• Sean Renard has betrayed wesen/grimm on all sides and never seems to get hurt. I love to see Eve/Juliette go after Sean to trick him. That would be a great way to get Aladind's kids to safety too. 

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    • That would be a nice path for the show to go. Adalind and Eve team up to go after Sean. At this point Eve has no reason to be mad at Adalind. She no longer feels what happened to her as a bad thing. Adalind doies not hate Eve. She is scared of Eve. Their only conflict could be over Nick. But Nick rejected Juliette so she has no more desire to want a relationship with him. She respect his being a Grimm and has no problem working with him. Adalind has been manipulating Nick into a relationship. Eve would call her on her plan. Remember Eve while in the fome was able to since what is going on with Adalind. That is why she warned her not to hurt Nick.

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    • A Grimmster
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