• Hey Jim. Hope all is well. I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out again on the SLAM Magazine Wiki with tabber in an infobox. You helped me out with the infobox 4+ years ago for the issues and everything has been fine until now.

    Currently the tabber on the infobox can handle 4 images such as on this article. However, I need it to be able to handle 5 images for this article.

    I tried editing the infobox myself and got it to show 5 images, but it broke the other articles that had multiple images in the infobox because they'd only show the images if 5 images were included. For instance, the other articles would just show no images if they didn't include some thing added in the infobox for missing images.

    I also realized that having the tabs says "Issue X" for each image won't work with 5 tabs because it causes a second row of tabs with tab 5, so I want to make the tabs just say something like #1, #2, #3 etc. to keep everything in one row.

    I hope you see this some time soon and are able to help. Thanks.

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    • Wow! I'll take a look at it. I think there's a bunch of IF statements involved. I have some stuff on my plate today. It'll probably be this evening before I can get to it.

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    • Thanks!

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    • On a different note, did wikia change something awhile ago to not allow quotation marks to be added to page titles?

      Because the titles of episode pages used to have quotations as a display title from the infobox, but that has not worked in a long time and I'm not sure why. The display title stuff is still in the templates for the episodes such as Template:EpisodeS1

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    • A Grimmster
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