• Happy new year, Bob!

    So I just noticed that Crude Frost Bomb is categorized under diagrams while Crude Fire Bomb is categorized under blueprints. Is that correct or should they be in the same category?

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    • Good catch. They are both diagrams, not blueprints.

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    • Do you/have you played Cards of Fate? I used to play it until I lost all my progress when I got a new phone, but with you making pages for Dark Legacy, it's making me wonder if we should add more pages or info for Cards of Fate beyond just the one page we currently have.

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    • Never heard of that one. But since this wiki covers all things Grimm and wikis that cover games tend to lean on the inclusionist side offering strategy tips on micro levels, I'd say add anything you can.

      For fan magazines or collectible cards, one page is probably sufficient. But if anything actually has content that someone might conceivably look up, it should be included.

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    • A Grimmster
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