Tim Steinkellner


116-Tim morph

Actor: Josh Randall
Gender: Male
Type: Klaustreich
Relationships: Robin Steinkellner, wife
Sheriff Munson, cousin
Shaw Steinkellner, unknown relation
Status: Living

Tim Steinkeller is a Klaustreich that appeared in "The Thing with Feathers".


"The Thing with Feathers"Edit

Tim married his wife, Robin, in order to get his hands on her Unbezahlbar, a golden egg produced in a Seltenvogel's throat once in their lifetime. To create the Unbezahlbar, Tim forced Robin to drink a smoothie made of worms, milk, and broccoli everyday. When she destroyed their blender, Tim strapped Robin into a device and put a tube from the machine down her throat to drink the smoothie.

His cousin is Sheriff Munson, who was also interested in getting the Unbezahlbar from Robin, so when Nick called in a disturbance at the Steinkellner's house, Sheriff Munson went there but did nothing about it. Once the Unbezahlbar was getting close to being able to be non-lethally cut out of Robin's throat, he started feeding her the smoothie more often to try to speed up the process. Nick came into their house to stop Tim from force-feeding Robin, but Tim woged and attacked Nick, and they had a small fight before Nick pushed Tim out of a window. Nick was able to unstrap Robin from the machine and brought her up to the cabin where he and Juliette were staying.

Sheriff Munson arrived at the Steinkellner's house to discover that Robin wasn't there anymore, so he and Tim went up to Nick and Juliette's cabin and found out that they had already left. They went out into the woods looking for them, knowing they couldn't have gotten very far. Once they found Nick and Robin, Nick had just removed the Unbezahlbar from her, and Tim and the Sheriff pointed their guns at Nick. However, Nick threatened to break the Unbezahlbar, knowing that if it broke, it would become worthless. Nick tossed it up in the air and tackled the Sheriff. Tim caught it before it hit the ground and then ran. He didn't get very far before he tripped, and the Unbezahlbar went flying into the air, hit a tree branch, and shattered. Tim was then arrested by Nick.



  • Tim and Shaw Steinkellner are relatives, but due to time, it was never addressed in an episode. However, at one point in a script they were cousins, and then it was changed to brothers.[1]
  • The surname would translate from German as "stone-waiter", although the similar "Keller" is the root of the English "cellar".

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