• Hey, I'm working on putting together a best guess effort for a phylogeny of the Wesen that we have seen on the show. It's hard to be completely accurate, but we can do our best using the species most closely related to each other. We know for sure that Blutbaden and Luison are from the same family and that Phansigars are the cousin of Skalengecks. If you want to check it out (and help), I'm working on it at my sandbox.

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    • I would use the classification scheme we've used thus far as a starting point. It is based on real-life phylogeny. you have sources for your Blutbad-Luison and Phansigar-Skalengeck relationships? Just wondering.

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    • I've got each species pretty well broken down, I just need to figure out how to branch off with the coding.

      As for those relationships, they were stated in "Cry Luison" and "Highway of Tears"

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    • A Grimmster
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