This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"

Sam Bertram

Actor Robert Cohn Sam Bertram
Gender Male
Type Fuchsbau (likely)
Status Deceased
Comments Sam Bertram was a jeweler who was sold the Coins of Zakynthos, which he stored in his vault. When three Schakals robbed his store to acquire the coins, he locked himself in the vault and ate the coins, which poisoned him.
Preceded by
Unidentified German coin dealer
Holder of the Coins
Succeeded by

Hans Roth

Actor Brian Sutherland Hans Roth
Schakal Roth1
Gender Male
Type Schakal
Status Deceased
Comments Hans Roth was one of the four Schakals that were involved in the murder of Nick's parents. He was also an accomplice of Soledad Marquesa, who, along with Ian Flynn, robbed Sam Bertram's jewelry store. He was accidentally killed by his partner, Ian, with help from Farley Kolt. Kolt provoked Ian and Hans into unintentionally killing each other by being in the house and causing them to think the other was an intruder, making them hurriedly shoot at each other before realizing who they were shooting at.

First Officer Brenner

Actor Aaron Blakely Brenner1
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments First Officer Brenner was the officer who was waiting at the scene for Nick and Hank. He chased after Soledad Marquesa, but Soledad jumped over a fence and he was unable to get him. When he was at his police car requesting a coroner, Soledad killed him. Later, his body was dumped in a hotel bathtub and Soledad took his uniform to go into the precinct.

Evidence Officer

Actor Kevin Warren Evidence Officer
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments The Evidence Officer told Nick that Captain Renard had not logged anything into the evidence room.
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