"Trial by Fire"
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Air date: February 13, 2015
Viewers: 4.86 million[1]
Written by: Sean Calder
Directed by: Norberto Barba
Opening Quote: English Bards and Scotch Reviewers
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Co-stars: Kenajuan Bentley as Sam Damerov
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"Bad Luck"

"Trial by Fire" is the thirteenth episode of Season 4 of Grimm and the seventy-ninth episode overall. It first aired on February 13, 2015 on NBC.

Press ReleaseEdit

A FIERY WESEN RISES IN PORTLAND – DANIEL ROEBUCK, GIDEON EMERY, GARCELLE BEAUVAIS AND ALEXIS DENISOF GUEST STAR – When an arson case looks to have Wesen origins, Nick (David Giuntoli) find himself reluctantly having to ask an old foe for help. Elsewhere, Viktor (guest star Alexis Denisof) teaches Adalind (Claire Coffee) the effectiveness of well-played diplomacy. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) finds herself in a confrontation sooner than expected. Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee and Bree Turner also star.


A man stands outside of an outdoor store before walking towards it.

413-Damien Barso fire hand

Inside the store, Mason Heady and Joan Tapford are cleaning up and finishing doing inventory before they leave. Mason grabs Joan's hand and says, "Let's be bad." The man outside uses a key and goes in through the back door. Once inside, he begins taking off his clothes. He goes to the store's breaker box in just his underwear and ignites his hand on fire. He puts his hand by the breaker box and causes the power to go out. Elsewhere in the store, Mason is pouring drinks for him and Joan when the power goes out. The man then woges into a fiery Wesen and begins to set the store on fire as he walks around.

At Nick and Juliette's home, Nick comes inside after dealing with Wilde's body. ("Maréchaussée") Nick sits down and asks Juliette if she is okay, but she says not really. Juliette asks him what happens when Adalind finds out that he's a Grimm again, and Nick tells her, "One less Hexenbiest wouldn't be a bad thing."

Inside the store, the man continues spreading the fire. Joan and Mason are making out until Joan realizes she smells smoke. Mason opens the door and sees that the whole store is on fire. They both start coughing from the smoke, so Mason breaks a window for them to get out of the building, but it causes a backdraft, killing them both.

The next morning, Nick and Hank arrive to the scene and Wu tells them the names of the deceased. Wu then points out John Harrison, the owner of the store, and his son, Andy, before leading them inside to talk with arson. Lt. Willis shows them around the store and tells them about how the fire spread. She leads them to the breaker box and says the fire could have been electrical. She then points out a vent and says once the fire got going, it should have followed the ventilation system. She points out the path of the fire and how it somehow was able to turn corners to go down the aisles. Nick and Hank then go talk to John and Andy Harrison to talk with them about where they were when the fire started. John says they were out celebrating Andy's promotion. After the detectives finish talking with the Harrisons, they head to the precinct.

Hank talks with insurance about the store and finds out there was a $5 million policy that was upgraded last year. Nick finds out that Harrison and Sons recently filed for bankruptcy, which could be a motive for the Harrisons to start the fire. Wu comes up and informs them that the alibi for John and Andy checks out. Nick tells Wu to check with arson to see if they've had any similar cases. Hank then suggests they go talk with Charles Laney, who was the lawyer who filed the bankruptcy.

Laney tells the detectives that there is no way John would burn down the building as it has been in his family for multiple generations. Hank tells Laney that they're going to need a list of the debtors, and Nick says they're also going to need access to the company's financial records since they're investigating a homicide, which shocks Laney.

Sam Damerov meets with Renard to inform him about what he found out about Kelly. He says that Kelly sold the truck she was using three months ago and that it was re-registered to a couple in Spokane, Washington. Renard asks if the couple said anything about a child being with her, but Sam says he hasn't been able to find anything on Diana yet. Renard says Kelly would have to buy a new vehicle because she would risk stealing one with a child. He tells Sam he will have someone check the listing of all vehicles sold within two days of Kelly selling the truck and then tells Sam to stay close.

Nick and Hank arrive back to the precinct and ask Wu to run a background check on Laney. He says he will and then tells them that he talked with a lieutenant in arson who said the fire pattern sounds like an old case a partner of his was working on and that his partner got a little obsessed with the case. Hank says they should talk with the partner, but Wu comments on the possibility he might not talk to them. He tells them that they arrested him for murder. ("The Three Bad Wolves")


In the prison, a guard comes up to Orson's cell and tells him that Nick and Hank are there to talk to him. Orson woges and says, "Hell no!"

While they wait for Orson, Nick and Hank talk about the case where they arrested him. Nick says he didn't know about the Blutbad-Bauerschwein Feud then because it was one of his first cases as a Grimm. Orson is brought out, and the detectives tell him about the case and that his old partner told them he was close to figuring out who the suspect was. Orson says he saw the suspect once and that it would have been only a matter of time before he caught him, but then he himself was arrested.

Nick and Hank get Orson out of jail temporarily with an ankle monitor. They bring Orson to Renard's office, and Renard tells him he is only there to assist Nick and Hank and that he has two days to do so. Renard tells Orson to tell them what he knows and Nick asks him if the suspect is Wesen. Orson looks around at Hank and Renard and acts like he doesn't know what Nick is talking about until Hank tells him they know about Grimms and Wesen. Orson then tells them about the time that he saw the suspect. He says the man took his clothes off and woged. He tells them he doesn't know what kind of Wesen he is, but he was literally on fire. Orson says he made a lot of notes and that they should be in his old case files. Nick says while they're working on the files, he'll do some reading.

At the trailer, Wu finds an entry in one of the diaries about an Excandesco, which matches what they're looking for.

Charles Laney waits in his car until the suspect gets in and asks him what the problem is. Laney tells him that a couple of detectives came by his office because they were investigating a homicide of two kids who were in the building. Laney tells the suspect he now has to clean house, starting with anyone who can ID him, including his last client. The suspect starts to get out of the car, and Laney tells him to check the building next time. The suspect then grabs Laney's throat and woges his hand, burning Laney's neck and face. The suspect gets out of the car as the inside burns, and the roof of the car explodes as he walks away.

413-Orson looks at the Excandesco picture on Nick's phone

Orson is telling Hank about different arsonist signatures and how the person they're looking for has no point of ignition. Nick arrives and asks Orson if he's heard of an Excandesco. Orson says no, so Nick shows him a picture on his phone that he took of the diary entry, and Orson says that's what he saw. Hank asks Nick if he thinks the suspect is the accelerant himself, and Nick says he could be producing it in his skin or glands. Orson says it's probably phosphorus. He then explains to the detectives that white phosphorus makes up 1% of the human body and is in every cell. He tells them it only needs to reach 86°F before it ignites once it's exposed to oxygen. Nick says the suspect is producing more than 1%, and Orson agrees that it's much more than that. Nick says since they can't stop him from producing phosphorus, they'll have to figure out a way to stop him from igniting. Orson tells them he can make what they need if he has the right stuff. Hank says the spice shop may have what he needs, and Nick says he should call first.

Rosalee answers the phone and Nick asks if Monroe is there, but Rosalee tells him he is doing a repair job and will be gone for a couple of hours. Nick tells her that she is actually the one he wanted to talk to and says he's coming to the shop.

Adalind goes up to Viktor and tells him they need to get to Juliette. Viktor says not yet, and Adalind asks what they're doing. Viktor tells her it's called back channel diplomacy. Rispoli comes into the room and says he's here. Adalind asks who, and Viktor tells her to watch and hopefully learn. Sam Damerov comes in, and Viktor asks what Renard told him. Sam tells him about the truck Kelly was driving before she sold it, and Viktor asks if he can find her. Sam assures him that he can. Sam leaves and Viktor tells Adalind that that's diplomacy. She tells him to let her try it on on Juliette.

Nick, Hank, and Orson arrive to the spice shop. Nick introduces Rosalee to Orson. Rosalee asks what she can do for them, and Orson tells her that they need an ointment to handle some very intense heat. Monroe comes in saying the wrong parts were sent and notices Orson. He woges, which causes Orson to also woge. Monroe tries to attack Orson, but Hank holds him back. Hank gets them to calm down a bit, and Monroe asks why he isn't in jail. Hank says he's working with them on a case. Nick tells Monroe that Orson was an investigator who knows the guy they're after. Monroe brings up the fact that Orson killed Hap, ("The Three Bad Wolves") and Orson counters that Angelina killed his brothers, so she should be in jail too. Rosalee tells him that she can't because she's dead. ("Over My Dead Body") Orson smiles and tells Monroe that's the first piece of good news he's gotten since he went to prison. Monroe tries again to go after Orson, but Hank continues to hold him back. Monroe tells Nick he doesn't care what kind of help he needs and that he's not getting it there. Monroe and Orson start talking about the Blutbad-Bauerschwein Feud until Nick yells, "Enough!" He says they're going, and Monroe goes to the back room. Rosalee goes up to Nick and says to not leave. She then follows Monroe to the back room and closes the doors. Monroe says he can't believe Nick brought Orson to the shop, and Rosalee says he's trying to find out who killed two kids in a fire. Rosalee tells Monroe that Nick isn't worried about the Blutbad-Bauerschwein Feud and that she's sick of the hatred between Wesen, bringing up how she almost lost Monroe to that type of old-world thinking with the Wesenrein. ("Tribunal") She says that Nick is trying to do what's right, and if he can't handle that, then maybe he should be the one to leave. Monroe gets upset and leaves, slamming the door behind him. Rosalee goes back to the front of the store and Nick apologizes. She tells Nick he should be able to get help when he needs it, feud or no feud.

Orson explains that it's like an oil fire so they can't use water. The group discuss how they're going to make the ointment and how they will get it on the suspect. Rosalee directs everyone to various ingredients as Monroe returns to the shop and says he'll get the bowls to mix everything in. Nick gets a call from Wu, who tells him that Laney was found burned to death in his car. Nick, Hank, and Orson leave, and Monroe tells Rosalee he feels like an idiot for the way he was acting. Rosalee tells him he isn't an idiot, but he might have been if he didn't come back.

John Harrison tells Andy that he needs to start getting ready to leave soon, but Andy tells him he's not sure he wants to go. John tells him it's about his responsibilities, not about what he wants. John says when he takes over the family business he'll understand. Andy tells him that the store is gone, and John says they'll rebuild. Andy asks his father if he's ever asked himself whether he (Andy) even wanted this legacy. Andy then grabs his coat and leaves the house. Andy gets a call from the suspect, who tells Andy that he screwed up because he said nobody would be inside. The man says they need to talk about fixing things, and Andy says they don't and hangs up.

413-Hank looks at Laney's torched remains

Nick and Hank look at Laney's remains and his car. Wu brings Nick a folder after having a background check done on Laney. Wu says Laney went into private practice years ago, and before that, he was a public defender. Wu says he didn't think anything of it until he got a hit on one of Laney's clients who was a suspect in an arson fire. Wu says the client's name was Damien Barso, who was 18 years old and charged with burning down his school gym. Wu says no one could ever prove how the fire was set, so the charges were dropped. Wu shows them a picture of Barso from the time, and Orson says that's the man they're after. Nick says that Laney must have put John Harrison in touch with Barso and then hired him to burn down his building to collect his insurance money. Orson looks up at people who are watching what's going on and sees Barso walking away. Orson starts walking forward and tells the detectives he thinks he saw Barso. Nick says Barso is eliminating every connection to him, and Orson says that means Harrison is next on the list.

John gets a call just before leaving his house. Barso poses as a lieutenant and says he has important information on the building fire. He tells John that they now believe it's arson and that Laney was involved. Barso tells him if he can meet him at the building, then he can show him how the fire was set and the documentation linking Laney to the arsonist. John says he'll be right there and hangs up.

Adalind sits in her car and watches as Juliette arrives home. Once Juliette goes inside, Adalind drives away.

Andy arrives home and calls his dad once he realizes he isn't home. Andy tells his dad that he never meant for anyone to get hurt but that he is the reason the two people died in the fire. John tells him that he is meeting with a lieutenant and that they said Laney was responsible. Andy says he's coming down there and that he will tell him everything.

John goes inside the building and Barso greets him. John says that his son will meet them there, and Barso says to follow him. Barso leads him to the breaker box and says the fire was made to look like a short started it. John asks what did start it, and Barso woges his hand and tells him, "This."

Nick, Hank, and Orson arrive at the Harrison's house as Andy is leaving. Andy tells them that his dad is at the store with one of their arson investigators. When he tells them the name, Hank says there is no one with that name in arson. Andy then tells them that he was the one who hired Barso. Nick then gets a call from Monroe and Rosalee, who tell him they made the ointment and they know how to apply it. Nick tells them they need to bring it to the Harrison's store.

Inside the store, Barso lets John know that Andy was the one who hired him to burn the building.

Outside the building, Monroe and Rosalee wait until Nick, Hank, Orson, and Andy arrive. Nick asks how they will get the ointment on to Barso, and Rosalee opens up the trunk, revealing Super Soakers. Monroe says it's not very high tech and Rosalee tells them they shoot a long way. Andy says he's going to go get his dad, but Hank puts him back into the back of their car. Orson tells Nick to give him his badge because he will be the last person Barso expects to see.

Inside, Barso strips down to his underwear, preparing for Andy to arrive. Orson enters the building calling for Barso, telling him about how he almost caught him before. Outside, Nick and Hank go into the building through a back door, while Monroe and Rosalee stay outside. Barso meets Orson, and Orson tells him he knows what he is. Barso says he doesn't know what he's talking about, so Orson woges. Orson pulls out Nick's badge and tells Barso he is under arrest. Barso walks a little closer and holds out his hands as if he's handcuffed, telling Orson to come arrest him.

413-Barso's remains

Elsewhere in the building, Nick and Hank find John and free him. Barso starts walking closer to Orson, and Orson tells him that Andy isn't coming. Barso is just about to woge when he hears Nick telling Orson they freed John. Barso runs to where John was and then goes out the back door where Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee are waiting. Just as Barso starts to woge, the group uses the Super Soakers to spray the ointment onto Barso, preventing him from releasing his energy, which is turned inwards, causing him to explode.

After Wu arrives to the scene, he suggests to Nick and Hank that maybe they should say that Barso had some sort of homemade bomb strapped to him, which is what caused the explosion. They all agree that would look better on the report. Monroe and Orson begin talking to each other, and Monroe says he will never forgive him for killing Hap, and Orson says he'll never forgive Angelina for killing his brothers. Monroe says, "Deal," and sticks out his hand, which Orson shakes as Nick and Rosalee look on in approval.

Nick and Hank bring Orson back to the prison, and he is put back into his cell. Nick thanks him for his help, and Orson says it was good to get out.

At the trailer, Nick puts one of the Super Soakers into the weapons cabinet.

Adalind knocks on Nick and Juliette's door and Juliette asks what she wants. Adalind says her child, and Juliette says she's calling Nick. Adalind uses her Skeleton Key to get into the house, and Juliette tells her she wants her out. Adalind tells her she should be thanking her for giving her a normal life. Juliette responds, "Is that what you think you gave me?" They continue bringing up past events to attack each other until Juliette demands her to leave. Adalind says she will if she comes with her. Juliette says no, and Adalind woges, telling her it wasn't a suggestion. She then telekinetically tries to hit Juliette with a vase, but Juliette stops it in mid air before flinging it at Adalind. Juliette woges, and they begin fighting. They both get multiple hits on each other and throw each other around the house, but soon Juliette starts to take control of the fight, causing Adalind to run out the door. Adalind gets in her car and screams.

413 Juliette Woges For Nick

Nick arrives home and pulls out his gun when he sees the mess inside the house. He looks for Juliette and finds her sitting on the couch. He asks what happened, and she tells him Adalind came over. Nick says he's going to kill Adalind, and Juliette tells him she almost did. When Nick asks Juliette if she shot her, she says she didn't need her gun. Juliette then stands up and tells Nick she needs to show him something. She tells him he knows how much she loves him and then woges, shocking Nick.

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Grimm - Bring It On, Biest (Episode Highlight)

Grimm - Bring It On, Biest (Episode Highlight)

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