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A Trasque (TRASK; Fr. Tarasque, a legendary Galatian dragon) is a dragon-like Wesen first seen in the Grimm Diaries in "The Good Soldier".


When woged, a Trasque has pale white skin and a ridge of scales, which start at the back of its head and run down the length of its back. The face becomes a small, pointed snout with a mouth full of sharpened teeth. It has claws and elongated ears, but the most striking aspect of its anatomy is its tail. The tail of a Trasque can be used similarly to that of a Manticore, but it is smaller. The tail has an arrow-shaped barb on the end that can be used to inject a poison that is dangerous and possibly deadly.


The Trasque is an unusual Wesen of small stature and solitary temperament. Its tail can be used as a dangerous weapon, and it is known to be attracted to the singing of maidens.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

In the hamlet of Keswick, I came upon a lovely chorus of maidens performing in the glenn. Dancing before them was a Trasque: A small, solitary creature who loves the singing of maidens.

Harmless as this meak (sic) creature appears, its spiked tail carries a deadly poison. I could not allow these unsuspecting maidens to remain in harms way. Naturally, I followed the little dragon man into the woods and beheaded it.
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