• Both are in the Canidae family.  Blutbad {Canini - wolf} and Fuchsbau {Vulpini - fox}.  A Canidae litter is between 1 and 11. 

    Three is enough! 

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    • THANK YOU, MizPatti!  Three is definitely enough!

      Poor Rosalee, why were so many fans wishing an actual "litter" (as in 4 or more) on her mostly human, 30-something body???  Do they want her to end up with months of forced bed rest and a C-section (not much chance for a natural multiple birth in today's world!) just to bring a whole lot of babies into the world all at once???  Triplets will be hard enough to bring to full term and deal with once they arrive, most likely premature & needing lots of extra medical support.  (Like my twin nephews did!)  Rosalee probably intended to breastfeed her baby, in keeping with her apothcary/herbalist calling, but they'll have to supplement with formula to feed 3 at once.  Hmmm, are formulas for human infants sufficient for Wesen???

      Hope self-employed entrepeneurs Monroe & Rosalee have excellent health insurance, they're going to need it.  And how can they both run their demanding businesses with triplets to care for? They'll have to trade in Rosalee's little Fiat 500 for something that can hold 3 carseats!!!

      And yes, I do think about all things Monrosalee way too much!  ;)

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    • A Grimmster
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