• Nick and Monroe come back from Germany with a "stick" thta cures him of his blood disease. Did it also cure him of being a Blutbad? The "stick" was hidden by 7 Grimm's. Maybe it is the ultimate doomsday weapon for all Wesen - cure them all of being Wesen. Also, it isn't clear where the stick came from but it may be from the Cross Jesus was crucified on. It was found and hidden during the crusades which were trips into the "Holy Land". Was Jesus not expelling demons but rather curing Wesens?

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    • that's an interesting theory.  I hope not; there was an episde a couple of years ago where Monroe mentioned that most Wesen go to church, and there was at least one episode in which a Christian church was heavily featured.  It doesn't seem like MOST Wesen are completely uncomfortable with their powers; Adalind's behaviour of late is very aberrant. One would think that if someone was going around *removing* their powers, it would upset the greater Wesen community.

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    • I was wondering the same thing and what other powers the stick is capable of.  We should find out in Silence  at least about Monroe. The lambs and wolf episode was all about wesen at church.

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    • I dont think so. I think the stick is purely curing things, not removing an entire lifestate. 

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    • My friend had a theory that the stick was Merlin's Wand... do whatever you want with that info though.

      It can't be just a stick xD.

      EDIT: I just looked at the Silence of the Slams episode, and the summary doesn't say anything about Monroe having any sort of "problem".

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    • I hope not he is one of my favourite characters on Grimm I doubt it but you never know.

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    • When Monroe in the pilot episode was telling Nick that he's a "Weider Blutbad -- that's a different church altogether", I believe it was just a Monroe-ish flippant expression to explain that weider Blutbaden were entirely different from the typical violent & bloodthirsty Blutbad stereotype, having changed their lifestyle with a rigorous program to suppress & master their violent impulses.  I don't think it meant that he was a regular church-goer at some particular wesen religious congregation; that's certainly nothing they've shown us in six seasons.  When Nick reacted with surprise that creatures like Monroe might go to church and he shot back, "Sure, don't you?" apparently he meant that some do (as we've seen in later episodes) -- but being "weider" doesn't appear to mean adhering to a particular church/religious practice.  And when he & Rosalee talked about where to have their wedding, he asked, "In a church?" but neither of them seemed to have any particular church affiliation that would be a go-to venue for them.

      At Helvetia Tavern ("Big Feet") he talks with (Reynaldo?) about their support group, working the steps, etc. so maybe the weider group uses something like AA's 12 Steps modified to help wesen manage their dangerous natures/impulses?

      He rather clumsily crossed himself "just in case" when he & Nick were getting close to finding The Mysterious Something buried by the 7 Grimm Crusaders in the Black Forest, as if not a religious practitioner but hedging his bets under those circumstances.

      Just my random thoughts on the "different church altogether" remark...late in the game but as we near the end of the show, I find myself musing back on details like this!

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    • A Grimmster
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