Template:Infobox episode Template:Episode Quote "To Protect and Serve Man" is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Grimm and the thirty-third episode overall. It first aired on November 9, 2012 on NBC.


Hank chasing Craig Ferren.

7 years ago: Hank, as an officer, bursts into a house where two men are lying on the ground. One is dead and the other is gravely injured. While tending to the men, Hank notices movement outside and chases after the figure, before tackling him and arresting him. The man – Craig Ferren – is hysterical as Hank tries to subdue him, screaming about monsters and begging to not let them eat him.

Present day: Hank sees on the newspaper that Craig’s execution is tomorrow night. Nick notices that Hank is disturbed and questions him. Hank tells him about Craig’s case, and while at the time of his arrest Craig’s story of men who turned to monsters seemed like insane ravings, now that Hank knows about Wesen, he was beginning to reconsider. Nick is reluctant at first, but decides to help Hank get to the bottom of the case.

At the precinct, Nick and Hank look into the case. Apparently Craig claimed the brothers he killed were cannibals and monsters with claws and fangs. They come to the conclusion that no matter if the brothers were Wesen – they had to come up with evidence the rest of the world could believe. They decide to consult Detective Robert, who had worked alongside Hank in the case.

Renard is lying face first on his bed with a clear hangover, an empty bottle of wine next to him, when he receives a call that reminds him of a forgotten meeting.

Robert who is convinced that Craig is guilty, advises Nick and Hank to let justice prevail, and is altogether not very helpful.

Juliette has a friend over to talk about her dilemma between Nick and Renard. She at first denies vehemently the fact that there is a third person, before slowly relenting and is clearly confused of her feelings.

The detectives visit Craig’s girlfriend, who denies that Craig could ever be a murderer. She says that everyone thinks that Craig is crazy, and that’s why Craig thinks himself to be too.

They visit Craig’s lawyer, who shows them Craig’s drawings of what he saw – a monster with fangs and claws.

Nick and Hank look through the trailer and find an entry that matches Craig’s drawings – Wendigo. The Wendigo is apparently a cannibalistic, cryptid Wesen which eats people and deposits the victim’s remains under their house.

Nick and Hank pay a visit to Craig’s prison. On the way to the cell, multiple Wesen inmates woge at the sight of Nick, who is visibly disturbed. Hank notices and comments that he doesn’t even want to know.

Craig is clearly uncooperative, and reacts only when seeing the picture Nick showed him. Craig, having lost hope, believes that he’s crazy, and turns the detectives away.

Captain Renard calls Juliette and talks to her about their similar obsessive situation. Renard refers Juliette to Rosalee’s apothecary, believing Monroe can help them.

After much investigating, Hank and Nick break into John Kreski's house and find his hidden burial pit of bodies. Kreski comes back to the house however and gets in a fight with the two detectives, resulting in Hank shooting him.

Press Release

Hank starts reflecting on an arrest he made earlier in his career regarding a man who committed murder claiming "self-defense against monsters." With the man’s death sentence rapidly approaching and the knowledge he’s recently gathered from Nick, Hank begins to wonder if there was more truth to the man’s seemingly absurd story then he once thought. Back at the spice shop, Monroe finds himself involved in a situation he never saw coming.


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Production Notes

Bree Turner makes her first appearance since "The Bottle Imp".


Nick and Juliette talk about the night she went into her coma ("Woman in Black").


(Hank is discussing with Nick regarding his past arrest of Craie Ferren)

(Nick'): "Okay, now what about it?"
(Hank): "Well, when I arrested him, He claimed the two brothers turned into some kind of monsters. They tried to attack him."
(Nick, starting to get it): "I have a feeling I know where this is going."

(Hank) : "The guys claims were totally outrageous. There was no evidence to support anything he claims. I walked into that house that night. Those two brothers look pretty damn human. Anyway, my testimony helped land Ferren on death row."

(Nick'): "But now you have a new perspective as to what Ferren said he saw."
(Hank): "Ferren could be telling the truth, right?"
(Nick): "Yeah, maybe. Or maybe he was just a hired gun. Maybe he was telling a story to justify what he has done."
(Hank): "Or maybe he saw something that can't easily be explained."
(Nick): "There's always that."
(Hank): "Look, I need your help on this one."
(NIck): "You want confirmation?"
(Nick): "If this was what Ferren saw, then it was self-defence."
(Sean): "Now do you really think this man is innocent?"
(Nick): "We think its worth looking a a few details."
(Hank): "Yeah. Before he's put to death."
(Sean): "Then I won't stand in your way."
(Hank): "That's just great. We know the truth and ther's nothing we can do about it."
(Craig): "I don't know what to say. I don't know why you would dme now when nobody else would."
(Hank): "I believe there are things we don't understand in this world. That doesn't mean they don't exist."
(Craig): "Did you see what I saw?"
(Hank): "That doesn't matter. But whatever happens, you need to know one thing: you are not crazy."
(Craig): "But you did see him?"
(Hank): "That's a long story."


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