• you dont how up this days... are you going to disapear ?

    Marya is my friend, she is persian too, but i think if no one ask her anything, she doesnt know what should she say .

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    • Hey girlie ^^ Sorry I'm not that talkative these days. Have to work late often and then happy just find the 5 minutes it takes to say hello in our thread... I'm trying to be online more often again ^^

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    • i know you are busy dude :)

      i hope your work goes well, my holiday will finish on saturday and i should go back to uni :) 2 weeks holiday...

      any way really like to read your massages, just stay health and happy :) it is all i care :) even if you can not appear :)

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    • Is it here the girl side ??   I'm only asking. Be patient Wolfwand. It always take time. Of course Marya is wellcome.

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    • @mac

      sort of :)

      glad you both back

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    • You're wellcome. :))

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    • A Grimmster
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