• From what I understand, HW put Juliette through major shock therapy or some other form of aversive torture to get her to change her identity to Eve. "Juliette" now parades the streets thinking that she is truly someone else. However, is she really someone else or is she lying pretending to be "Eve" so she has an excuse so Nick doesn't kill her and hate her for killng his Mom?

    Remember in the Good to the Bone episode when "Eve" visited Rosalee? They said this:

    Eve: It was because of Adalind. She didn't know you were there. I sensed you; she didn't. She's out of practice, Rosalee. She won't be for long. [She starts to head for the exit] Rosalee: You threatened her. You said if she did anything to Nick, you'd go after her. Eve: You have a problem with that? Rosalee: It's what I would have said... [Eve leaves] Rosalee: ...If I was Juliette.

    It sounds like Eve is slipping up her whole acting spiel. Or, perhaps the old Juliette is breaking through again and regaining control over her mind? (In other words, whatever HW did to Juliette is wearing off.)

    In the Taming of the Wu, we see Eve showing a lot of emotion in this episode, and she has a lot of care for Nick, almost as if that was Juliette! O_O

    So what do you guys think?

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    • It seems to have started ever since she impersonated Renard and slept with Rachel. Perhaps her old identity is starting to break through the cracks, but I highly doubt she'd admit it.

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    • A Grimmster
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