• I mean, the other five seasons had deleted scenes, why shouldn't this season?

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    • It will surely be released in the DVD collection

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    • In interviews, some of the cast said this final season's gag reel will be outstanding!  And of course they'll have deleted scenes, they always have -- and sometimes those can be very interesting/revealing but were excluded for lack of air time, or because they re-shot scenes differently, or whatever.  For example, in the  "Let Your Hair Down" deleted scenes, there's a different version of the scene with Nick persuading Monroe to help him find the feral Blutbad girl Holly Clark out deep in the forest, where it's just another night in Monroe's shadowy home workshop -- but instead, in the actual episode, they do the same scene expanded to reveal Monroe's fanatic love of Christmas, the inside of his house stuffed with decorations and the antique train set running.  MUCH more effective, and revealing a whole new & important facet of Monroe!  (And making it a Christmas episode gave a new shade of meaning to the long-ago kidnapped girl's name, "Holly".)

      As was the deleted scene when, after the horrible blow-up with his parents at Monroe's house over his Fuchsbau fiancee and his friendship & helping/hunting with a Grimm, his father Burt went "hunting" at a sleazy Portland bar (luring some would-be muggers to a dark alley & dispensing some angry Blutbad "justice") to help him vent his feelings about the horrible family split, followed by the hotel room scene when he gets back with his clothes bloodied & has to explain himself to his wife Alice.  Those scenes expanded our understanding of the Bart/Alice relationship, too; wish they'd been included in the actual episode (suspect it was left out due to lack of air time with so much going on in that episode) but I consider them part of the official "canon" anyway!

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    • This site does not have the video for deleted scenes only information about it

      GRIMM - DELETED SCENES [Additional Material,Season 6]



      00:04:06:06 DELETED SCENE - EL CUEGLE

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    • A Grimmster
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