• The remains of  The True Cross was found in Jerusalem by the Empress Helena.

    It was said to be lost in transit by Saladin, who hoped to use it as a bargining chip, in the Second Crusade.

    So I think that is what the "miracle stick" is.

    The question is now, after her oh so spectacular seizure, - IS JULIETTE STILL A HEXENBEAST ????????????

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    • It's certainly plausible that the stick is a piece of the cross; Renard did tell Nick that was one of the legends as to what the Crusader's treasure might be back in season 2.

      As for Juliette/Eve, we won't know the answer until season 6 starts.

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    • It's going to cause all sorts of problems and issues if she is still, or is not, a Hexembeast.

      One wonders what effect the "stick" would have on Wu's "condition", or if the "stck" can be used to grant wishes (I want to become a Dragon like Malificent) or selectively heal.

      It can obviously heal the near dead - i.e. reviving Nick. I wonder if Nick had held the stick, then he could have been protected from Napoleons telekinesis.

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    • A Grimmster
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