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"Wait!' the troll said, jumping in front of him.' This is my toll bridge. You have to pay a penny to go across." - Three Billy Goats Gruff

In the original story, three goats aspire to cross a bridge to reach greener pastures for grazing. But the bridge is manned by a fearsome troll, who eats anyone who dares to cross. The first two goats deceive the troll into letting them cross, with the promise of a bigger goat with more meat on his way. But the third goat is so big that he easily throws the troll into the stream with his horns and crosses the bridge.

"Leave It to Beavers" used the bullying theme from the fairy tale, encouraging the Eisbibers to stand up to the Hässlich, who appropriately parallels the troll in the story. The timid Eisbibers were a perfect match for the goats and an easy target for the Hässlich. But like the smaller goats in the story, the Eisbibers had their own secret weapon on their side to save the day: the Grimm.

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