]
Orson: Hey, Captain. Been a long time. 3 years, 27 days to be exact.
Renard: Sit.
[Orson sits down]
Renard: Now, you're here for one reason only, to assist these detectives. You got two days. You make one false move, you'll be right back inside, and I guarantee no parole board will ever let you out.
Orson: So much for the warm welcome.
Renard: Tell us what you know.
Orson: Well... I'm gonna need more time.
Renard: You don't have it.
Orson: This... this guy, he moves around a lot. I mean, he's... he's not what you'd expect. It's kind of hard to explain.
Nick: Is he Wesen?
Orson: [He looks at Hank and then at Nick] Wesen what?
Hank: You're Bauerschwein. Nick's a Grimm. Yeah, we know.
Orson: [He looks at Renard] Wow. I've been away too long. Does everybody in the precinct—
Everyone: No.
Renard: And we're gonna keep it that way.
Nick: Where'd you see the suspect?
Orson: Oh, at another fire. I recognized him from a previous arson. By the way, he's one of those guys that likes to light 'em and stick around and watch. I-I chased him into the basement of the building next door. I figured I had him, and then I found his clothes, he had taken them off. Then I saw him woge.
Hank: Into what?
Orson: I don't know. I mean, he was literally on fire. I made a lot of notes. They'd be in my old case files.
Renard: They're open cases. They'll be downstairs.
Nick: You guys work the files. I think I'll do a little reading. [He leaves]
Orson: Is he kidding?
Hank: No. Let's go. [He and Orson leave]

Scene: Nick and Wu go to the trailer to try to figure out what type of Wesen they're looking for.

Wu: Oh, this could be what we're looking for.
Nick: What do you got?
Wu: [He hands Nick one of the books] Excandesco.
Nick: It's Latin. I think it translates to "burns with rage," or "raging burning thing," you know, a flaming person.
Wu: You speak Latin?
Nick: Not really. But I've picked up a little bit ever since I got all this. Hopefully there's an English translation. Here we go. Rome, July 18, A.D. 64.
Wu: Whoa. Seriously?
Nick: Well, I mean, it's a translation of a translation of a translation, but the date stays the same. [He begins reading] "At the request of Peter and Paul, fearful for their Christian brothers, I'd spent weeks following the Excandesco thought to be the basis for the phoenix. His patron was the Emperor Nero himself, and Peter knew he was being sent to destroy Christians in the city. That night was a windy one as I followed him through the streets. He entered one of the small stores. I tried to catch up to him, but the madness had already begun. The flames spread rapidly through the narrow, twisting streets, rising and spreading to the Palatine and Caelian slopes. With nothing to stop it, the fire raged through Rome. I blame myself for not being able to stop him, for as I closed in to kill him he emitted terrible heat. I could not continue and had to fall back, my skin and scalp badly burned. There's nothing I know that can stop these devils."
Wu: Now, when he says "devils," is he referring to...
Nick: No. I doubt it.

Scene: Laney meets with Barso.

Barso: [He gets into Laney's car] What's the problem?
Laney: A couple of homicide detectives came to see me today. There were two kids inside the Harrison building.
Barso: They told me it would be empty.
Laney: You were told wrong, and now we've got a double homicide.
Barso: This is not my fault.
Laney: I don't think the cops are gonna care. You have to clean house, starting with anyone who can ID you, including your last client. He'll be sweating this as much as us, but he won't be able to handle it. And next time, check the damn building before you light it up. A little diligence never hurt anybody.
Barso: You're wrong. This is gonna hurt. [He grabs Laney's throat and woges his hand, causing Laney's neck and face to catch fire. The flames spread throughout the inside of the car and Barso gets out. He walks away as the top of the car explodes off]

Scene: Nick arrives back at the precinct as Hank and Orson go through case files.

Orson: Every arsonist has a signature; gasoline; kerosene; diesel; schnapps. There was a guy who used schnapps-what he didn't drink, he would use to start the fire. But this guy, he has no point of ignition. He didn't leave a trace of anything.
Nick: [He comes into the room] Have you ever heard of an Excandesco?
Orson: No. What is that? [Nick shows him a picture from his phone] My God... That's what it looked like when he was woged. Where'd you get that?
Nick: A not-so-public library.
Hank: You think he's the accelerant himself?
Nick: Could be. What if he's producing it, like, in his skin or glands?
Orson: Phosphorus.
Hank: Phosphorus, really?
Orson: White phosphorus makes up 1% of the human body. It's in every cell, and it only needs 86 degrees before it ignites and burns like hell once it's exposed to oxygen, like-like a match.
Hank: You're talking a human match?
Orson: Yeah, basically.
Hank: [He laughs] Just when you think the world can't get any weirder.
Nick: This guy's producing more than 1%.
Orson: Oh, yeah. Way more. Way, way more. When I got close to him, I almost fried.
Hank: All right, then how do we arrest him?
Nick: We can't stop him from producing phosphorus, so we need to stop him from igniting.
Orson: Well, phosphorus needs oxygen to burn. We've got to block that.
Hank: We're gonna need some pretty heavy duty sunscreen to do that.
Nick: Yeah, like, 10,000 SPF.
Orson: I can make it. I can make it if I get the right stuff, but I'm gonna need some special ingredients.
Hank: Spice shop might have just what he needs.
Nick: Um... I should probably call first. [He leaves]

Scene: Rosalee is working in the spice shop when Nick calls.

Rosalee: [Answering the phone] Spice shop.
Nick: Rosalee.
Rosalee: Nick.
Nick: Yeah, is Monroe there?
Rosalee: No, he left for a repair job. Is he not picking up his cell?
Nick: When will he be back?
Rosalee: At least a couple of hours. He had to pick up the parts, and the repair's in Lake Oswego.
Nick: All right, actually, you're the one I wanted to talk to.
Rosalee: Okay. Well, I'm here all day.
Nick: Coming over.

Scene: Adalind talks with Viktor about Juliette.

Adalind: We need to get to Juliette.
Viktor: Not just yet.
Adalind: Then what are we doing?
Viktor: It's called back channel diplomacy, and it cannot be done truly effectively when done so loudly.
Rispoli: [Coming into the room] He's here.
Viktor: Mm. [He takes a drink of tea]
Adalind: Who?
Viktor: Just watch and hopefully, learn.
[Damerov comes into the room]
Viktor: So what did Renard tell you?
Damerov: Kelly Burkhardt was last known to be driving a 2008 Ford F250 Crew Cab, Oregon Dov 412, registered to Juliette Silverton.
Viktor: So Miss Silverton did have a role to play.
Damerov: Well, three months ago, the truck was reregistered to a Dennis and Helen Becker in Spokane, Washington. So she sold the truck.
Viktor: Do you think you can find her?
Damerov: Oh, I'll find her.
Viktor: I look forward to hearing from you.
[Damerov leaves]
Viktor: [To Adalind] That's diplomacy.
Adalind: So let me try a little bit of it on Juliette.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Orson arrive at the spice shop.

Nick: Rosalee?
Rosalee: Nick. Hank.
Nick: Rosalee, this is Peter Orson. He used to be an arson investigator.
Rosalee: [She notices Orson's ankle monitor] Used to be?
Orson: All right, this doesn't really need to be awkward. I am in jail, but they got me out to help on a case.
Rosalee: No. Not awkward at all. What can I do for you?
Orson: Well, we need an ointment thick enough to handle some very intense heat.
Rosalee: How much heat?
Orson: Blowtorch heat.
Rosalee: Wow. Okay.
Nick: You ever heard of an Excandesco?
Rosalee: No. So this is Wesen related.
Nick: Yeah.
Monroe: [He comes into the shop] So they sent the wrong parts, of course. So now it's gonna be, like, two weeks- [He notices Orson] You.
Orson: You.
Hank: [Monroe woges so he holds him back] Hey, hey!
[Orson also woges]
Rosalee: Monroe!
Nick: Monroe, take it easy. He's with us.
[Monroe retracts]
Nick: [To Orson] Back off!
[Orson retracts]
Monroe: What the hell is he doing here? Why isn't he in jail where he belongs?
Orson: If I belong there, so do you.
Hank: He's working with us on a case.
Monroe: What?
Nick: We've got two dead kids burned up in a fire. Orson was an investigator who knows the guy we're after.
Monroe: You mean you got him out?
Nick: Look, he can ID the arsonist! I'm sorry I brought—
Monroe: Dude! He killed Hap!
Orson: Yeah, and your girlfriend killed my brothers. If I'm in jail, why isn't she?
Rosalee: Because she's dead.
Orson: Oh. Well, that's the first piece of good news I got since I went to prison.
Monroe: [He tries to go after Orson, but Hank holds him back] Look, I don't care what kind of help you need, you are not getting it here. Not this time.
Orson: You Blutbaden, you never give up on it, do you?
Monroe: No, not when it comes to Bauerschwein with blood on their hands.
Nick: Guys...
Orson: As if the Blutbaden don't have any blood on their hands.
Nick: Guys!
Orson: Your kind started this!
Monroe: That's right, and my kind can finish it!
Nick: All right, enough! We're going.
Monroe: Good! [He goes to the back room]
Rosalee: Nick. Don't go. [She goes to talk to Monroe]
Monroe: I cannot believe Nick brought that Bauerschwein here.
Rosalee: He's trying to find out who killed two kids in a fire. That's why Nick got him out of prison. He's not worried about some Blutbad/Bauerschwein feud. He came here for help.
Monroe: No, Rosalee, that guy stuck a shotgun in my face. In my house!
Rosalee: I am so sick of this-this hatred among Wesen. Didn't I almost lose you to that kind of old-world stupidity?
Monroe: Oh, my God. That was totally different.
Rosalee: It's not different. Nick is trying to do what's right, and if you can't handle it, then... maybe you should be the one to leave.
Monroe: Are you serious?
Rosalee: It's not about you, Monroe. It's not about me, and it's not about Orson. It's about two dead kids, and I think we should help them.
Monroe: Fine. You help them. [He leaves the shop, slamming the door behind him]
Rosalee: [She sighs and goes back to Nick, Hank, and Orson] Monroe left.
Nick: Rosalee, I'm sorry.
Rosalee: This feud goes way too far back for you to take any responsibility.
Nick: Well, I know, but I shouldn't have—
Rosalee: No. You need help, Nick. You should be able to get help, feud or no feud. Let's get started.
[They begin to figure out how to make the ointment]
Orson: It's like an oil fire. We can't use water. It won't stop it.
Rosalee: If he can produce phosphorus from his skin, you'll have to suppress it topically. Something that can be applied to his skin that won't evaporate in the heat.
Nick: And we have to figure out a way to get it onto him.
Hank: Got to be some kind of fire extinguisher.
Orson: Yeah, good, and it's got to be sticky enough that he can't wipe it off, and it can't be flammable.
Rosalee: Like a skin conditioner that won't burn.
Orson: Yes.
Rosalee: Let's start with licorice root. We boil it down, it gets very sticky when heated. It's the third shelf at the top.
[Hank goes to get the licorice root]
Nick: What else?
Rosalee: Beeswax. It retains moisture when it's applied. Middle shelf, all the way to the left-no, to the right.
[Nick goes to get the beeswax]
Rosalee: And witch hazel. Left side all the way at the bottom. The second shelf down.
[Orson goes to get the witch hazel]
Rosalee: Oh, and Hank, jojoba. Around the corner and then at the bottom.
Hank: I got it.
[Monroe comes back into the shop]
Orson: Okay. Good. Here's what we have to do, we've got to crush up the licorice root and then mix everything together and then heat it up till it liquefies.
[Everyone notices Monroe]
Monroe: I'll get the bowls. How many?
Orson: Two should do it.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Wu. What? Where? [To Hank] The attorney, Charles Laney, was found burned to death in his car. [To Wu] We'll meet you there. [He hangs up] We got to go check this out. Orson, you're coming with us. Can you—
Rosalee: Yeah, we got the gist.
[Nick, Hank, and Orson leave]
Rosalee: You okay?
Monroe: No. I feel like a total idiot. You were so right. It's about two dead kids.
Rosalee: You're not an idiot.
Monroe: What if I hadn't come back?
Rosalee: Then you might have been a little bit of an idiot. [She and Monroe chuckle] Let's just get to work.
[Monroe sighs]

Scene: John Harrison tells Andy that he needs to start getting ready to leave soon.

John: Andy. Andy. You're gonna have to get ready soon.
Andy: [Sitting by the fire, drinking a beer] Yeah, I'm not sure I want to go.
John: It's not about what you want. It's about your responsibilities, paying respect to the people that work for you. When you take over Harrison and Sons, you'll understand.
Andy: Dad, Harrison and Sons is gone.
John: I'm not gonna let the company my grandfather built go under. And neither are you. We're gonna rebuild.
Andy: There is no company anymore. All right, the Internet is wiping us out.
John: We offer a service you can't get on the Internet.
Andy: People don't care about service. They just want stuff. Can't you just let it go?
John: Once the insurance money comes through—
Andy: God, I can't talk to you about this.
John: Look, the fire was a real shock, but we've had setbacks before. I've worked my entire life to make sure that I had something to leave you.
Andy: God... can you just listen to me for once? I have tried so many times to tell you. Haven't you ever asked yourself whether I wanted this legacy?
John: Andy—
Andy: I can't do this anymore. [He leaves. Once outside, he gets a phone call from an unknown caller and he answers] Hello?
Barso: Where are you?
Andy: Why are you calling me?
Barso: I'm calling 'cause you screwed up. You said there would be nobody inside.
Andy: You screwed up.
Barso: We need to talk about how you're going to fix this.
Andy: Me? You killed them.
Barso: You hired me. We need to talk. Now.
Andy: No, we don't. [He hangs up]
[Barso puts his phone away and watches as Nick and Hank look at Laney's burnt body]
Hank: We sure he's the one?
Wu: Car registration matches. Got the background on him you asked for. Laney went into private practice years ago. Before that, he was a public defender. Didn't think anything of it till I got a hit on one of his clients who was a suspect in an arson fire. Name is Damien Barso, charged with burning down his school gym. Laney got him off 'cause they were never able to prove how the fire was set. Kid disappeared right after that. This is a police file photo on him at the time. [He hands the photo to Orson]
Orson: Oh, that's him. He's older now, obviously, but that's him. That's... that's the guy from the other fire.
Nick: So Laney put Harrison in touch with Barso, who hired him to burn down his building and collect the insurance money.
[Orson sees Barso walk away from where he is watching from]
Hank: Only problem is, two people died.
Wu: Now three.
Nick: [To Orson] Going somewhere?
Orson: I saw him.
Hank: Really?
Orson: Yeah, I'm not trying to get away. I saw him. I saw Barso up there. I swear to-
Nick: Are you sure it was Barso?
Orson: I don't know. I'm-I don't know. Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see because I've been inside too long.
Hank: Well, if Barso was here, he's gone now.
Nick: He's eliminating every connection to him.
Orson: Which would mean Harrison is next on the list.

Scene: John is about to leave his house when the phone rings.

John: [Answering the phone] Andy?
Barso: No, this is Lieutenant Johnson. I'm with Portland Arson.
John: Can I call you back? I'm supposed to—
Barso: Sir, I have some important information on your building fire. We now believe it's arson.
John: Oh, my God.
Barso: We think we know who did it. I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but we think your lawyer, Charles Laney, was involved.
John: What?
Barso: Sir, if you could meet me at your building, I can show you how the fire was set and the documentation linking Mr. Laney to the arsonist.
John: Of course. I'll be right there. [He hangs up]

Scene: Juliette arrives home as Adalind watches from her car.

[Once Juliette goes inside, Adalind drives away]

Scene: Andy arrives home.

Andy: Dad? Dad? [He calls his dad]
John: [Answering the phone as he gets out of his car outside of the outdoor store] Andy?
Andy: Dad, where are you?
John: I'm at the store.
Andy: I got to tell you something.
John: What's the matter?
Andy: Um... It got all screwed up.
John: What?
Andy: It's hard to explain, but I messed up, dad, and I am sorry. I am so sorry. I never meant for anybody to get hurt.
John: What are you talking about?
Andy: I'm the reason that they died. I should have told them to go home.
John: Andy, I'm meeting with Lieutenant Johnson, one of the police arson investigators. They know who did it. It was Charles Laney.
Andy: No. Listen, I'm coming down there. I'm gonna tell you everything. [He hangs up]
John: [He goes inside the store] Hello? Lieutenant Johnson?
Barso: Mr. Harrison?
John: Yes.
Barso: I'm Lieutenant Johnson.
John: Oh, right. I just spoke to my son. He's gonna meet us here. I hope that's all right.
Barso: Oh, that's fine. Please, follow me. At first, we thought it was an electrical fire, but it's more complicated than that.
John: What do you mean?
Barso: It was made to look like a short started it.
John: Then what did?
Barso: This. [He woges his hand] You're probably asking yourself, "Now, how does he do that?"

Scene: Andy leaves his house to head to the store, but before he can get into his car, Nick, Hank, and Orson pull up.

Nick: Hey.
Hank: Where's your dad?
Andy: Why?
Orson: Because the man he hired to burn down your building is gonna kill him.
Andy: No, you're wrong—
Hank: We don't have time to argue. Where is he?
Andy: He's at the building. I-I was just on my way to meet him. He's with one of your arson investigators.
Nick: Who?
Andy: He said his name was Lieutenant Johnson.
Hank: We don't have a Lieutenant Johnson in arson.
Orson: It's got to be Barso, and he's got his dad, and I'm telling you, guys, he's gonna kill him.
Andy: Oh, my God. Look, Barso's not after my dad. He wants me. Look, my dad didn't hire anybody. Our lawyer introduced me to Barso. Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
Nick: You hired Barso?
Andy: Yes.
Hank: Well, that didn't turn out so good. He just killed your lawyer.
Nick: [His phone rings] Get him out of here. Get him in the car. [He answers his phone] Rosalee.
Rosalee: We got what you need.
Monroe: And we think we figured out how to apply it.
Rosalee: You want to come by and get it?
Nick: No, we need you to bring it.
Monroe: Where?

Scene: Barso wraps duct tape around John, trapping him in a chair.

Barso: You don't know your son hated this store? He didn't want to spend the rest of his life in this place. See, that's the problem with you parents. You're always pushing your dreams onto your kids.
John: My son didn't hire you.
Barso: Then why would I be here? I don't burn up buildings for fun. This is a business. Just like yours.
[Outside the store, Monroe and Rosalee wait]
Rosalee: You sure you're okay to be here?
Monroe: Yeah, I'm okay.
[Nick, Hank, Orson, and Andy pull up]
Orson: Hey. You get the stuff fixed up?
Rosalee: Yeah, it's ready.
Orson: We can't use it till he woges.
Nick: Well, how are we gonna get it onto him?
Monroe: [He opens the trunk of his car, revealing super soakers] It's not very high-tech, but we think it'll work.
Hank: Water guns? Are you serious?
Rosalee: They shoot a long way.
Monroe: Plus, he won't be expecting it, uh, we hope.
Nick: Not a lot of options. We need to get your dad out of there first.
Andy: You're gonna use toys against this guy? He's a killer. Are you crazy? I'm gonna go get my dad.
Hank: [He grabs Andy] Hey, you're not going anywhere. I'll read you your rights later. [He handcuffs Andy]
Nick: All right, we're gonna have to distract Barso so we can get Harrison out.
Orson: Give me your badge.
Nick: Why?
Orson: Just give me your badge. He knows me. I'm gonna be the last person he expects to see in there. Give me the badge. I'll take the heat, so to speak. Just don't take too long.
[Inside, Barso finishes stripping down to his underwear]
Barso: Andy should be here any minute. Wonder if he'll tell you the truth.
John: You're insane.
Barso: You just think that 'cause you don't know me.
[There is a clattering sound]
Orson: [Coming into the building] Been a long time, Barso. Remember me? I almost caught you when you burned down the Comstock building. Burning down buildings, that's one thing. Killing people, that's just plain sloppy.
[Nick and Hank go in through the back door and Monroe and Rosalee go around the building]
Orson: You know, I used to think that you were good at what you did.
Barso: I'm really not concerned with what you think.
Orson: You should be, because I know what you are.
Barso: You don't know what you're talking about.
[Orson woges as Nick and Hank look for John]
Orson: I guess being an Excandesco means you don't have to worry about being cold. [He retracts]
Barso: Not really.
Orson: All right, you just stay where you are. You're under arrest.
Barso: You almost caught me once, but remember what happened then? [He holds his hands out for Orson to put handcuffs on] Come on over. Arrest me, Bauerschwein.
[Nick and Hank finds John, and Hank begins cutting the tape off of him]
Barso: [He snorts mockingly] What's the matter? I'm not gonna put up a fight.
Orson: If you're waiting for Andy, he's not coming.
Barso: What'd that idiot do, confess? [He is just about to woge when he hears Nick]
Nick: Orson, we got him!
Barso: [He goes to investigate and finds John missing. He then goes out the back door where Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee are waiting] What the hell is this?
Orson: [Coming out the door] It's over, Barso. I told you, you're under arrest.
Barso: I don't think so. [He starts to woge]
Orson: It's happening!
Rosalee: Now!
[Everyone begins shooting the ointment at Barso]
Rosalee: What's happening?
Barso: What'd you do to me? What did you do to me?
Nick: I think we better move back.
Barso: Aah! Aah...
Orson: He's burning up from the inside.
Barso: Aah!
Monroe: I think he's gonna blow!
[Everyone turns their heads]
Barso: Aaaaah! [He explodes]
Hank: Is that what's supposed to happen?
Monroe: Well, it's not an exact, you know, science.
[More officers soon arrive]
Wu: So he exploded?
Nick: Spontaneously combusted.
Wu: Is it possible the victim had some sort of homemade bomb strapped to him?
Hank: Yeah, sure. Anything's possible.
Wu: It'll look better on the report than...
Nick: Yeah. We like bomb.
Monroe: Hey, Orson. You know I still don't forgive you for Hap.
Orson: And I will never forgive Angelina for what she did to my brothers.
Monroe: Deal. [He holds out his hand]
[Orson shakes Monroe's hand and walks away, as Rosalee looks on and smiles. Monroe and Rosalee put their arms around each other as they both then walk away together]

Scene: Orson is put back into his cell.

Nick: Thanks for your help.
Orson: It was good to get out.
Hank: You did good.
Orson: Thanks. Hey, tell that to my next parole hearing.
Nick: Stay out of trouble.
[Nick and Hank leave as Orson sighs]

Scene: Nick puts his super soaker in the trailer's weapons cabinet.

Scene: Adalind knocks on Nick and Juliette's front door.

Juliette: What the hell do you want?
Adalind: My child. What do you think?
Juliette: I'm calling Nick. [She goes to get her phone]
Adalind: [She uses her skeleton key to unlock the door and goes in] Tell him, "Hi," for me.
Juliette: I want you out.
Adalind: I know you do. Guess I should apologize for Nick not being a Grimm anymore. But you should be thanking me for giving you a normal life.
Juliette: Is that what you think you gave me?
Adalind: I know you helped kidnap my child, and I know she's with Nick's mother.
Juliette: Then you also know that's the best place for her.
Adalind: I'm her mother. She belongs with me.
Juliette: It's never gonna happen.
Adalind: Thanks for that one-night stand with Nick, by the way. It was a real whopper.
Juliette: That's it. Get out!
Adalind: I will if you come with me.
Juliette: Like hell.
Adalind: [She woges] That wasn't a suggestion. [She tries to telekinetically hit Juliette with a vase, but Juliette stops it in mid air]
Juliette: Neither was mine. Bring it on, bitch. [She telekinetically throws the vase back at Adalind and woges]
[Adalind dodges the vase and they begin fighting. They both get multiple hits on each other and throw each other around the house, but soon, Juliette starts to take control of the fight]
Juliette: Is that all you got?
[Adalind retracts, clearly in shock, and runs outside as Juliette retracts. Adalind gets into her car and screams. Nick soon arrives home and finds the house a mess after the fight]
Nick: [He takes out his gun] Juliette? Juliette? [He puts his gun away after finding Juliette sitting on the couch] What happened?
Juliette: Adalind paid me a visit.
Nick: She did this? Did she hurt you?
Juliette: She tried to.
Nick: I'm gonna kill her.
Juliette: Nick. I almost did.
Nick: You almost killed Adalind? What, you shoot her?
Juliette: I didn't need my gun. [She stands up] There's something I have to show you.
Nick: What?
Juliette: [She begins to get emotional] You know how much I love you.
Nick: Juliette, just tell me.
[Juliette woges, shocking Nick]


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